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Atrocities against India by UPA Regime and the Underlying Christian Agenda
Congress record of neocolonial loot


Hasan Ali Khan scandal

Devas-Antrix deal scandal

Cash-for-votes scandal

Indian Black Money in Swiss Banks


2G spectrum scam and Radia Tapes Controversy

Adarsh Housing Society scam

Commonwealth Games Scam

housing loan scam in India

Belekeri port scam

Lavasa Scandal

Uttar Pradesh Food Grain Scam

Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation Controversy

ISRO-Devas S band Scam

Indian Premier League Cricket Scandals


Madhu Koda mining scam

Satyam scandal


Cash For Votes Scandal

Pune billionaire Hassan Ali Khan tax default

The Satyam scam


Mumbai Attacks


Stamp Paper Scam

Kerala Ice Cream Parlour Sex Scandal

Scorpene Deal Scam


Oil-for-food programme scam (Natwar Singh)


Gegong Apang PDS Scam


Taj corridor scandal


Kargil Coffin Scam


Ketan Parekh securities scam

Barak Missile Scandal

Calcutta Stock Exchange Scam


Sukh Ram telecom scam

SNC Lavalin scandal

Hawala Scandal


Bihar fodder scam

Sukh Ram Telecom Equipment Scandal

C R Bhansali Scam


Purulia arms drop case

SNC Lavalin scandal

Purulia arms drop case

Telgi scam


Harshad Mehta securities scam

Palmolein Oil Import Scam


Bofors Scandal


Bhopal Disaster


Cement Scam involving A R Antulay


Nagarwala Scandal


Haridas Mundhra
No scams before 1957. Thats very strange

Oh forgot that we only got our Independence in 1947. Maybe they where creating thier process to loot the plp for those ten years <img src='http://www.india-forum.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':lol:' />
[Image: 180509_138513409548946_135841329816154_2...0193_n.jpg]
I'm still to figure out the true essence of Hazare's "civil society", and the presence of some of its constituents. Medha Patkar is a person with a narcissist agenda, and Mallika Sarabhai is a big mouth with an opinion on everything but has a solution for nothing. In fact the same holds true for Medha Patkar. BTW, both are known to be the Italian's worshippers. All we need is the addition of Suzanne Roy, and the carnival of charlatans is almost complete.
Quote:I'm still to figure out the true essence of Hazare's "civil society", and the presence of some of its constituents. Medha Patkar is a person with a narcissist agenda, and Mallika Sarabhai is a big mouth with an opinion on everything but has a solution for nothing. In fact the same holds true for Medha Patkar. BTW, both are known to be the Italian's worshippers. All we need is the addition of Suzanne Roy, and the carnival of charlatans is almost complete.

A while back Sarveshji had posted the following about this bunch of stage managed clowns:

Quote:Hazare Movement: Contained Detonation to avoid an eruptive explosion!!!

by Sarvesh Tiwari

Remember that Ramdev was doing his Bharat Swabhiman Andolan for the same issue of corruption for last few months, and has travelled deep interiors and received massive popular support - to which I am an eyewitness. Even in far away north east he has managed to strike a chord. Lakhs have turned up at his thousands of rallies across India, no doubt. Response? no media coverage, none have even heard of Bharat Swabhiman, to tweet and FB andolan. In fact government quickly banned only 10 days before the broadcast rights of Astha channel which used to broadcast Ramdev rallies live. Any media protest in name of democratic freedom of expression? none. Then the same media lapped up this 5-day fast instantly? And government in "tatters" to capitulate before this "civil soceity"?

First of all, people seem to not take notice of how meticulously planned the whol ething is, well oiled, well funded, well supported by media, and even by government! Timing: Is it just coincidence that the fast thing started only after the final of cricket world cup was over, and finished just when IPL started -- so that media can play up to its potential to whip up this story? -- and social media bandwidth will be available without clash from more popular cricket ? --look at the "spontanuous" sproting of movement across cities from coimbatore to chandigarh. How come these spontanuous movements and machers have a uniform material, placards, slogans "mai anna hazare hum". Have the little school children of nursery and LKG marched streets on their own with posters and placards? Its all a big plan with well supported well-heeled well-funded backers.

So I am naturaly suspicious. What is the motive? If it is this Jan Lok Pal bill, then does really solve the issues? Of course it does not, rather it is funny and will not hold any water of scutiny and debate. The big motive is something else.

