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Indian Prime Minster's visit to Bangladesh
The visit of Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh to Bangladesh may open up a new dimension to the bilateral relations between the two countries. As we all know a sizable section of the Bangladesh public hate India for a variety of reasons. Some do it for historic reason, as they have been taught to do so since the time Bangladesh was East Pakistan. Others do it as they see India as a predominantly Hindu nation and hence cannot be a friend.

Within these limitations, it is to be seen how far the Awami League Government will go ahead with the various important proposals. The most important perhaps will be the agreement on the exchange of the enclaves. On this it is expected that the sailing will be much easier as it entails some more land area being transferred to Bangladesh. With regard to the other proposals, one should keep the finger crossed.

On the Indian side also the refusal of the West Bengal Chief Minister to go to Dhaka has put a spoke on the sharing of the Tista water. It will be used by the opposition in Bangladesh to a great extent to project how India is unjustly denying the rightful share to BD. It may become a repeat of the Farakka problem and the politics surrounding the same, of which BNP took full advantage.

The long pending Indian proposal for transit route through Bangladesh to the North Eastern States is another politically sensitive issue in Bangladesh politics. Knowing very well that it will bring substantial economic benefits to Bangladesh, the opposition parties will voice serious concerns on many imaginary fears.

In the above circumstances one has to wait and see how far the visit of Prime Minister will yield results.

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