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Church of England head lauds British Raj
<b>US loses status as World Bank top donor</b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Saturday December 15, 2007

BERLIN - The United States lost its status as the largest donor to the World Bank's main fund for poor countries, the lender said on Friday, as <b>Britain pledged more</b> in the latest funding round that secured a record amount of aid.

Losing its position as the top donor could weaken Washington's influence over the World Bank, which is the largest provider of development assistance to poor countries, and over the policies that decide how its cash is spent.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>President Kalam's Republic Day agenda</b>
January 25, 2008
When Rediff.com requested former President A P J Abdul Kalam to compose a Republic Day message for our readers, he promptly sent us this piece, which we are honoured to publish:
Dear friends, let me share with you a seven-point resolve on the occasion of ensuing Republic Day 2008:

1. Wherever I am, a thought will always come to my mind -- *<b>What can I give?* </b>

2. Whatever the mission I will do, my motto will be <b>*to work with integrity and succeed with integrity.* </b>

3. I will always remember that <b>*my winged days, be not spent in vain*. </b>

4. I realise I have to set a great goal that will <b>*lead me to think high*, </b>work and realise the goal.

5. My greatest friends will be<b> *great human beings, great teachers and great books*. </b>

6. I will firmly believe that no problem can defeat me; <b>*I will become the captain of the problem, defeat the problem and succeed.* </b>

7. <b>My National Flag flies in my heart and I will bring glory to my nation. </b>
Indians may lose voting rights in UK
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->In his report into the current condition of citizenship in the UK, former Attorney General Lord Goldsmith, recommended that only <b>British, Irish and European</b> <span style='color:blue'>(in other words, whites onlee)</span> citizens should have the fullest rights to ‘political participation’ in the country.
So much for spreading democracy around the world, what what?
In UK ,till now anyone legally residing in UK can vote. I think now they want to restrict it to British citizens, Ireland, European Union.
In US, Green Card, temporary visa holders can't vote, voting rights are restricted to Citizens only.
Same is in India, only for Indians.
^^ This is the pointer to how the future for non-ethnic europeans will be.
Already noises that Multi-culturism is an failed experiment are being made in europe. Islamism has provided europe with an oppurtunity to stop the flow of immigration. UK is favouring polish immigrants over non-white/non-europeans immigrants through it's new policy.

In the future this will be used to 'expel' or 'repartiate' whole non-european communities back to their country of origin. Indians should take note of this serious development.
<b>Afghan students celebrate Navroz in Delhi</b>

Thu, Mar 20, 2008

New Delhi, Mar.20 (ANI):Afghan students based in India continue to aspire for a strong developed Afghanistan, even as they celebrate the Persian New Year of Navroz in New Delhi.

The festivities held on the eve of "Navroz" were organised by the Embassy of Afghanistan in Delhi. Afghans from different walks of life living in India participated in the celebrations that were marked with lively music and scrumptious food.

Afghanistan's Ambassador to India S Makhdoom Raheen described Afghanistan as the world's the youngest democracy and said that India has been helpful in re-building the country.

"Fortunately Indian friends are very helpful, helping Afghanistan to re-build their destroyed country and fortunately the largest democracy of theorld is standing next to and assisting the youngest democracy of the world," he said.

Former Afghanistan Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah said that terrorism continues to be a threat in Afghanistan and the situation at this time is a mixed one.

"It is for the people of a country to decide about their destiny, about their future, the people have opted for democracy, a moderate Islamic country a system for which people could live together with one another on peace as well as the rest of the region. That's the choice of the people, but at the same time we are all aware that the terrorism is a big threat to our people and has ended the life of the people and have taken some chances, which were there so all together I would say that it's a mix picture at this stage," he said.

Afghan students studying in India, however, said they were hopeful about Afghanistan's emergence as a peaceful, democratic and developed country.

"My dream about Afghanistan is one day I can see my country very much developed like other countries calm, peaceful and everyone would try to be like Afghanistan. That's my dream and that's how every Afghani is trying to do for Afghanistan, specially the new generations who have migrated to India through ICCR scholarships. They are doing their level best and their results are high and I think they are trying to fulfill their dream," said Zamalludin, an Afghan student.

