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Atrocities against India by UPA Regime and the Underlying Christian Agenda
in my point of view every one should think before performing any action.actually ram dev baba incident it just a political incident.rss and bjp supporting ram dev baba that why congress kick them out
Thread is called: Atrocities against India by UPA Regime and the Underlying Christian Agenda

And so the following link belongs here.

But first an important comment on the article at the link:

Quote: Good article.. but there is one thing we have to remember.. [color="#0000FF"]the indian government, which itself is a large corporate had already destroyed the rich diversity of indian crops and cows.. for eg, tamilnadu alone had more than 2000 varieties of rice, all of which are lost.. these are not even preserved even in TNAU.. Luckily international rice institute in phillipines had samples of all varieties, and now TN agri scientiest are requesting them for the samples of old indian varieties.. Same for Cow.. there were more than 200 varieites of Indian Cattle (Called Bas Indicus).. today, we could see only HF varieties or its hybrid... In TN, the native cattle breed is at the verge of extinction, and the Veterinary university has no idea about it.. I searched for the native variety specific to my area, only to find that one of the remaining few is sent for butchering..[/color] The root cause of all problem is centralisation, and usurping of local autonomy and governance.. it doesnt matter to me, whether its walmart or a reliance fresh.. both do the same damage.. There has to complete change in the pattern of thinking.. i have written my random thoughts in my blog.. http://psenthilraja.wordpress.com/2011/1...within-us/


06 Dec 2011
Says it all really.

Lieve, hemelse koe beestje. 't Spijt me toch zo...

Weliswaar doe ik niets zinnigs voor je, maar ik heb je tenminste ook nooit als voedsel aan anderen aanbevolen, noch heb ik degenen die dat wèl hebben gedaan óóit verdedigd (maar wel zullen die zelfs de zogenaamde vaderlandslievende - of moederlandslievende - helden blijven spelen in recente mensenheugenis. Stelletje lafaards.)

Uitsterving lijkt me beter dan rond te wandelen op je gezegende vier poten terwijl de zelf-vervreemde inboorlingen zich blijven inbeelden dat je 't nog met ze te doen hebt. Ha ja, niet dus.

Anyway, the main article:


Quote:FDI in retail: Back to Champaran

Sandhya Jain

06 Dec 2011

A profit-sucking corporate food chain; contract farming and mono-cultivations displacing crop diversity; farmers reduced to bonded labour of 21st century clones of the East India Company – such will be the face of Indian agriculture if we let the UPA impose the disastrous policy of FDI in retail.

It is unbelievable that a regime could be so divorced from history as to foist upon its people the sufferings that blighted the lives of Champaran (Bihar) farmers barely a century ago, when the British forced them to grow indigo instead of food crops, and monopolized the production, marketing and profits of the expensive dye.

This dictating of the terms of ‘free trade’ is the essence of colonialism, and the world is once again facing this menace. Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi lost his power and his life only because he wouldn’t sell his nation’s oil at the price determined by western multinationals in order to maximize their gains at the expense of the Libyan people. Saddam Hussain of Iraq met the same fate for the same reason.

FDI in retail will devastate the Indian economy. There is no merit in the claim that consumers or farmers will benefit from multinationals (or even Indian corporates) establishing monopoly control over the retail sector. Even FDI backers do not claim there will be jobs for the 44 millions of small retailers and hawkers thrown out of business. Anyone who has observed the so-called sunrise industries in the past decade will notice there have been few jobs with salaries and benefits. Instead, thousands of youth across the country were lured to rake in customers and profits for the corporates, in lieu of small incentives, which made the work extremely exploitative and tedious.

There is a chant about ‘elimination of middlemen,’ as if that mystically translates into value addition and lower prices, and as though middlemen performed no legitimate role in garnering remote farm produce to city tables. It is a canard that large corporates alone can bring better technology and inputs through contract farming; how much did the old zamindars invest in agriculture, and what did they leave the farmer? Equally specious is the argument that corporates will reduce wastage by investing in infrastructure; they will build cold storages to enhance monopoly control over national food supply. What we need is village level cold storages, run by solar power or other forms of alternate energy to make them viable.

Instead we get gigantic duplicity. First the state needlessly monopolizes everything in the name of public good, giving us decades of wasted growth, corruption, et al. Then it mindlessly sells huge public assets at throwaway prices – in the name of ‘efficiency’. But when the crony capitalists say they can’t run the electricity grid or the airlines despite getting the best routes at the expense of the national carrier, they are not re-nationalised, or allowed to wither away. Instead, the government tries to put public money into their pockets. The economy has become a ping-pong ball between Government and Corporates.