We have seen a series of huge corruption cases directly at the doorsteps of Sonia, UPA, Congress. The amount of public outage it might have generated elsewhere has not taken place in India. Elsewhere it could have given rise to such public outcry that government must have been forced to resign. Has not happened. NDA is to blame to large extent for failing to mount a sustainable opposition, but well, we know these fools already. Then the result naturally is a simmering public anger beneath the surface which is only building up and up. Sonia and her advisers would not be oblivious to this. And in face of how suddent eruptions of public movements against nepotism and corruption have emerged in several countries from Egypt, Bahrain, and so on, they planned such a beatutiful faux-coup. A controlled movement is better than a not-controlled movement. See, how the public anger has been nicely vented into useless gutter of JanLokPal bll. Is that the issue? Why are we not talking about fast tracking and prosecuting Sheila Dikshit and Kalmadi? Why is Hazare not saying anything about bringing back the black money abroad? Why are they not talking about Hasan Ali? Why are they not talking about H R Bhardwaj, law minister, opening up the sealed London acount of Quatrochi? Why not ask about Sonia misusing Air Force jets to ferry her on government expense for her political programs? Why did Congess appoint a tainted lady to be the President of India denying a second term to Kalam? Why a tainted supreme court Nyayamurti? Why a tainted Chief Election Commissioner? Why is CBI failing and fumbling on each case? There are so many things. But Hazare and cohorts do not get into such things. They coolly managed to divert the legitimate anger towards an abstract and faceless "neta" and "politcs"; and what should hurt the Congress/UPA alone, now is directed against all politicians uniformly! wonderful!

This of course on one hand captured the support of gullible morons who are twitter-happy to get into anything that sounds like morally appeasing, and on the other hand contained what could have been a surprise anger eruption! Wonderful! A "contrlled detonation" than an explosion!

On the other hand it hoisted the fakes like Agnivesh (supporter of Zakir Nayak; himself a politician and an elected MLA once; he who filed a case in Supreme Court to ban parts of Satyarth Prakash which criticise Islam and Christianism, and calls himself an Arya Samaji), Prashant and Shanti Bhushans -- known for sympathesizing with Maoists and Terrorsist: Just imagine these are the same guys who have defended Deve Gowda on graft charges, Afzal Guru's cousin in Parliament attack case, and maoists: he gets to sit on the Lokpal bill committee. Why should Subamanyan Swamy, who is the one person who can legitimately claim to be the one voice against corruption who is doing somethig solid and tangible through legimitate means - be it Sethusamudram or 2G scam or EVM issue - why is he kept out? Is it not he alone whose court cases have forced Manmohan Singh hand to ask Raja to resign? But he is kept out. Ramdev is kept out - his movement is as I mentioned black walled by media, and one channel that used to broadcaste his speeches, silened by the Govt order.

What a beautiful plan, and it has worked so far!
"The action taken by the Centre earlier this month on Baba Ramdev's agitation at Ramlila Ground reminded us the days of emergency, which was imposed in the country on June 25, 1975," Advani told reporters at the airport while terming the police crackdown totally wrong. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india...892058.cms

Advani was here to open the Madhya Pradesh Natya Vidyalaya at Rangshri Little Baille Troupe Compound on the Shyamla Hills road.

On the issue of corruption, including the 2G spectrum scam, he said that his party would take a tough stand on these issues in the coming Parliament session and will demand a detailed discussion on it.

He alleged that the government was not doing much against corruption and even in the case of 2G scam, it was the Supreme Court, which took a tough stand and not the Centre.

He demanded a clarification from the government on the Lokpal bill issue and said that the government should come out with a bill as early as possible, so that, a detailed discussion can take place on it.
[quote name='Capt M Kumar' date='17 June 2011 - 10:28 AM' timestamp='1308334839' post='111973']

"The action taken by the Centre earlier this month on Baba Ramdev's agitation at Ramlila Ground reminded us the days of emergency, which was imposed in the country on June 25, 1975," Advani told reporters at the airport while terming the police crackdown totally wrong. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india...892058.cms

Advani was here to open the Madhya Pradesh Natya Vidyalaya at Rangshri Little Baille Troupe Compound on the Shyamla Hills road.

On the issue of corruption, including the 2G spectrum scam, he said that his party would take a tough stand on these issues in the coming Parliament session and will demand a detailed discussion on it.