Navroz which is the traditional Iranian new year holiday is widely celebrated in Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, asell as among various other Iranian and Turkic peoples in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, India, Northwestern China, the Caucasus, the Crimea, and the Balkans.

Navroz marks the first day of spring and the beginning of the Iranian year.
<!--emo&Sad--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='sad.gif' /><!--endemo--> Antony collapses at NDA parade, condition stable

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Indo-Asian News Service
Saturday, May 31, 2008 (Pune)
Defence Minister AK Antony collapsed while taking the salute at the passing out parade at the National Defence Academy (NDA) in Pune on Saturday but quickly revived and insisted on staying on till the event ended.

He was then shifted to hospital, where his condition was described as stable.

The cadets of the 114th course were marching past when Antony suddenly slumped into a chair on the saluting dais. He got up but then fell onto the dais. An army officer immediately ran up and carried him to his car parked nearby.

By then, Antony had recovered and insisted on returning to the dais, where NDA commandant Air Marshal TS Randhawa had quickly taken the defence minister's place to ensure there was no interruption in the parade.

Antony ignored repeated pleas of doctors to get into the car and did so only after the last contingent had marched off the parade ground.

He was then taken to the Military Hospital at NDA where doctors conducted two ECGs, as also a blood test and a cholesterol test. The defence minister was advised six to seven hours of rest.

He was subsequently shifted to the Command Hospital in Pune and kept under observation in the cardio-thoracic trauma centre.

''There is no reason for any apprehension. He is completely ok. His hectic schedule, lack of sleep, dehydration and the scorching sun at the passing out parade led him to feel dizzy,'' Col. Deepak Bahadur, the physician who treated him at the NDA hospital, told reporters.

''The ECGs and other tests did not show up anything abnormal,'' Randhawa said, adding that the minister was being treated in line with his medical history.

''The minister had returned to New Delhi on Friday (after attending the Berlin Air show). He worked in office for an hour and then left for Khadakwasla (the NDA campus on Pune's outskirts), arriving in Pune late on Friday night,'' NDA public relations officer Major Pratap Singh, who carried Antony to the car, said.
<b>The Death Of Rice In India, No Basmati, No Katarni </b>
by Arun Shrivastava, Global Research, July 11, 2008

We will soon be eating genetically modified rice invented by seeds multinational corporations

<b>Someone said, "Monsanto invented the pig.' Very soon we will learn, right here in India and Asia, that US and European seeds multinational corporations "invented" rice. And soon we shall be paying up front royalty to these companies for eating rice. Hold your breath; that situation is upon us.</b>

<b>I pose this question to you before you read further: What would you do to a company that claims it "invented rice" and wants its pound of flesh because you, Sirs and Madams, eat rice?</b>

India is a rice country. Rice has been our staple for thousands of years. A French scientist had once said India has 200,000 varieties of rice. Other environmentalists say 100,000. Does it matter? <b>In the traditional rice producing regions I found that the taste and shape of rice often differed from village to village. Not any more. </b>

Post green revolution, the varieties available in the market for commercial sowing has dropped to about fifty what must surely be called the greatest destruction of genetic diversity in any food crop anywhere in the world.

<b>Forty years ago when my mother cooked basmati rice, a gentle aroma would pervade the entire home. Not any more. </b>Under Green revolution rice slowly hybridized into a commodity and now produced in large mechanized farms with heavy doses of fertilizers and pesticides. Bayer CropScience, a German company, genetically modified rice seeds. This gene revolution genie is now out of the bottle and no one knows how many rice varieties are contaminated. No one really knows how much of this engineered poison has already entered our food chain. And that has happened without proper biosafety studies.

Rice belongs to the Oryza specie. Lay persons like me were told that rice is self pollinating with little or no chance of pollen drift and contamination of neighbour's rice field. However, RiceTech, a US-based hybrid seeds company, has documented that "wind assisted rice pollens can move over 600 feet." [APHIS Workshop, September 13-15, 2004; Abstract] If genetically engineered rice is planted amidst non-genetically modified rice, there is every chance that non-genetically modified rice will be contaminated and this is what happened in the United States of America.