Government knows FDI in retail will give multinationals direct access to local farmers, and put farmers at the mercy of MNCs which will get control over the food chain. The MNCs will dictate terms of contract farming, supposedly to guarantee purchase of farm produce and ensure quality. Actually, they will impose ‘exclusive’ contracts to debar farmers from selling to other agencies [bonded, not free trade], and acquire monopoly control over the entire produce at prices consistent with their profit margins. In Jaipur, a multinational firm clinched a lucrative deal with 250 egg wholesalers for supply of 5 lakh eggs daily, with the stipulation that they no longer sell eggs to retailers. This puts the humble hawkers who sell eggs at street corners out of business, while doubling the price of eggs at large malls.

Similarly, ‘quality control’ gives MNCs the right to reject the produce. More dangerously, it gives them the right to dictate the seed, crop, fertilizer inputs, etc. Thus they can, Champaran-style, force farmers to switch from food to cash crops, and by dictating the fertilizer or pesticide, ruin the fertility of the fields.

Several studies have shown that the switch to cash crops enhances the risk to the farmer (recall the cotton farmer suicides), while the need to buy their own food affects the family’s nutritional standards. Also, over time, corporates tend to favour certain types of crops to maintain commercial viability; this leads to a preference for staples like rice and wheat and shunning of nutritious grains like ragi, maize, millet, bajra, which affects crop diversity.

An aspect of intrusive farming is the credit extended to farmers by MNCs, the terms of which could aggravate default and farmer suicides. FDI in retail allows MNCs to transfer all risk of production to the unprotected small farmer, while keeping a tight control over profits. This could cause virtual bondage, as happened to opium farmers under the British Raj.

A corollary to the emphasis on corporate culture as the growth engine of the economy is disrespect for street hawkers who are integral to the urban food chain. Even as governments bend backwards to provide real estate to large corporates, or to housing projects for the rich or middle class, there is icy indifference to the poor. This manifests in a growing disinterest in providing housing for the poor, and a cussed determination to disallow street hawkers from selling their wares. Drives to destroy their produce by flinging it on the street or carting it away in municipal vans are relentless; recently hawkers have been driven away from Sarojini Nagar, Delhi, where they were so intrinsic to the shopping experience that regulars did not know what to do without them.

To clinch the argument about FDI and farm incomes, consider that until 1950, the average American farmer earned nearly 70 percent of every dollar spent on food. In 2005, this declined to 3 to 4 percent, though it should logically have risen with the elimination of middlemen. Only, the large corporates purged the chain of intermediaries and creamed off all their profits; the farmer remained at the bottom of the pile. FDI in retail can only help Western multinationals that have saturated their profits in their existing turfs. But why is the Indian government willing to push the farmer and retailer into the whirlwind?

"Indian independence". Gained independence from .... what again?
These islamaniacs were invited by crypto-christian congress govt (KKK) specifically to genocide the remaining inconvertible native Hindoos of Assam. Since they wouldn't convert to christianism, the christo govt is unleashing islam's jihad on them.


Quote:Mass Migration, 30 Killed - Communal riots between Illegal Jihadi Immigrants and Tribals

24/07/2012 12:38:53

Assam: Mass migration has been reported from Assam, following Communal riots between native Bodo tribals and Illegal immigrant Muslims from Bangladesh. As latest reports comes in Thousands have fled their home and atleast 30 people have been reportedly killed and many injured in the ongoing riots in Assam border. Thousands are wounded and many villages have been set to flames. In recent years, Hindu and Christian tribes have begun to give vent to strong anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment against Bangladeshi settlers.

[color="#800080"](Christians convert-or-killed Hindu Bodos similarly. What's the difference? Hindus should just point the islamists to the christian terrorists. Let them just cannibalise each other. Hindus can then deal with the victor.)[/color]

As Police could not contain the violence, Army and Para Millitary forces have been called in.Curfew has been imposed in the area and shoot at sight orders have been issued. The violence was sparked on Friday night when [color="#FF0000"]Jihadis killed four Bodo youths.[/color] The violence which started in Kokrajhar and Chirang districts of Assam has spread to Bongaigaon district.

On Monday afternoon, hundreds of Jihadis carrying spears squatted on the railway line linking Guwahati to New Delhi. They had stopped and attacked Rajadhani express, demanding the release of Jihadis detained in connection with the killings of the four youths.

Assam's chief minister Tarun Gogoi itself told that about 30,000 villagers have fled their homes and taken shelter in relief camps, but local officials said the numbers were at least twice that.BJP today decided to send a fact-finding team to the state to ascertain the reasons that led to the clashes.