He alleged that the government was not doing much against corruption and even in the case of 2G scam, it was the Supreme Court, which took a tough stand and not the Centre.

He demanded a clarification from the government on the Lokpal bill issue and said that the government should come out with a bill as early as possible, so that, a detailed discussion can take place on it.


Advani is nothing but bs. If the useless BJP even want to remotely start thinking of changing, Advani should be the first to be expelled followed by Rajnath Singh. The NDA had two golden opportunities to solve this Italian problem permanently. When she led demonstrations causing law and order problems and severely disrupting the city of New Delhi during two seperate national emergencies in India - Kargil war and after the tests when India was under sanctions (and even external threat), she should have been locked up under the National Security Act (or whatever), and the key thrown away (or some equivalent measure).

Both Vajpayee and Advani were scared of the Italian for whatever reasons. Is it the white coolie complex inherent in Indians, or does she have some blackmailing cards against them, I really cannot say! Against everybody's advise, Vajpayee appointed Brajesh Mishra (a closet Italian worshipper) as NSA. One can say with more than a measure of credibility that the Italian is the creation of Vajpayee and the BJP/NDA. She could have been done away with on other numerous times and for numerous offenses (her "activities regarding priceless Indian antiques, etc....). It was this same Brajesh Mishra who got Rahul Gandhi off the hook in Boston Logan International airport.

Also, when Maneka Gandhi as a cabinet minister wanted to have the Italian thrown out of 10 Janpath (which is Govt. property) because she had no legitimate reasons to stay in the PM's officla residence (as designated by Rajeev Gandhi, since the previous residence was converted into a "shrine" for Indira Gandhi), Maneka Gandhi was removed from the cabinet. These instances alone should tell one what the BJP/NDA are all about!
As an addendum to the above post, the BJP/NDA's "gifts" to India were: EVM's, foreign ownership of press which will one day lead to foreign ownership of India, and last but certainly not the least, the Italian plague. Of course, one musn't forget the botched and faked thermonuclear test. As an aside, those readers who have worked in Europe know what the productive parts of Europe (Germany, France, UK, Scandinavia notably Sweden, Holland, and even Switzerland) think of Italians. They think they are pathological liars and bullshitters. While Switzerland has a sizable Italian population, they've been civilized by the Teutonic influence. In Russia, the only two Italian contributions were vodka and syphillis. Even today in Russia, syphillis is often referred to as the "Italian disease".

In my case, I felt ashamed and could only put on a stony face when in the beginning some of my colleagues used to ask me as to why a nation of 1 billion people needed a "fu***ng wop", who cannot relate the the bulk of the masses in any way, form, or manner, to rule them. I've taught them never to ask me such questions again, but the innate shame and feeling of disgrace remains.
[url="http://www.hindustantimes.com/SC-notice-to-Ramdev-s-trust/H1-Article1-711760.aspx"]SC notice to Ramdev’s trust[/url]
Quote:Even as the Delhi Police refuted allegations of high-handedness against Baba Ramdev and his disciples at the Ramlila Maidan, the Supreme Court on Monday issued a notice to yoga guru-managed Bharat Swabhiman Trust which had organised the event. A vacation bench comprising justice P Sathasivam and justice AK Patnaik issued a notice to the Trust and asked for its response to the police affidavit claiming teargas shells were used only after the crowd turned violent and started throwing stones.

“You have made several allegations against them. Let them also respond to it,” the bench told the Delhi Police counsel, senior advocate UU Lalit.

It also asked the Centre to file its reply to the police affidavit that also claimed the force had intelligence input regarding threats to Ramdev’s life. The court fixed July 11 for further hearing the matter.

The Delhi Police had filed its affidavit after the SC took suo-motu cognizance of the alleged mid-night crackdown on those camping at the Ramlila Maidan in support of Ramdev.

Justifying the action taken by the cops on the intervening night of June 4 and 5, Lalit denied the police had used any force to evict the yoga guru and his followers. He also submitted unedited video clips and photographs to substantiate his arguments.

The bench also declined advocate Ajay Agarwal’s plea to implead him in the case and said: “We would require your assistance, we would hear you. But right now, we are not hearing you.”