<b>US Rice Gets Contaminated</b>

Bayer CropScience (the German multinational seeds company) conducted field trials of LL601 (better known as Liberty Link 601) from 1999 to 2001 in Louisiana. It then dropped the project and did not seek US Government permission to market it. In 2006, widespread contamination of US long-grain rice with LL601 trait was reported.

Covering the event, Rick Weiss, the Washington Post staff writer, reported, "The U.S. Department of Agriculture is investigating how the variety escaped from test plots into farmers' fields, where it was quietly amplified for years until its discovery. The seeds and plants of LL601 look virtually identical to those of the popular conventional variety with which they had become mixed, said Steve Linscombe, director of Louisiana State University's rice research station in Crowley.. The day the contamination was announced in August, Bayer asked the government to approve the variety."

On 5th October 2007, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) concluded its genetically engineered rice investigation. Investigators had hoped to identify how each GE rice line entered the commercial rice supply, but the exact mechanism for introduction could not be determined in either instance. (Source: USDA, Press Release, www.usda.gov/wps/portal/usdahome?contentidonly=trueandcontentid/2007/10/0284/xml) However, it could not pinpoint how engineered rice seeds could contaminate over such a large area. Speculation was rife: some said mislabeling, others said human error, yet others said containers got mixed up.

<b>Approval By Contamination</b>

On 24th November, 2006 the USDA granted marketing approval of genetically-engineered Liberty Link 601 of Bayer CropScience. (GE) rice variety following its illegal contamination of the food supply and rice exports, first announced three months ago. The controversial decision was taken despite the insistence of Bayer CropScience that it had dropped plans to commercialize the variety five years ago. "With this decision, USDA is telling agricultural biotechnology companies that it doesn't matter if you're negligent, if you break the rules, if you contaminate the food supply with untested genetically engineered crops, we'll bail you out," said Joseph Mendelson, Legal Director of the Center for Food Safety.

"In effect, USDA is sanctioning an 'approval-by-contamination' policy that can only increase the likelihood of untested genetically engineered crops entering the food supply in the future, and further erode trust in the wholesomeness of U.S. food overseas," he added.

Naturally, Bayer CropScience welcomed the decision of USDA. "The deregulation confirms the preliminary decision of USDA, published on September 8, 2006, that LLRICE601 does not pose any environmental concerns and should no longer be regulated."


Oh yes, it does, Mr. Bayer. That is why US rice consignments were returned or destroyed at Rotterdam port. and another, and another. and another.

<b>Is India Vulnerable?</b>

You bet it is. In January I received a set of documents from an Agriculture University in West Bengal that <b>illegal genetically modified Bhindi (Okra) has been planted. In March I was told in Jhansi that poor farmers were offered lucrative deals to plant "special seed" of all sorts of vegetables including green chilly.</b>

Who knows at how many places illegal genetically engineered rice have been planted?

<b>Only when contamination will be discovered at the port of landing of Indian rice exporters that India will wake up to the destruction of its 10,000 years of heritage: THE RICE.</b>

Following on from the US example, it is not too far fetched to say that our favourite staple rice will be owned by one of the five or six seeds multinationals. because they "invented" it! Who will be the first to contaminate our rice is at best a guess.


Any questions?

<b>Neither the Congress Party, nor BJP, nor CPM nor CPI, nor RSP, nor SP, nor Shiv Sena, none has the guts or the political will to oppose the fraud of these multinational corporations. They have all been silenced.</b>

"Who cares if GMO seeds don't provide any of the benefits that were promised? Certainly not the seed companies. Perhaps benefits to the people of the world were never the point. Perhaps the point was to get those first GMO crops in the ground -- promise them the moon! -- and then allow nature to take its course and contaminate the rest of the planet with patented pollen. The intellectual property lawsuits will come along in good time."

<i>(Source: http://www.grain.org/research/?id=354 2005 was a very good year for the biotech food industry; Peter Montague; Rachel's Democracy & Health News #837, Jan-2006)</i>

Arun Shrivastava is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

<b>Bellicose Bengali </b>

I demand right of return for me and all my people who were turned into homeless refugees overnight. And to realize that cherished goal, I am ready to embrace death in the field of battle - Death with Dignity.

