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India And The World
Miyazaki made some good Shinto themed movies but he is very much a product of post war Japan that Mishima was disgusted with. His suggestions on Senkaku & Takeshima are ridiculous to say the least.




He is what the goras had in mind with the war guilt propaganda in the post war education system.

Thanks for the info.
1. Ukraine developments: the west is using force to separate Ukrainians from Russia by striking out at the loyalists.

The old convert-or-kill tactic the W is famous for.


Quote:Ukraine launches swift airstrikes on airport

Assault against pro-Russian rebels follows new leader's vow to reassert control in east.



Quote:Ukraine launches air strikes at eastern gunmen

DONETSK, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine's new president-elect promised Monday to negotiate an end to a pro-Russia insurgency in the east and said he was willing to begin talks with Moscow. Yet he described the separatists as "Somali pirates" and authorities in Kiev launched an airstrike against the militants occupying a major eastern airport.

Associated Press

2. Seems lots of people want out of the EU. And the movement is growing. EU was unnatural anyway: Europeans are very, very different populations who 1. never got on in the past (I mean, not even the universally-enforced christendom could keep them from killing each other in the past, and actually encouraged each nation to massacre the other) and 2. don't want to be stuck together in the present.


Quote:After anti-EU parties surge, what's ahead?

BRUSSELS (AP) — Europe's voters have spoken, and the result "is a shock, an earthquake," France's prime minister said.

Associated Press


Quote:Associated Press

After Euroskeptic rise, EU leaders step into fray

BRUSSELS (AP) — Euroskeptics celebrated across the continent on Monday, from Britain to France and beyond, over their unmatched success in the European Parliament election. Now they are keen to put up internal borders again, keep foreigners out of their labor markets, abolish the common euro currency and let their nations go it alone in a globalized

3. Can watch how the "international" news spins "military coups implies dictatorships" in Thailand. Whereas one barely heard audible whispers of the numerous christo-dictatorships in Africa etc which famously bulldozed over masses of living people leaving them all dead (e.g. Uganda). Meanwhile wasn't Pinochet or something still a favourite of the Vatican?


Quote:Thai coup leader: Don't protest, it's no use

BANGKOK (AP) — Bolstered by an endorsement from Thailand's king, the nation's new military ruler issued a stark warning Monday to anyone opposed to last week's coup: don't cause trouble, don't criticize, don't protest — or else the nation could revert to the "old days" of turmoil and street violence.

Associated Press46 mins ago

But considering that this Thai coup leader sounds (from the following soundbyte) rather to be pleading to the populace that they don't immediately turn the matter into chaos mess yet again and instead give things time to settle, at least in stated intent it doesn't sound like the christo madmen of Uganda or Pinochet.

But still, the One Ring (absolute power) corrupts absolutely.

4. news.yahoo.com/ancient-myth-helps-veterans-battle-ptsd-153531485.html

Quote:Ancient warrior myths help veterans fight PTSD

Greek heroes struggled with battle stress, too.
By Liz Goodwin, Yahoo News

May 25, 2014 4:33 AM

Yahoo News

[image caption:] Ajax Defending Greek Ships Against Trojans (Bettmann/CORBIS)

A soldier returns home from battle but has brought the war with him. He stares off into the distance, unable to take joy in his family or friends, still hyperalert to threats he no longer faces. Unable to heal his invisible wound, he takes his own life.

This isn’t a tragic news story about a veteran coming back from Afghanistan with a case of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It’s a summary of the Greek play "Ajax," which is more than 2,000 years old.

The Greeks didn’t call it PTSD. But they understood that war brought trauma (from the Greek word meaning “wound”), which left some warriors with a thousand-yard stare long after they returned home. Advocates and the military itself have found that ancient myths and stories like “Ajax” can help veterans and active-duty soldiers cope with the overwhelming psychological stress that the country’s longest war has put on its relatively small volunteer force.


Another group is bringing mythology to soldiers while they are still serving. The Pentagon has poured millions of dollars into funding a theater company that performs Greek tragedies, including "Ajax," to military audiences. So far, Theater of War has performed 250 times to 50,000 service members, veterans and their families.

Bryan Doerries, a director who founded Theater of War five years ago, said he was blown away by the response to the group’s first performance in a hotel ballroom in San Diego in 2008. The military audience and their spouses watched actors read through portions of “Ajax” and also “Philoctetes,” a play about a war hero abandoned on an island by his own men when he begins acting strangely. Afterward, a woman stood up and said, “I’m the wife of a Navy SEAL and the proud mother of a Marine, and my husband went away four years to war and each time he came back he was dragging invisible bodies back,” according to Doerries. “To quote from the play, ‘our home is a slaughterhouse.’”