Deport the illegal Bangladeshis to Pakistan. The Pakistani islamists will finish the job they started in the East/West Pakistan war: didn't the islamaniacs of western TSP start to so relish their butchery in Bangladesh that they went beyond massacring Hindu and Buddhist victims to brutalising even their own islamaniac brothers: the western islamaniacs gave as reason that they were superior oryans for being Punjabis and that the Bangladeshis were inferior (not sure what for - for being "more miscegenated"??? "More brown"??? But there's no need to understand racist islamaniac unlogic, though. And the two identical cannibals deserve each other, though clearly the islamics of the west will emerge victorious over those of the east. Just as the islamics of the east will emerge victorious over the christian terrorist outfit terrorising the Bodos. But the Hindu Bodos and Ahom must emerge victorious over all.)

Anyway an important-looking comment:

Quote: mgd

24/07/2012 19:28:49 Congress responsible for infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslimsi

Infiltration of Bangladeshis into Assam was encouraged first by Muslim League in order to make Assam a Muslim majority state and to attach it to Pakistan. Subsequently, congress Chief Ministers like Moinul Haque Choudhary and Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed encouraged it in order to build up congress vote-banks and also to make Assam a Muslim majority state.

After the Assam agitation, Indira Gandhi passed the Illegal Migrants Act, 1983,(exact name longer) under which the burden of proof was placed on the complainant. The motive behind this act was to place a veil on the illegal migration activity. This act applied only to Assam while remaining India was covered under Foreigners act. A few years ago, the supreme court struck down this Act and then the Congress Govt. at the centre amended the rules made under the Foreigners Act and again tried to legitimize the illegal migration. These rules have also been struck down by the supreme court.

I appeal to the knowledgeable HK readers to prepare a detailed note on the subject of illegal migration into Assam as most Indians are ignorant about these behind the curtain developments.
^ The above is consciously enabled by the christian govt (christoislamism may have a deal that the NE is for christianism, but Assam IIRC is earmarked for islam.)

Another thing the christian powers that be (in India) seem to be in agreement on is the relative/significant silence* in the "Indian" press on something that I've seen reported several times by international news agencies (western as well as several middle-eastern islamic sources). In the last month or so there was massive flooding in Assam and thereabouts. The news reported between 70 to over a 100 Assamese dead and variously reported that 2 to 6 million Assamese have been displaced by the catastrophe.

* Maybe the christonews in India has been eloquent in reporting this and I just missed it? (Quite possible, as I'm not all that keen on news.)

Alternatively, the fact that I've seen this reported in foreign media seems to imply publicisation of the event has been given the greenlight as a funds-collection occasion: to collect funds for christian-conversion "relief" purposes.

At the time I'd not seen anything at sewa-international/uk about the flood.

But there is a youtube video out, and the title of it seems tell-tale about who's going to be milking the occasion for christianisation for all its worth:

"Biblical Flooding of Epic proportions Kills 121 in India/Forces 6 <million>..."

Anyway, here's the news:

1. "77 dead, 2 million displaced"


India: Assam floods cause millions to flee homes (PHOTOS)

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

[Note: includes photos of typically cuddly Indoos, sadly in dire straits.

And of course Assam is a mirror image of my own neck of the woods: photo of the inside of a car in Assam shows what would most definitely be the usual portable moorti of a Hindoo God placed on the slightly out-of-focus dashboard.]

2. 5 days later: "121 dead, 6 million displaced"


Northeast India floods kill 121, displace 6 million

Saturday, 07 July 2012

Of coure Al-arabiya's photo is of some islamic family. Wouldn't be surprised if it's of illegal East-Pukestani "immigrants" infiltrators.

(The previous post - and a zillion others like it - explains why I *don't* care about them.)

No no, I take it back: the Indian govt is not unaware or entirely silent (regardless of what the christo media was).

A youtube video advertises: "Assam flood: PM announces 500 cr package - YouTube"

Let me guess: probably to be distributed among the 1. christian terrorist outfit "National Bodo something something" terrorising the Hindu majority Bodos

and 2. the illegal East-Pukestani infiltrators (you know, like how the illegal E-Pakis get special ration provisions in West Bengal for their votes to keep the crypto govt in power).

Could my suspicions be mistaken? After all, all the christo and arabian money that's going to be pouring in will be earmarked "for Hindu Assamese (who agree to convert)", so the christogovt in India may not feel it needs to spread the Rs 500 crore package around equally (let alone exclusively among the non-terrorists and non-illegals).
1. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17820

Quote:RBI asks Kerala temple boards about gold stocks.