I am a native of East Bengal whose grandfather was forced to leave the ancestral home in 1947 fearing Muslim Persecution. I have taken a vow that as long as live, I will strive to return to my native land with Dignity and without compromising my religious identity.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>187 die in stampede </b>
Lokpal Sethi | Jodhpur
Craze for first darshan in Navratras leads to Jodhpur tragedy
In one of the worst tragedies in recent past, at least 187 persons died and hundreds were injured when a stampede broke out at Chamunda Devi temple here on Monday. The shrine is in the 15th-century Mehrangarh fort, situated on a hillock and overlooking this 'sun city' in western Rajasthan. 

The stampede started around 5.30 am at the narrow, sloping approach way when hundreds of devotees tried to make a dash to be the first one to have 'darshan' of the presiding deity on the first day of Navratras. Over 10,000 devout were at the time trudging their way up the winding path, already made slippery by the breaking of coconuts along the way.

Eyewitnesses said some devotees at the end of the approach way started pushing those ahead of them and, in the melee, some people fell on the ground and were trampled. It created confusion and chaos among the devotees and over 187 persons were killed - mainly due to suffocation - in the resulting stampede. Most of the deaths took place along the 75-ft-long pathway near the temple as the fallen devotees were crushed by the panicky faithful.

According to Director General of Police (DGP) KS Bains, the power supply was suddenly impaired at the time and it aggravated the situation since it was still dark.

Most of the casualties were the youth who had started reaching the temple around midnight, which is situated at a height of 400 feet within the fort. The queue of devotees was already about two km long when it was time for the temple to open its doors.

The approach pathway leading to the temple is barely 5 feet wide. Even within that space, police had put up barricades to segregate the path for men and women and children. At the time of the tragedy, few women and fewer children had started for the temple since it was still very early. "That explains why a greater number of women and children were saved," said SN Thanvi, Principal Secretary (Home).

Though the local administration claimed that sufficient arrangements had been made and police personnel deployed to regulate the flow of devotees, witnesses said only a couple of policemen were present on the approach road when the stampede broke out.

But within no time, police personnel from various parts of the city were rushed to the spot to rescue the injured. Army was also called in to help the administration with relief and rescue operations. Since there were no stretchers, the rescue parties tore up a shamiana, which had been put up there to cover the pathway, and used its pieces as make-shift stretchers to shift the injured to hospitals.

The injured were brought to Mahatma Gandhi Hospital and Mathura Das Mathur Hospital. Doctors at these hospitals said that most of the people brought in were dead. They said that while some of the dead also suffered injuries in the confusion, most of them had died because of suffocation.

Later in the day, the local administration organised a mass cremation for those who died in the tragedy. Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, who had gone to Banswara, rushed to Jodhpur and met members of the bereaved families.

She also visited the hospitals where injured have been admitted. The Chief Minister has announced a compensation of Rs 2 lakh each to the next of kin of the dead. The injured would get Rs 50,000 each. She also said that an inquiry into the incident would be held by Additional Chief Secretary Pramesh Chandra.

<b>Other temple mishaps</b>
August 10, 2008: Two pilgrims died when over 250 people were left stranded on stairs leading to ancient Mahadeva temple in Kota district of north-western Rajasthan collapsed

August 3, 2008: 162 people died and 47 injured in a stampede triggered by rumours of a rockslide at Naina Devi Temple in Himachal Pradesh

March 7, 2006: 28 killed and 101 injured in two bombings across Varanasi. First blast at a Varanasi temple followed by another at Varanasi Cant Railway Station

January 25, 2005: 340 devotees trampled to death during an annual pilgrimage at Mandhra Devi temple in Maharashtra

August 27, 2003: 39 pilgrims killed, 125 injured when faithful who were waiting to bathe surged over a flimsy fence triggering a stampede at Kumbh Mela bathing festival in Nasik, Maharashtra