In the affidavit, the city police had earlier told the court that no force was used against the protesters but only eight teargas shells had been lobbed to disperse Ramdev’s supporters after they turned violent and started pelting stones.
[url="http://www.organiser.org/dynamic/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=403&page=31"]UPA’s arrogance and subterfuge[/url]

By Shyam Khosla

CONGRESS-led Government’s arrogance and subterfuge is limitless. It claimed it has accepted “almost all demands” raised by Yoga Guru Ram Dev and asked him to call off his hunger strike immediately. The Baba saw through the Government’s treachery to undermine his movement against corruption and black money and refused to give in. Having realised that the Baba couldn’t be bought over, the Government resorted to a midnight crackdown on fasting and sleeping followers of the Yoga Guru by several thousand armed policemen who beat up women, children and old men indiscriminately and hounded them out of the Ramlila grounds. Women and children were packed off to remote places and left to fend for themselves.

These atrocities remindes one of the days of the hated Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi in total violation of the Constitutional provisions. The totally uncalled for and avoidable police action is a grave violation of human rights. The Supreme Court and the National Human Rights Commission have taken cognisance and asked the Government to submit a report. The argument that Baba had violated the terms on which he was given permission to hold the congregation is totally untenable. Are we living in a democratic country or a fascist regime? Since when is one required to take permission to observe a fast in support of his/her demands? Weren’t the yoga guru and his followers denied their fundamental right to assemble peacefully because the dynasty abhors saffron? Under no circumstance will they use force to disperse a Christian or Muslim gathering. They didn’t act when Geelani and others delivered anti-national speeches in the national capital. A case was registered against them only on judicial orders at the initiative of a patriotic citizen. The Prime Minister described the ugly and inhuman action against Baba and his followers as unfortunate yet ‘unavoidable’. Since when using brutal force to disperse a peaceful gathering in the middle of the night has become unavoidable? Heavens wouldn’t have fallen if the Yoga Guru was allowed to continue his fast for another two days, as admittedly was Baba’s plan. The Government was bending backwards only hours before the police action. Who pulled the strings to force the Government to brutally disperse peaceful and fasting satyagrahis? The people have a right to know who is running this country – a democratically elected Government or an extra-constitutional authority.

Fortunately for the country, spiritual, religious, social and political leaders were able to persuade Baba Ram Dev to break his fast so that he is available to carry forward his mass movement against rampant corruption. There was great concern all over the country over Government’s total insensitivity and the grave consequences in the event of Baba making the supreme sacrifice at the altar of the Government obduracy. A national catastrophe was averted. Let the Congress jokers celebrate it as some sort of “victory”. They will soon discover that the use of brute force by the Government against followers of the Baba has caused widespread resentment and anger among millions of his followers and common citizens throughout the length and breadth of the land. It may turnout to be a turning point in Congress party’s fortunes as the gory incident has created a huge anti-Congress constituency. Immediately after his discharge from the hospital, the Baba announced his determination to carry forward his crusade against corruption and authoritarianism. In a short span of a decade and half the Baba mobilised millions of people and created a network of followers through his yoga camps. There is widespread appreciation of his services to the society on health and other fronts. Bad mouthing the Baba and demonising him will boomerang on the Congress. Attempt to harass him by using investigating agencies will only strengthen his resolve to fight back.

Rattled by all round condemnation of the police action against Baba Ram Dev’s congregation, the ruling party has communalised the fight against corruption and black money. It is a trick the Congress party uses every time it is cornered on corruption or authoritarianism. They made a big issue of Sadhvi Ritambhra’s presence on the dais. It didn’t convince anyone. Sadhvi didn’t raised any communal issue nor did she passed any comment that could be objected to. On the contrary, she mesmerised the congregation by her thrilling oration. She spoke with passion against corruption in public life and strongly argued for eradication of this evil. Congress leaders and Ministers made funny claims saying they have in their possession documents that prove that the RSS was behind Ram Dev’s movement. What is wrong with RSS and outfits belonging to its ideological family supporting movements launched by Ram Dev and Anna Hazare? Sangh has a right, nay duty, to support all noble causes. There is nothing secret in it. The documents in possession of Congress leaders are nothing but resolutions and Press statements issued by parivar outfits in support of the movements against corruption and black money. It is not for the first time that the RSS has lent its support to social causes. It has a glorious track record of selfless service to the society. It had supported JP movement and the latter had gratefully accepted and acknowledged the services rendered by the RSS in the movement against dictatorship during 1975-77. Responding to Congress allegations, JP had publicly stated that if RSS and Jana Sangh were fascist, he too was a fascist. That’s how he derailed the obnoxious bogey raised by the Congress goons. The fact of the matter is that the Congress invents the threat from communalism to capture Muslim votes. RSS bashing is the last resort of the scoundrels masquerading as “secularists”.