05/09/2013 11:15:45 www.business-standard.com

Temple boards in Kerala have received a letter from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) seeking details of the stock of gold in their possession, a temple board official said Thursday.

Speaking to IANS, a top official of the famous Guruvayoor Devasom Board said a letter has been received from the RBI seeking details of gold stocks it holds.

"I have passed on the letter to the managing committee of the temple, as all policy decisions are taken by the committee," the temple official, asking not to be identified, said.

The majority of temples in the state comes under the five different Devasom Boards, of which the Travancore Devasom Board is the biggest, with the famous Sabarimala temple falling within its jurisdiction.

Regional Director Salim Gangadharan of the RBI, speaking to IANS, confirmed that a letter has been sent, but clarified: "The RBI has no plans to buy gold, and this exercise is nothing but part of a statistical exercise."

Read More : www.business-standard.com/article/news-ians/rbi-asks-kerala-temple-boards-about-gold-stocks-113090500771_1.html

Also important to note are the comments by some member of the ummah - desperate to peddle demonstrable falsehoods (but then, christoislam is the religion of lies, so I suppose one shouldn't hold it against the little islamaniac) - plus the responses given him by Hindu commenters like "JPS Nair" etc.


2. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17803&SKIN=B

Hands off from our Temples

01/09/2013 13:03:29 G.V. Chelvapilla

3. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17802&SKIN=B

We will oppose govt's move to take over gold from temples: BJP

01/09/2013 13:01:08 PTI

Moral, or: Why christian protectionism by the "sensitives" among Hindus was a Bad idea (but too late now):

Quote:Detect the christian hand - same as in ancient Rome

Rome, 4th century:

'The most effective way for Julian to further his cause was to do all he could to ensure that the worship of the Gods was firmly linked to the material prosperity of the Empire in the minds of his subjects. That, above all, was what Constantine had done for the Church. Behind the success of his reforms had stood the brute force of money.135 Vast sums were spent on the building of basilicas, and there were grand endowments of land to the Church. That land, moreover, was to be exempt from tax. Clerics were excused the burden of costly public offices, even personally subsidized. There were food allowances for Christian widows and nuns. To pay for it all, Constantine looked to a source of funds accumulated over centuries: the huge treasure house of precious metals lying to hand in the ancestral temples. PAGANS, IT HAS BEEN NICELY SAID, HAD FINANCED THEIR OWN DESTRUCTION. 136 Julian's most pressing task in this connection was to do the same in reverse, to restore the temples as the perceived focus of public beneficia at the expense of the Church.137

A clear step in this direction came as early as 4 February 362. An edict decreed that temples of the Gods that had been put to improper use should be rededicated, and that those which had been destroyed by the Christians should be rebuilt at the Church's expense.138'

[The above's an excerpt from the excellent book "Julian's Gods" by historian R.Smith]

Could have seen that one coming at least.

If people can't tell it's christianism and very pre-meditated.... well, then, perhaps they shouldn't fight extinction. I mean, let's face it, the deliberately-dumb don't deserve to survive.

If it were "secular", all religions - and the foreign monotheisms are more affluent - would have been equally affected. Either ALL religions or none of them would have been approached.

But that's not what's happening here. They're after Hindu temples onlee (i.e. they're once more after the majority heathen religion in the land). Which tells you that's it's christianism onlee that's behind it all.

The absolutely brilliant comment by one SeaLion observes all the stuff the angelsk-enabled and tv-brainwashed middle classes never pick up on (I don't either, but unlike them, I don't pretend to be well-read):



10/09/2013 01:54:35 See the pattern The English and Electronic

Media is filled with Low life gutter born sub humans

1. Multi brand retail is slapped on India, agitation about to emerge, suddenly media brings up Delhi rape case in graphic almost obscene detail, courtesy Italian Sonia and the gutter media, (that day itself HK brought our news of two other rapes and killing one by ML MLA and another by a [christian**] priest, but no mention of it)

2.Pawan Bansal is caught in conspiracy to defraud the nation..suddenly the evil media shifts to Srinivasan's resignation and cricket betting

3.Coalgate scam emerges the bloody traitor media low lives and sonia Mme conspire to create "synchronized riots" for Bangladeshis in India

4. Coalgate files get "stolen" from the most protected place in the world, the VVVVIP south block (everybody knows under whose foreign direction", the Muzaffarnagar riots are CREATED

5. Indian soldiers are killed by Pakistanis and Chinese capture Indian land, pressure on sonia congress the gutter born media mafiosi divert attention to mumbai rape drama