Why no proper arrangement? Why Indian Govt spend money for Haj not for Hindus in India?
Didn't know the ship was run by a organization in Mumbai and the skipper being Indian.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>The ship is owned by a Japanese company and managed by Fleet Marine Ltd in Mumbai</b>. The hijackers had earlier demanded a ransom of US $ 6 million for the release of the crew and later came down to US $ 2.5 million.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd--><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>The wife of the captain of the ship, hijacked by armed Somalian pirates in the Gulf of Aden, </b>today met Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi [Images] seeking his intervention to save the lives of 18 Indian sailors onboard the vessel.
Seema Goyal, the wife of Prabhat Goyal, requested Rahul Gandhi to take up the issue with the government for release of the sailors.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Hijacked ship captain's wife seeks Rahul Gandhi's intervention
Balu too busy dredging? Isn't he the shipping minister?
Severed cable disrupts web access
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->It is thought that 65% of traffic to India was down<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

It is second time this cable being broken. Is it any attempt to make outsourcing to India unreliable?
BRF is hacked repeatedly. Something is going on in the cyber world.
Too much truth about RoP spilling out. I would be surprised if all these nationalist portals were *not* being hacked...
Under Sea cable are unrelibale, lot of construction is going on in middle east sea.
babu suseelan
Sasi Tharoor, former Deputy General Secretary, United Nations has served his masters effectively for several years. He was rejected by Islamic and Christian nations when he tried to become the General Secretary. Now he is working for a Dubai based firm in Trivandrum, Kerala.

Lately, he was cozying up the Italian Catholic Sonia and her cronies to contest parliament election as a Congress candidate from Trivandrum. The Christian and Muslim cliques who are in charge of the Congress party in Kerala are behind him. He wants be the next foreign minister of India.

It is strange that during difficult days such as this when India need strong national leaders with a vision and strategies, Sonia is scanning the globe searching for useful Indian idiots. What is Sonia doing? For several years, Sasi Tharoor has been appeasing the enemies of India and Hindus at the U.N.  Hindus are his scapegoat.  Instead of standing up against our enemies in India and abroad he was promoting phony theories to justify Jihadi terrorism and coercive religious conversion.
As a Deputy Secretary, Sasi Tharoor did not take Jihadi terrorism against India seriously. He committed the sin of omission. He turned a blind eye to Islamic terrorism, coercive religious conversion, destruction of indigenous culture around the world, and foreign interference in Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.
Instead of assigning responsibility for Jihadi terrorism to our enemies in International forum, he was busy blaming Hindus. His hatred against Hindus is implicit in his speeches and writings.

There is no doubt that Sasi Tharoor is infected with a virulent mind virus and meme complex through years of work for his slave masters. He was well trained in mind games, which are subtly designed to mentally misdirect Hindus and make them subservient to Muslims and Christians. These mind games are being used to brainwash and influence Hindu voters in Trivandrum.

One hopes that Hindu voters in Trivandrum will examine the pathology of his memes, become clear of his motives and misdirection. Through his years of exposure to the west, he has learned to cultivate a tolerance for ambiguity so that he can manipulate the gullible public, and still maintain his friendship with our friend and foe.

The stakes are simply too high to ignore such mind games at a time when trained  psychological warfare agents like Sasi Tharoor are poised to take control of the political process in India. In power, they can forcefully expose others to their mind virus and make them helpless zombies.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Let us gather the stones. Small, fist sized, round: but not too round; for which momeen wants to miss a chance to go to the place of peace and blessings? All together now: Bismillah ur-rehmaan-ur-raheeeeeeem..

Conversion rate
Dec 30th 2008 | PRISTINA
From The Economist print edition

A surprising story of Muslim converts to Christianity

A CHRISTMAS tree dominates the centre of Pristina. Nearby a huge Catholic cathedral is being built. Farther off stand statues of two Albanian heroes: Mother Teresa of Calcutta, a Catholic nun, and Skanderbeg, a medieval prince who renounced Islam for Catholicism. Yet 95% of Kosovo’s 1.8m ethnic Albanians, out of a total population of 2m, are nominally Muslim. Don Shan Zefi, a Catholic cleric, says there are only 65,000 Catholics in Kosovo.

If Don Zefi has his way, there will be a lot more in future. On Christmas Eve some 38 people were baptised in a single town, Klina. Conversions to Christianity have become common (though a cautious Catholic church does not give precise figures). Don Zefi says he knows of large numbers more in “tens of villages” who want to convert.