The crusade against corruption and black money is unstoppable. BJP had raised the issue of black money stacked in foreign banks during 2009 elections with the promise that it would take steps to bring back the money looted by corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen, if it were voted to power. In view of the UPA Government’s failure to show any interest on this crucial issue, BJP and other Opposition parties raised this issue forcefully through public rallies and in the Parliament. There was a demand for a Joint Parliamentary Committee to probe massive scams that emerged one after another during UPA’s regime. An entire Parliament session was wasted because of the Government’s obduracy. Ultimately the demand for setting up JPC was conceded. Unfortunately, the Congress party’s duplicity and hypocrisy have severely undermined the functioning of JPC.

The Congress and its allies also disrupted the proceedings of the PAC headed by senior BJP leader Dr. M M Joshi. Congress, BSP and SP members of the PAC demanded voting on the report that is not the practice in parliamentary committees. The very purpose of having an Opposition member as Chairman of PAC has been defeated by demanding a voting on the report. By choking parliamentary methods to hold the ruling alliance accountable, the Congress has created a situation in which people may be forced to take recourse to extra-constitutional means.

Finance Minister, Pranab Mukherjee recently observed that the situation in the country have “some similarities” with the situation that existed before the imposition of the Emergency in 1975. Kapil Sibal’s remark that action at Ramlila Maidan is a “lesson” for all is equally ominous. It is a crude threat to crush with brute force any movement against the Government howsoever peaceful it maybe. Congress-led Government’s authoritarianism and not the fasts and movements launched by political parties and civil society groups are subversive of democracy.
New Conference by Babaji,

[quote name='dhu' date='26 June 2011 - 09:10 PM' timestamp='1309102377' post='112046']

New Conference by Babaji,



In case Raj Bala dies, they should sue Sonia Gandhi, Sibal, Digvijay Singh and PM Moron Singh.

These scums should be put in Jail.
[url="http://www.hindustantimes.com/Ramdev-under-ED-scanner/H1-Article1-714505.aspx"]Ramdev under ED scanner[/url]
Quote:The Enforcement Directorate (ED) is investigating Baba Ramdev’s foreign assets and investments by seeking details about them from all available official sources, including the Reserve Bank of India. The probe is taking place under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (Fema). An island ‘Little Cumbr ae’ was gifted to Baba Ramdev by a couple who are said to be his devotees in Scotland. According to sources, the cost of the island is around £2 million. Baba Ramdev has renamed it ‘Peace Island’.

Here comes Sonia -CON-gress Emergency tactics, start harassing people with Tax man, that what they did during Emergency.
[url="http://www.sify.com/news/the-nauseating-campaign-against-baba-ramdev-news-columns-lg1oITefbda.html#.TgnOlRsE_rs.twitter"]The nauseating campaign against Baba Ramdev[/url]

Quote:The recent controversy over Baba Ramdev and the conduct of the Indian media on the issue has been confounding and rather nauseating.

The people of this country were very much aware about his following and the support system (agriculture and commercial) he has created to sustain his yogic and ayurvedic missions.

The Baba has neither claimed to possess divine powers nor do people treat him as a divine being.

His personal lifestyle has not betrayed any hint of indulgence or opulence.

The moot questions therefore were whether or not there is transparency about the organisational assets of the Baba and the purpose it is used for.

Baba Ramdev’s yoga sessions were purely voluntary and there was no coercion or even persuasion to buy his ayurvedic formulations.

The media not only began to question the assets of the Baba, but also ascribed political ambitions to him.

Ironically, some of these foremost media organizations are controlled and funded by Church organizations. The details are easily accessible on the internet.

We Indians have been hardly mindful of people taking the criminal, financial and dynastic route to political power. But we have generally disfavoured a purely religious route to politics.

Therefore, if Baba Ramdev was to use his yogic and curative abilities for gaining political power, the people of this country, I am sure, would have dumped him.

There can be little doubt that Ramdev simplified Yoga and took it to the masses, to the extent that some countries began to declare yoga as repugnant and blasphemous to their dominant religious beliefs.