Ajax, one of the Greek army’s most celebrated heroes, returns from war filled with rage and slaughters farm animals that he thinks are the Athenian officers who betrayed him. The play also explores the effect of battle stress on families. Ajax’s wife laments that, “Our fierce hero sits shell-shocked in his tent, glazed over, gazing into oblivion. He has the thousand-yard stare.”

Many people in the audience are surprised that these classic battle stress symptoms are thousands of years old. “By using an ancient text, we’re trying to create a safe distance,” Doerries said. According to John Klocek, a psychology professor at Baylor University who treated PTSD at the VA for years, letting veterans know that PTSD is an ancient condition might also help remove the stigma around it.

But today’s warriors also face a different, more undefined kind of battle than Greek heroes did, which has created a different kind of PTSD. “There’s no front line,” Klocek said. “You never know when something is going to explode at you, when someone is going to shoot at you, when someone is going to show up in a suicide vest.”

“They are on edge in a way that is tremendous for months and months on end,” Klocek added of today’s men and women in uniform.

But the parallels are still useful. Now Doerries’ group is using another round of Pentagon funding to create a graphic novel based on Homer’s “Odyssey.” The book is called “The Odyssey of Sgt. Jack Brennan” and is set on the last night of a Marine’s deployment. Theater of War is also perfecting software that will allow people to create their own graphic novels to explore their combat experiences.

The author of “Ajax,” Sophocles, was himself a warrior — an elected general who led men against Syracuse. Some scholars believe all of Western literature developed from the need to tell the stories of returning soldiers.

“These myths were designed by and for veterans,” Doerries said.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly said Sophocles used the phrase "thousand yard stare" to describe Ajax. Doerries' translation of Ajax uses the 20th century phrase, but it's not a literal translation.

Oh no, if it isn't AmriKKKans pretending they're Hindus (and dressing in Hindu gear), it's AmriKKKans pretending the ancient Hellenes have anything in common with them and clawing at the Greek epics, yet simultaneously USAID / Joshua Project / World Vision is still clocking overtime.

Quote:09 November 2015

Myanmar's Suu Kyi Heading For Election Win

A spokesman for Aung San Suu Kyi's party said it had won about 70% of the votes counted, while another spokesman said it was 90%.


Ms Suu Kyi - known simply as The Lady by many - is barred from becoming president but has said she would be the power behind the new leader.

(Oh, like Sonia had made herself the defacto empress of India with no official title but still the actual power behind the throne?)


Obviously a very important development for the UK and the west: they could barely get a foot in the door of the country before now. They've been waiting for this moment for so long after all. And of course they herald it as a historic moment, a victory for "democracy". But who doesn't know what faux-democracy pushed by the christowest means in Asia? It is just an opportunity for the west/christianism to take control and never give it back. Everyday Chinese persons - who do not appreciate of all aspects of their own government and criticise it for all its bad points regularly - realise this and say that at least their government is not stupid in this respect and hasn't opened the floodgates for such infiltration. Or perhaps one should say "yet", since the christowest will turn every Asian story into a western victory/victory for christianism, i.e. into an Asian tragedy.

And now with Aung Suu Kyi aka Mrs Michael "another Brit in indology no I mean Asian Studies" Aris and their sons <i>Alexander</i> and <i>Kim</i> Aris*, holding nothing less the nobel peace prize - given to people working for christo-western interests in non-western nations - another unconverted long-inaccessible Asian nation is at last opened up to the west for pillaging.

Soon media controlled by foreign interests will be springing up there, eventually to turn into foreign-owned media operated by local crypto-christists baiting the Buddhist locals, in time morphing into English language christomedia. The country will be thrown wide open to missionaries, of course, since "Religious Freedom" (aka free ticket for the christian cancer to invade) is a major point of the agenda. Christian "schools" and "universities will multiply (and "hospitals" etc), manufacturing christianised anti-Buddhist entities, a la India's own Shobhaa De-s who all predictably went to education centres like St Xavier and came out proud beef-eaters (as per Indiafacts) while still giving native names to their children for crypto-christian purposes.

The christian cancer thus inducted into Burma will need to grow its leveraging abilities and will thus also facilitate jihad and foster islamaniac jihadis as a votebank - like the "poor, oppressed" raping and murdering Rohingya - and clandestinely invite jihadis from Bangladesh, providing these free ration cards etc, as traitors working for christoislamania in India have been doing. This will increase the votebank size of the cryptochristian politicians in Burma, along with the rapidly growing crypto christian "minority" - always officially declared as being no higher than 2.5%, in case the real figures wake the Burmese up to sense.

I can't believe Burma did not learn from the black hole that India has become.