6. Rashtriya Jijaji Robert Vadra 11000 crore scam, and 17,000 CRORE railway scam emerges, the foreign controlled corrupt media of Bandarbongo and christain evil mafia illiterate and uncultured uncouth evil falsely conduct a media trial of Hindu Old Saint ASARAM BAPUJI despite their shameless faces being exposed in Swami Nithyananda case on directions of Xian Sonia and terrorists

7 IF ANYBODY NOTICED THE TOI-let bought Karnataka times just a day before the Mumbai train blasts and ran a article supporting the terrorists the next day, the shameless pimp of WCC argued that blasts were in First class compts only being travelled by Gujaratis

It is surpisng that Gujaratis allow these monkey bandarlok and chistian pimps in their state. They should have long ago stopped buying these pigbelters channels and TOIlets[/color]
** Apparent from context.

Timeline of islamic rapists' activities in Muzaffarnagar


Comment shifted here from the islamic-jihad timeline thread:

I don't know anything about Asaram Bapu, but I did notice comments (at TOI etc) on how the amount of time the christomedia has spent screeching at him and the amount of screentime devoted to dragging Hindudom down with him should be compared to the itty-bitty article one of the christomedia outlets had on the islamic cleric who abducted an 11 year old.

Not to mention the next to 0 screentime given by the christo ELM to the various christian priest scandals.

The methodology and message is rather clear:

- islamic crimes are mentioned in tiny print,

- alleged Hindu crimes are magnified and trumpeted 24/7 on christomedia with which Hindus' religion is then tarred with (except Hindu religion has no mandate to jihad/crusade the infidels, which explains why christianism and islam should be held responsible for ideological crimes, whereas heathen religions can't),

- all seculars' (or even unidentified persons') crimes are filed under Hindu

- and christian crimes are specifically not mentioned.

(The parallel is with the christgovt and christomedia inventing the "Hindu terror" fiction to do an equal-equal with the massive islamic terror going on, all while remaining dead-silent on the almost even more massive christian terror particularly in the country's NE.)

In all this, note how it is the christian media that hides (or when it can't, minimises) islamic crimes against the Hindu masses and how it is the christian govt that protects islamic criminals and lets them go scott free. All because jihad against Hindus is not viewed as a crime by christianism, as it's part of the christian plan (and part of the deal between christianism and islam in India). Islam's eager ummah provides the much-needed foot soldiers for christianism.

The same policies of the christobritish are still in effect:

- minimise islamic terror and pretend that islamics are the ones that need protection from the Hindus.

- pretend christianism is innocence itself by being silent on christianism (with which they imply "christianism brings peace", "it's you muslims and Hindus who can't get along". <- That manufactured conclusion is courtesy of the deliberate selective reporting tactic by India's christomedia.)

I have a standing bet that the minute christoism (including cryptochristians and the christoconditioned seculars) is tossed out of India, that Hindus will not take the islamic jihad lying down and that the govt - freed from christian infiltration - will come down hard on all islamaniac crimes. It is *christianism* that works to enable islamic jihad - even jihad in broad daylight - in India.

When people like Rajeev Srinivasan and Ishwar Sharan spoke of Jesuitry/Opus Dei active in India (see interview of RS with IS), did Indian readers expect to see monks walking about and striking people down with crosses?

Christianism owns the media in India. Cryptochristianism is the govt in India. *That* is christianism in action. It is cryptochristianism that is christianism's real weapon. And that's indeed a brainchild of the church.

The christian "miracles" they produce are the everyday unnatural and illogical misfortune that befalls Hindus - peculiarly only Hindus and their religion. (The other miracle is that Hindus write all this off as a "secular" misfortune. And how Hindus never remember how much of the English language media is christo-owned and operated, how much the news is christo dictated, how many openly-christian people infest and control the govt of India.)

The christist (else islamic hired hand) operating on every Hindu forum, as well as on every international forum where Hindus are being discussed (and eventually badmouthed), where the direction of dialogue/conclusions is guided by these christists. Everywhere they will bring up matters like "islamic terrorism is because Godhra", or that "Ayodhya is the reason for islamic terrorism", or that "Hinduism has created the current rape-infested situation in India" or "India is intolerant, christians are a persecuted minority, never mind we get Hindu temple money". The christist voices just playact at being ideologically neutral, and are automatically assumed to be so (why?) upon their carefully avoiding disclosing their ideologies.

But despite playing impartial observers, these are anything but secular voices. Secular people argue with facts and reason, and would never choose to leap to predictable christian anti-Hindu conclusions the way these guys always do, the way these guys always control all dialogue. Not seculars.