Ramdev’s yoga and his yogic message endeared him to the people.

This author has met scores of people, both educated and un-educated, who had benefited immensely from his prescribed yogic exercises.

No Indian ever tried to create the halo of ‘godliness’ around the Baba. The discerning and educated people ignored those claims of his that they thought were inadequate and unempirical and focused on his strengths, which he has in plenty.

Baba Ramdev exuded a deep patriotic fervour and pride in India’s past, its ancient wisdom to include yoga, ayurvedic therapy and way of life. His sense of nationalism can be debated, but not denied.

He has spoken of unity and stressed on transcending caste and communal divide.

Significantly, Ramdev, born in a Yadav family, has also proved that caste in India is superficial and that Indians do not distinguish based on merits of birth when it comes to accepting someone as Guru.

He has validated the ancient Indian saying “Jat na poochiye sadhu ki, pooch lijye gyan” (Never ask the caste of a sadhu, concern yourself with his wisdom).

What is more important the message or the messenger?

If the messenger is more important, then every parent or teacher forfeits the right to enjoin upon children or students the need to outperform them, or fall prey to habits, which they would regret and find difficult to kick.

If the message was correct, then why has the media gone to abysmal levels in vilifying the Baba in what is clearly a motivated campaign.

There have been bizarre comments from some politicians that the Baba should continue with his primary profession of being a ‘yoga guru’ and keep away from politics and matters of national interests.

If this comment is applied to the political class, then many of them should have continued being barristers at the time of independence and post independence being lawyers, doctors, gangsters, criminals, police inspectors, waiters and waitresses. Unlike politicians in power, at least the people of this country have a choice with regard to their Babas.

There is much ado about the scientific basis of various forms of medicine prescribed by Ramdev.

It may be remembered in this context that of the around thousand primary allopathic drugs, only around 40-50 are based on empirical studies. The rest have evolved on the basis of trials.

Some of the biggest names in various disciplines of medicine in India, I know have been seeking treatment from Baba Ramdev for ailments that they have spent a lifetime studying. If nothing else, the Babas and the spiritual gurus are the Indian version of psychotherapists.

Baba Ramdev’s campaign against corruption, particularly Indian money stashed in Swiss bank, has been on for three years.

He did not pull the agenda from out of thin air. He only stepped in to ride the rising anger over unprecedented and unbridled corruption that is consuming the country.

The haggling and deals for portfolios by politicians and coalition partners was not lost on the people. The intransigence of the DMK over certain portfolios during the formation of the current government was a clear indication that the party was going to go for the kill right from the outset.

The 2G scam therefore did not come as surprise. What angered people was the dithering and denials.

People do have the simple intelligence to figure out that when a politician roots for a particular portfolio, it is not merely for power but money as well.

Neither are the people blind to the role of money in electoral manipulations and the high life of politicians and their cronies including those who have ceased to be legislators.

People are also not unaware about the politician-bureaucrat nexus.

Today most bureaucrats and judges do not retire. There is hardly any retired DGP of police who does not have half a dozen serving policemen as domestic help.

Public sector enterprises have become the personal fiefdom of politicians and bureaucrats. Indians having money in Swiss bank is not a new phenomenon but what has outraged people is its magnitude and government indifference.

The common man has to contend with the state apparatus every day. Their frustration has acquired explosive levels because the very institutions they relied to reform the system themselves became corrupt or abettors of corruption.

They began to view national security threats and terrorism from the prism of corruption. They began to construe cases of corruption as acts of anti-nationals.

It is in this environment that Ramdev emerged.

Corruption affects one and all. Its greatest and ultimate victim is government.

Corruption alienates, derides and brutalises the very people politicians claim to represent.

The symbiosis between corruption, crime, communalism and terrorism is becoming increasingly intricate.

The government and all other political parties should have been therefore part of the anti-corruption campaign. The people of India were yearning for that kind of response.

Instead, the government adopted an adversarial attitude. For some reasons it looked vulnerable, uncomfortable and defensive right from the outset.

It then resorted to dirty tricks. It tried to neutralise Ramdev’s campaign by foisting Anna Hazare on unsuspecting Indian people.

The sudden emergence of Anna Hazare and his team of so-called ‘Civil Society’ representatives till today remains a mystery.