* I read that both of Suu Kyi's sons were educated in the UK. I saw at least one of them recorded as having been educated in a very catholic sounding school in the UK: Alexander went to some Magdalen something or other college. Moreover, youtube has a video of Alexander Aris marrying one <i>Rowena</i> (same name as the catholic heroine of Scott's Ivanhoe, IIRC) in a very western wedding. I wasn't aware that the E Asian penchant for western weddings had caught on among the Buddhist Burmese? More likely it indicates something else.

So. Does that mean Bhutan is the last standing in the subcontinent: the last nation still somewhat inaccessible to the alien demons peddling monotheism and stealing resources while dumbing down Asia? I've heard little enough of Bhutan, and assume that no news is good news.

(Note that Tibet can't be listed under the last nations free from tampering as it is factually being altered by China - as affirmed by heathen Han Chinese who don't feel comfortable with their govt's methods on Tibet. And although Tibet's not being christianised, it's a different self-alienation: they're being forced into the melting pot of Communist China which uses Han Chinese culture and language as the means for creating uniformity. But Tibet is being anglicised: the Chinese govt's not just teaching Mandarin but English to the Tibetans. And wherever there is English, christo-conditioning is not far away, even if others are likely to descend on that opportunity created by the Chinese govt.)


There's the perception that Aung Suu Kyi is a Buddhist. Even if she thinks of herself that way, <i>at best</i> she has been christoconditioned in her marriage to a Brit - what Rajiv Srinivasan called "christian by injection" or something. (Anyone keeping track of how many 'non-christian' Asian political leaders magically get a christian spouse appointed to them I mean choose a christian spouse. It isn't just Rajiv Gandhi and Arjun Singh in India - not counting the politicians who are full-fledged cryptochristians themselves without needing a spouse to convert them. Sri Lanka's Buddhist leadership is apparently full of them, and not just SL's former Rajapakse.

Surely there is something deeply suspicious about this pattern, something that the politicians themselves don't notice (unless they do and are in deep denial about it); something which has only ever boded deeply ill for the nations that these diseased individuals have come to power in. They have thrown their non-christian nations' the gates wide open and invited in the the christian disease.

And so these combinations have always without exception led to "christian miracles", some greater miracles than others, but all of them working toward total christianisation in time.

All these "couples" turn out like Constantius I and his demoness christian wife Santa Helena, mother of Constantine.

The news was:


Quote:09 November 2015

Myanmar's Suu Kyi Heading For Election Win

A spokesman for Aung San Suu Kyi's party said it had won about 70% of the votes counted, while another spokesman said it was 90%.


Ms Suu Kyi - known simply as The Lady by many - is barred from becoming president but has said she would be the power behind the new leader.

Part 2/2

Oh I was right, Michael Aris is a catholic. (Openly stated of him, see below.) Should have known when the pope intervened on behalf of (obvious cryptochristo) Suu Kyi to get her dying husband to Burma (maybe to turn him into a martyr). And the Burmese govt refused saying she could go instead (imputed with the intention of closing the doors on her if she tried to return).

All these "Asian studies" people are motivated by either 1. christianism or 2. self-aggrandisement, racist of course(Indo-Europeanism, itself a christianism and anti-heathenism the way communism is.)


Quote:Burma – Plight of Rohingyas and Kachin Raised In Parliamentary Debate June 5th 2013

April 7, 2013 / 1 Comment

My first visits to Burma, fifteen years ago, were made illegally into the Karen State and my subsequent requests for visas were refused. During the intervening years I have had several bruising stand-offs with the military regime – particularly in relation to the treatment of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the country’s ethnic minorities.

When Daw Suu’s husband, the Oxford academic, Dr.Michael Aris, was dying of cancer he was desperate to visit his wife. With two other Peers I went to see the Burmese Ambassador and, on compassionate grounds, appealed for a visa to be issued. The Ambassador’s response told me everything I needed to know about the regime.

No, he stated emphatically, her husband could not visit her but, with hardly concealed cynicism, she could visit him: knowing that the regime would then never allow her to return to Burma.

Michael Aris was a Catholic, educated at Worth Abbey. Daw Suu told me she has many fond memories of visiting Worth with her late husband and hopes one day to visit the monks and the abbey again.

More proof that she's a cryptocatholic (a catholic specialty) is not needed: catholic husband, sly upvotes of catholicism and she called one of her collection writings "Freedom from Fear", which IIRC is a famous quote from the babble.

This page proves the pattern:

- the blogger David Alton is obviously a christo missionary: speaks of visiting the Karen (who are IIRC a Burmese ethnic group mass-converted to christianism, one of christianism's main success stories in the country)

- admits the deceased Michael Aris was a catholic. Note: his sons by Suu Kyi got the same kind of catholic education in the UK

- stands up for the "plight" of the rohingya jihadis as seen in title. Typical christianism-peddler: spinning muslim terrorists in unsaved Asian nations into "innocent victims" - as christians do. (Christians are always *waiting* for non-converts to retaliate against jihadis, just so that christians can then use it as an opening to slowly impinge on the natives' religious rights, by bringing in "Religious Freedom", or in India's case beef as part of the "Right to food" act).