These are christians. You can tell they're christian by how they:

1. secularise what is actually a christoislamic epidemic crime spree as an "Indian" problem (convenient how they ignored the same problems for decades), to do an equal-equal at first

2. find a way to blame these suddenly "all-Indian" problems on Hindu religion.

Repeating the bit worth reading, as it probably got drowned by my long comment:


10/09/2013 01:54:35 See the pattern The English and Electronic

Media is filled with Low life gutter born sub humans

1. Multi brand retail is slapped on India, agitation about to emerge, suddenly media brings up Delhi rape case in graphic almost obscene detail, courtesy Italian Sonia and the gutter media, (that day itself HK brought our news of two other rapes and killing one by ML MLA and another by a [christian**] priest, but no mention of it)

2.Pawan Bansal is caught in conspiracy to defraud the nation..suddenly the evil media shifts to Srinivasan's resignation and cricket betting

3.Coalgate scam emerges the bloody traitor media low lives and sonia Mme conspire to create "synchronized riots" for Bangladeshis in India

4. Coalgate files get "stolen" from the most protected place in the world, the VVVVIP south block (everybody knows under whose foreign direction", the Muzaffarnagar riots are CREATED

5. Indian soldiers are killed by Pakistanis and Chinese capture Indian land, pressure on sonia congress the gutter born media mafiosi divert attention to mumbai rape drama

6. Rashtriya Jijaji Robert Vadra 11000 crore scam, and 17,000 CRORE railway scam emerges, the foreign controlled corrupt media of Bandarbongo and christain evil mafia illiterate and uncultured uncouth evil falsely conduct a media trial of Hindu Old Saint ASARAM BAPUJI despite their shameless faces being exposed in Swami Nithyananda case on directions of Xian Sonia and terrorists

7 IF ANYBODY NOTICED THE TOI-let bought Karnataka times just a day before the Mumbai train blasts and ran a article supporting the terrorists the next day, the shameless pimp of WCC argued that blasts were in First class compts only being travelled by Gujaratis

It is surpisng that Gujaratis allow these monkey bandarlok and chistian pimps in their state. They should have long ago stopped buying these pigbelters channels and TOIlets[/color]
** Apparent from context.
Cross-posting from the UPA's christianisation of India thread.


[color="#FF0000"]Tantriks thrive in Mumbai despite anti-superstition law[/color]

After reading the first line at the link (didn't read the rest, don't need to): Curious, how "quack" and "tantrik" are hereby becoming permanently associated in christolaws/media. Of course the christomedia will no doubt present pictures of quacks whenever speaking of the matter (but that's not whom they're after, and anyone with an iota of sense would know that).

I had earlier this month or so read news that the stOOpid-times-infinity BJP declared that "black magic should indeed be prohibited" ('but not other kinds', by implication or perhaps even vocalisation/explication on their part), but the silly nationalists don't seem to recognise that in christianism's view, all Tantra/all Hindoo heathenism IS black magic. (BJP missed the logical conclusion in that. How they managed to miss it, I don't know, when it was in print in the 4th century CE and onwards already.)

The BJP further missed that: Vedam is Tantra. And even if no one said it, what christianism sees is still this: Vedabrahmanas recite "incantations". They make ritual hand gestures when reciting. And every other kind of Hindu at least draws kollams/yantras and recites incantations over them (and does ritual hand gestures with this too). From the christian POV it is Magic. And all Magic is the devil. And ... the rest doesn't even need to be spelled out.

It is a Bad Idea to lawfully "ban" ANY "magic" during the christianisation process. (And it is an utterly terrible move to allow association of the Hindu religious term "Tantra" with the word magic and "Tantriks" with "magicians". Many a Veda brahmaNa is a Tantri.)

Note: Heathen Romans never had a problem banning "black magic" (stregaria, I think it was called) before christianism, because they knew they were banning only harmful social practices, not their heathen religious i.e. sacred practices.

But christianism always uses this as a foot in the door/an opportunity to get ignorants' easy acquiescence for banning a whole lot more.

Remember to compare with the ANTI-"PAGAN" LAWS OF SUCCESSIVE EMPERORS OF ROME. But this is how it begins, right?


Quote:It should be borne in mind that these laws were enacted at a time when Rome's Christian population was still, according to the most favourable calculation, no more than 5%.

A number of laws follow in favor of the Pagans, and while prohibiting "private divination and soothsaying," and "Malevolent Magic Prohibited, but Beneficial Magic Encouraged"; also exempting Pagan Flamens, priests and magistrates from sundry restrictions and disabilities.

Note above how in Rome only "Malevolent Magic" was prohibited. At first.