Anna Hazare’s fast was preceded by a very well orchestrated campaign to rally public support. This author was flooded with e-mails.

Many people who came in support of Anna’s campaign at the Jantar Mantar were members of NGOs and organizations. Even school children in uniform could be seen. The spontaneity factor in the support level was low.

No sooner was there a crackdown on Ramdev’s campaign than the e-mail campaign in favour of Anna again gained momentum.

One such e-mail was received by this author some 15 days ago, wherein a retired Army Officer, father of a Kargil martyr, after his meeting with Anna Hazare almost deified him.

The conduct of this officer on many occasions in the past has not done honour to his great son. To this particular e-mail I replied:

“Sorry to say I have no respect for either of them. At the behest of the government, Anna trivialized the very serious and pervasive issue of corruption to Lokpal. All this criticism from some Congress leaders is drama, just to show that they are not selective in opposition to Ramdev. Future Prognosis — draft of Lokpal bill will be made public — some provisions will remain excluded out of design — Anna will then go on fast — the government will act tough — then meet his demands — a little girl will offer a glass of juice — Anna will drink the whole glass — draft then will be presented in parliament — if it is not passed, opposition will be blamed — in any case Congress and Sonia wins — Anna will portrayed as Gandhi and Sonia as Bharat Mata. Anna will get lot of space on English media. The issue of black money in Swiss Banks will be killed. The new Gandhi Anna will start giving opinion on everything i.e. whenever Congress party twists his arm. It is another matter Anna has no clue about Lokpal. He has left that to crooks, Maoists and publicity hungry self-appointed representatives of the Civil Society. One Maoist has been asked to maintain visibility to fill the saffron component in Anna’s favour.”

It is intriguing that such mails on the web started flying thick and fast just when Anna is going to undertake another publicity stunt. This was clearly absent before or during Ramdev campaign.

While the government staged a fixed match with Anna, it adopted a two pronged attack to deal with Ramdev.

As per my sources, there was one government team, which implored him to call off his agitation. The request was tempered with veiled threat to him and his organisation.

There was another senior minister, who used the filthiest of vernacular abuses and warned him of dire physical consequences. They finally asked him to choose between immediate arrest or give an undertaking stipulating the time period of his sit-in at Ramleela. Thinking discretion was the better part of valour, Ramdev agreed.

As the deadline approached, the frequency and vulgarity of threats from the Government increased.

Ramdev calculated that come morning, it would not be possible for the government to use force to disperse the very large gathering expected to have congregated by then. The very next morning, he was to press the government to release the names of the list of Indians having money in Swiss Banks, reportedly sent by Germany.

Then there was the crackdown and vilification campaign against Ramdev by third-rate politicians and a section of the subverted media.

We have come to a stage where being nationalist or patriotic has become disqualification or blasphemy.

God save India and Indian Democracy.

RSN Singh is a former military intelligence officer who later served in the Research and Analysis Wing, or R&AW. The author of two books: Asian Strategic and Military Perspective and Military Factor in Pakistan, he is also Associate Editor, Indian Defence Review.
They may try to kill him.
Quote:SC pulls up Delhi Police for Ramdev crackdown

July 11, 2011 5:01:01 PM

[url="http://www.dailypioneer.com/352363/SC-pulls-up-Delhi-Police-for-Ramdev-crackdown.html"] link[/url]

IANS | New Delhi

The Supreme Court Monday asked Delhi Police to explain their behaviour and the need to resort to teargas and baton-charge in the closed enclosure when people were sleeping during yoga guru Baba Ramdev's protest gathering at the Ramlila Ground here last month.

An apex court bench of Justice B.S. Chauhan and Justice Swatanter Kumar said that there are documents and DVDs to show that the yoga exercises were undertaken at the camp, and if that was so, what was the justification for the police to resort to baton-charge.

Delhi Police chief B.K. Gupta, in an affidavit to the apex court, had said that permission to use the Ramlila Ground was given for a yoga camp, and not for any other purpose.