The Wikipedia page on Michael Aris of course carefully leaves out his catholic religion, though it is indicated by his christian schooling.

More importantly, the fact that the man was a <i>missionary</i> (missionaries often marry and convert native women and use that as a leveraging tool to get closer to their unconverted target population) is indicated by the fact that not only was he "studying" his target population (via their language and history), but his twin brother was studying Tibetans. That is what a missionary family looks like. And these two catholic brothers were clearly targeting different Himalayan countries, which was their sole goal in making themselves into "experts" on these nations. Of course Aris also studied the Bhutanese and Tibetans and Himalayans in general, but since he love-jihaded a Burmese woman (instead of a Tibetan or Bhutanese woman), roping her into his christian plot (the usual catholic scheming), he thus became the Santa Helena for Burma rather than Bhutan:

Quote:Michael Vaillancourt Aris (27 March 1946 – 27 March 1999[1]) was a British historian who wrote and lectured on Bhutanese, Tibetan and Himalayan culture and history. He was the husband of Burmese opposition politician Aung San Suu Kyi.


Aris was born in Havana, Cuba. His mother, Josette Aris (née Vaillancourt), was the Canadian Ambassador's daughter, and his English father, John Aris, was an officer with the British Council.[1][2]

After being educated at Worth School in Sussex and upon completing his degree in modern history at St Cuthbert's Society, Durham University in 1967, Aris spent six years as the private tutor of the children of the royal family of the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan.

Aris was an academic and lecturer in Asian history at St John's College and later at St Antony's College, Oxford. In the last years before his death, he helped to establish a specialist Tibetan and Himalayan Studies centre at Oxford.

Michael Aris's identical twin brother, Anthony Aris, similarly became a scholar of Tibetan studies, and founded Serindia Publications to focus on bringing Tibetan history and culture to modern audiences.[1][2]

I still can't get over just how successful the catholic church is in planting catholic spouses to Asian soon-to-turn-converts political figures.

Some more insights can be gleaned in between the PR in

Perfect Hostage: Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma and the Generals

By Justin Wintle

pp. 198-199 (Google books)

Quote:After moving from Cuba to Peru, the Aris children were brought to England where they grew up in the smart London borough of Chelsea. Both attended Worth School in Sussez, a small 'public' (that is, private) school near Gatwick airport, attached to Worth Abbey and its complement of Benedictine monks. The wins habitually played games with their cassocked teachers, the one pretending to be the other. Both learned to play the violin well, sitting at the same desk in the school orchestra. But they also imbibed the special ethos of Worth, much as Suu Kyi had imbibed the ethos of Lady Shri Ram* and St Hugh's colleges. (* Same observation as when I first heard of this college: obviously christian; there's no such thing as a Lady shri Ram.)

The Benedictines provided aclassroom education in line with the National Curriculum, but they also emphasised the importance of the spiritual side of life. They aimed, through their 'holistic' approach, to produce more rounded, caring individuals (christian doublespeak code for: christian missionaries, on fire to serve catholicism's purpose in UK and the larger world) than more run-of-the-mill examination factories.

For this educational approach, at once Catholic and catholic, Michael Aris was well suited. When he was twelve, his father John, returning from a visit to India, brought with him a prayer-wheel purchased from a Tibetan fleeing the Chinese occupation of his country (yes, sacred religious items are cheapest when unconverted are at their most vulnerable, hence christians swoop in at that moment to purchase it and "help" the desperate kaffir): one of those drum-like upright cylinders, which the supplicant spins as one of a thousand ways of earning Buddhist 'merit'. Michael's natural curiosity was drawn by the peculiar letters inscribed on a paper scroll inside the prayer-wheel. By chance, one of his teachers at Worth, Andrew Bertie (later to become Grand Master of the Kings of Malta**) had studied the Tibetan language and helped Michael decipher what was written. Thrilled by the mystery uncovered, young Aris resolved one day to learn Tibetan for himself.

[** Wow, wait. IIRC there is barely a catholic edifice remaining that is more faithfully catholic than the Knights of Malta; and his teacher was the kind that would get elected Grand Master? Did the guy inspire/lead Michael to his aim aka "calling" of preying on Himalayan nations for jesus' mission?]

Yes, every christian missionary has his own special area of interest. For some it's Japan (Japanese studies was one of the depts at a catholic college where Aris studied), for others -e.g. Doniger- it's India, or China or Himalayan regions.

Anyway, he was interested to prey on I mean study Tibet and since the Chinese had closed it off, he turned to other Himalayan nations to gain access and then with his Burmese crypto-convert wife, he ended up as the unofficial patron saint of Burma instead.

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