And then (the Romans didn't see it coming, because they didn't read the history books that the BJP could have):

Quote:"Edict to the People of the Provinces Concerning the Error of Polytheism." (Ib. [Eusebius, Vita Constantine, N&PNF. Bk. II] chs. xlviii-xlix.)

And then:

Quote:Laws of Constantius [II] and Constans

"Sacrifice Prohibited.": "Let superstition cease and the folly of sacrifices be abolished. Whoever has dared in the face of the law of the divine prince, our father [Constantine] ... to make sacrifices, shall have appropriate penalty, and immediate sentence dealt to him." (Cod. Theod. xvi, 10, 2; 341.) "All Temples Closed and Sacrifices Forbidden." "but if any one commit any offense of this sort, let him fall by the avenging sword," and his property forfeited; judges neglecting to "mete out penalties for these offenses, they shall be similarly punished." (Cod. Theod. xvi, 10, 4; 846.)

"Sacrificing and Idolatry Punishable by Death." "We order that all found guilty of attending sacrifices or of worshipping idols shall suffer capital punishment." (Id. xvi, 10, 6; 356.)

Laws of Gratian and Theodosius

(Quoted from Forgery in Christianity, by Joseph Wheless. Crimes of Christianity, by G W Foote and J M Wheeler.)

Rest at link.

"Oh", says Le Fou, "we're only at Constantine/Prince Raoul's stage."

Und morgen ist alles besser, nichtwahr?

But "tomorrow" comes Constantius II and Constans II. And then (no Julian for Hindus, obviously, need to be a deserving heathen population for that), well then we have Jovian, etc. (Sorry, my imperial christian chronology is non-existent after Julian, except I vaguely recollect that Jovian got the empire on FCJ' death.)

Anyway, the self-declared great "defender" (traitor) and intellectual "warrior" (midget) NS Rajarant will no doubt be thrilled at the side effect that the current laws and events are going to have in getting the Vedam banned. It's what he always wanted for Hindus. It's also what his buddy-his-pal Clooney (and the whole Vatican) wanted for Hindus.

And repeating the actual headline:


[color="#FF0000"]Tantriks thrive in Mumbai despite anti-superstition law[/color]
Several items on Baba Ramdev that the christomedia in India will not write about.

Note how the plan and implementation is christian, yet the christogovt also got their islamic footsoldiers in the UK (contacts of local islamic footsoldiers) to make some noise. (When MMS and Sonia lose sleep over Indian islamic terrorists it's because they work for their christogovt.) Of course christogovt didn't get the British equivalent of FIACONA - the "Indian" KKKristian association in AmriKKKa - to protest, since that would have been too obvious.

1. I don't generally link to FaceBleh but I found this next item after reading another one on the same topic at the rajeev2004 blog (posted below this):


(Note: https)

Quote:शंखनाद धर्म और राजनीति · 86,686 like this [a few] hours ago ·


Heathrow immigration indicate that there was an invisible notation in Baba Ramdev's passport, visible only by computer scanners, It is this which prompted a RED ALERT ALARM Apparently, such red alerts signify terror alert or a drug warlord. This what led to his eight hour detention at LONDON HEATHROW AIRPORT.

On arrival he was asked to report to the authorities the following day at 2 pm, exactly when Swami Vivekananda's 150th anniversary conference was scheduled to commence. A decision had been evidently taken to deport him on a 3.15pm Air India flight back to India.

The organizer of the event became suspicious when he did not emerged from the Immigration where according to information he was detained under suspicion of BEING A TERRORIST.

MEERA, the Labour MP for Hounslow East London summoned Hon. Keith Vas, Labour MP who is Chairman of the Home Office Select Committee. It took him eight hours to get the matter resolved. It is reported that Keith Vas spoke to many responsible individuals including the Home Office Secretary at the PMO.

Mr Vaz demanded the postponement of the immigration interview with Baba Ramdev to 4pm because he knew there was a 3.15pm Indian Airline flight on which Baba Ramdev might be expelled from the UK. Labour MPs who helped were at Brighton in UK for the Annual Conference but rushed from there to help. Subsequently Baba Ramdev was released. Baba Ram Dev was extended an invitation by the MPs to their residence for discussion on the issue. The immigration office, previously was firmly shut to Baba Ramdev's supporters, including lawyers, was immediately opened. Vaz unceremoniously demanded the instant return of Baba Ramdev's passport as well as all his seized leaflets and personal diary, which happened within 5 minutes. UK immigration also granted a 2-year multiple entry Visa to Baba Ramdev on his own initiative.