[color="#FF0000"]The court said that it would consider Ramdev's plea to issue notice to union Home Minister P. Chidambaram on the grounds that the decision to use force against him and his followers was not taken by Delhi Police on June 4 but rather it was decided much earlier at the political level.[/color]

Senior counsel Ram Jethmalani, appearing for Ramdev, referred to a press release issued by the home ministry and an interview by Chidambaram to Doordarshan in support of his contention that the decision to use force was taken much earlier. The court will next hear the matter July 25.
For all one knows, it was the criminal UPA regime which triggered off the Bombay bomb blasts (7-13-2011) to divert public opinion from the avalanche of corruption scandals. Incidently, to the best of my knowledge, many experts believe that there is no tangible evidence that points out to the existance of an organization called "Indian Mujahideen" (at least as it is portrayed by the UPA/Congress and the "coolie media").

This is purpoted to be the criminal UPA/Congress name for some imaginary (or severely hyped up) organization to blame for Pakistani attacks, in order to obsolve itself (UPA) for its lack of guts and character to any concrete overt/covert retaliatory action against Pakistan. Needless to say, dossiers have started being written, which the ISI will use as toilet paper.

BTW, I wonder under which rock the "loyal opposition" (BJP) has disappeared. Frankly, I'm even staring to lose faith in Baba Ramdev. Well, lets give him till whenever the SC's investigation is over, and then watch his actions or inactions!
[url="http://www.hindustantimes.com/CBI-books-Ramdev-s-aide-for-fake-passport/H1-Article1-725103.aspx"]CBI books Ramdev's aide for fake passport[/url]
Quote:The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Sunday registered a case against yoga guru Baba Ramdev's aide Acharya Balkrishna for allegedly holding a fake passport, an official said. "We have registered a case against Balkrishna under section 12 of the Passports Act and cheating and

forgery," said a CBI official.

Earlier, the investigating agency received a complaint that Balkrishna held more than one passport.

After the crackdown here on Baba Ramdev's fast against corruption in June, the government had asked security agencies to probe the allegations that Balkrishna held multiple passports.

Balkrishna, who resurfaced in Uttarakhand's Haridwar two days after mysteriously disappearing following the crackdown, denied all the allegations and asserted that he was an Indian and held an Indian passport.

Baba Ramdev's business empire comprises 34 companies which are controlled by Balkrishna.

UPA is after Ramdev assest.
Quote:Acharya Bal krishan case: A slap on the face of CBI by Nainital High court:

The case of alleged forged passport and birth-certificate of Acharya Bal Krishan is proceeding in Nainital High Court. Here are some of the Q & As between the judge and the CBI lawyer, last week.

High Court: Where does Bal Krishan reside?

CBI: Haridwar, Uttarakhand.

High Court: Isn’t there any police or government in Uttarakhand?

CBI: Yes. There is.

High Court: Then where have you come from into the picture? Why was there no complaint registered against him to the government here? While respecting the democratic and legal procedures, why did you not seek cooperation from the local police and government?

CBI: (no answer!)

High Court: Under Passport Act Section-10, why did you not take permission from the Central government?

CBI: (no answer!)

High Court: Bal Krishan has his name in the voters’ list, he has a gas connection also, then why did you not register any complaint against this?

CBI: (no answer!)

High Court: Passport was issued in 1997 and renewed in 2007, wasn’t his birth certificate checked then?

CBI: (no answer!)

High Court: Do you have any document that Bal Krishan is a Nepali citizen?

CBI: (After a long pause) there is no document to show that he is a Nepali citizen, but in an FIR against him an accusation has been made to this effect.

Communal Violence Bill based on hate philosophy – Hilda Raja

Posted on October 10, 2011 by IS

Hilda only fingerpoints islam as the aggressors.* And goes as far as suspecting the very Very special committee - created to foist the bill on the natives - of anti-Hinduness, but will not let on being able to guess that christianism (local and international) is behind the bill. One must imagine it is all a "secular" (yet very directed!) "anti-Hinduness".

* And of course, Hilda - with calculation - makes no mention of the massive christian terrorism in India. It has genocided and ethnically cleansed a great many the native Hindus from the country's Northeast. But no mention.

By her very silence on the issue of christian terrorism, coupled with her condemnation of the anti-Hindu bill voiced from the position as a christian "minority" herself, she aims to buy immunity from Hindu scrutiny if not favour for christianism - as her selective criticism continues to make christianism invisible to the Hindu radar.

Christianism is behind the pro-islamic (and - unmentioned in the piece - also pro-christian) bill. Christianism is the only one that has the brains to know how to destroy Hindus asap in the surest manner (not islam) - it's a big country after all, with more heathens than even the Roman empire had - and christianism has the audacity to do it.

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