He dislikes the word, because many of them come from a crypto-Christian background. Their forefathers may have converted to Islam under Ottoman rule, but behind closed doors they kept their old Catholic practices. Jahja Drancolli, a historian, adds that “religion has always been secondary” to being Albanian. Converts, he says, “want to return to the old religion they believe they had” and to show that they are “part of the Euro-American trend.” For every convert, anecdotal evidence suggests more go to church or are interested in Christianity.

The Catholic church is not the only one active in Kosovo. Since 1985, says Artur Krasniqi, a Protestant pastor, as many as 15,000 Kosovar Albanians have converted to Protestantism: 2,000 regularly attend church. He says that Kosovo, despite being nominally mostly Muslim, has “no religious identity”. But he worries about the rising influence of radical Muslims. Protestants, he complains, cannot get separate sections in cemeteries because the authorities do not want to provoke quarrels with local Muslims.

What about Orthodoxy? Close by Pastor Artur’s office is the empty hulk of the unfinished, abandoned Serbian Orthodox cathedral in Pristina. Kosovo’s Serbs, who are Orthodox, make up the largest Christian group in Kosovo. They no longer live in the capital but in the north or in scattered enclaves and villages. Since the 1999 war, dozens of their churches have been destroyed. Worse, the Serbian Orthodox church in Kosovo is riven by a political split that has seen monks brawling and fighting. In Belgrade the 94-year-old Serbian Orthodox patriarch, Pavle, has long been gravely ill and a vicious war of succession is being waged. For now, other forms of Christianity seem more peaceable.

^ Was always part of catholic agenda to convert all in Yugoslavian lands into catholicism. (Just like their intentions on Israel: they're having lots of covert conversion success among Palestinian islamaniacs too - what a 'surprise'.)
They're having better luck with the islamaniacs than with the orthodox christian Serbs. Well, no wonder. Orthodoxy *is* the original form of mainstream christianism after all, and the Greeks, Serbs, Russians etcetera all know that catholicism and its pope are frauds.
<!--QuoteBegin-Muppalla+Dec 21 2008, 01:41 AM-->QUOTE(Muppalla @ Dec 21 2008, 01:41 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->BRF is hacked repeatedly. Something is going on in the cyber world.
<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->And Shambhu's:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Too much truth about RoP spilling out. I would be surprised if all these nationalist portals were *not* being hacked...<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Pak hackers plan attack on Indian cyber networks</b>
06/01/2009 03:27:36  http://www.zeenews.com/sci-tech/net-news/2...496406news.html

New Delhi, Jan 06: After the Mumbai terror strikes, anti-India elements in Pakistan are now planning an attack on Indian computer networks, intelligence agencies have warned.

<b>Already Pakistani hackers are trying out a dry run against Indian networks through popular websites registered there after the Mumbai terror strikes, Home Ministry sources said here on Tuesday.</b>

"Every time the relations between the two countries dampen, Pakistanis start attacking Indian computer networks and this has increased after the Mumbai terror attacks," a Home Ministry source said.

Pakistani hackers have created websites such as the www.songs.pk, which are infested with software to hack data from the targeted computers, it said.

<b>"The website www.songs.pk has over 12 lakh Indian users who are downloading stuff from these websites daily," said a cyber expert in the Ministry.</b>
(Only islamaniacs in India could like TSP songs. They know music? Islam bans music, don't they know...)

With these websites being highly popular, it will take only a few minutes for the hackers to take command of over 12 lakh computers in few minutes and the number of such computers can multiply in every minute, sources said.

"Instead of the existing less harmful virus, new ones such as Botnet and Zoombie can be easily released into the Indian computers, which later on replicate and make the entire server vulnerable," the expert said.

"Now a days new virus and worms are detected while downloading songs from these websites, which could be just a dry run to manage a bigger attack," he said.

Government websites have been highly vulnerable to hacking and they have been intruded many times by the Pakistani hackers.

"Most of the time, these cases are not reported as the server is based in Pakistan and we cannot do anything in this regard," the expert said.

The anti-virus software, too, cannot work in such situation as the virus used in such cyber wars are usually new and the anti-virus software cannot identity and detect it, he said.

"If anti-virus software cannot identify the signature of the virus coming through Internet, it will not detect it and as a result the virus will be downloaded in the computer in spite of such software available in the network," the expert added.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Christoislamania can't ever do anything constructive. This is all they're good for.

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