Baba Ramdev said on live TV, that, he was carrying a book which had the details of BLACK MONEY stashed in Swiss and other off-shore Bank accounts, including branches in UK, which is estimated to be in the region of $1.6 trillions. He said it is A WELL-KNOWN fact that Smt. SONIA GANDHI (ANTONIA MAINO) AND HIS SON RAHUL GANDHI ( RAUL VINCI) together has over $20 to $30 billions BLACK MONEY stashed and spread throughout the world, mostly in Swiss and Itallian A/cs allegedly with branches in London.

THE Daily Mail in London which has a long history of fighting corruption is very much interested in this matter. I wonder if they can or their investigator could carry out an thorough investigation as for the REAL reasons of Baba Ramdev's detention.



(An e-mail from Dr. R.N. Das from UK)

Let's hope, but not every UK official is like Keith Vaz. If Congressis throw money at them, I'm sure KKKAngress can get the booklet.

Hopefully he keep copies of this data in other locations besides his diary?

2. The following 3 forwarded emails at the Rajeev2004 blog seem to be presented in *reverse* chronological order since the top one is a reply to the middle one which is a reply to the last one - from what I can make out.


Quote:Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fwd: Why Baba Ramdev was held at Heathrow Airport for questioning

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Bharata Bharati

Date: Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 8:28 PM

Subject: Why Baba Ramdev was held at Heathrow Airport for questioning


Dear All,

This is to confirm that Heathrow immigration indicated that there was indeed a notation in Baba Ramdev's passport, visible to their scanners, which prompted a red alert. Apparently, such alerts signify a drug warlord or terror suspect. This is what led to his eight hour detention immediately on arrival and insistence that he report to the authorities the following day at 2 pm, exactly when the Vivekananda 150th anniversary conference was scheduled to commence. A decision had been evidently taken to deport him on a 3.15pm Air India flight back to India.

The sweet little Asian thing who first interviewed him had no idea that there was a someone called Baba Ramdev, clearly a worthy product of Britain's comprehensive education, notorious for ensuring ignorance and illiteracy!

UK immigration relented following decisive intervention from the Rt. Honourable Keith Vaz, MP, Chair of the Home Office Parliamentary Select Committee, who spoke at length to immigration officials (his wife is a senior immigration expert) and berated them roundly! He also spoke to the Home Secretary and 10 Downing Street. Keith Vaz subsequently accompanied Baba Ramdev to Terminal 5 at Heathrow, having extended an unprecedented invitation to Baba Ramdev to visit him at home to discuss the situation. Mr Vaz also demanded postponement of the immigration interview with Baba Ramdev to 4pm because he knew there was 3.15pm flight on which Baba Ramdev might be expelled from the UK.

The immigration office doors, previously firmly shut to Baba Ramdev's supporters, including lawyers, was immediately opened. Vaz unceremoniously demanded the instant return to Baba Ramdev's of his passport as well as all his seized leaflets and personal diary, which happened within 5 minutes. UK immigration also granted a 2-year multiple entry Visa to Baba Ramdev on its own initiative.

Baba Ramdev was to be met by Jesse Jaskson at the airport in the US because of concerns how US immigration would react to the alert in his passport. He left last night after a hugely successful conference at which Shri Venkiah Naidu was also present.



Dear Friends,

The information that it was suggested to Heathrow immigration that Baba Ramdev was a 'terrorist' is confirmed, but I wish to check the supposed markings in his passport to convey such a message. I have asked to see his passport, when I meet him this afternoon.

On reflection, it seemed to me unusual that anyone in Delhi immigration would actually leave behind physical evidence of such an outrage, which therefore merits verification. However, all other facts are verified, some by sources, including the British Home Office that UK Muslim groups were incited to lodge a protest about the presence of a 'Hindu extremist' in the UK.

Baba Ramdev was evidently poised for deportation, which was halted because of the personal intervention of Keith Vaz, MP because as the chair of the parliamentary Home Office Select Committee. He was at the press conference after Baba Ramdev was allowed to remain in the UK.



On 21 September 2013 22:13, ddddd wrote:

I spent the afternoon in Heathrow with Baba Ramdev. The critical reason for UK immigration seeking to deny him entry to the UK (though they relented when MP Keith Vaz, Chair of the Parliamentary Home Affairs Committee arrived to intervene) originated in Delhi. Delhi immigration had stamped Ram Dev's passport with a code that designated him a terrorist. It is the equivalent of an Interpol Red Corner notice. He was held for 8 hours and then required to attend another interview with UK immigration exactly at the time the conference was scheduled to begin the next day.

There were Muslim protests against him that were evidently instigated by the Congress party as well.

Baba Ramdev was only able to attend the Vivekananda 150th anniversary celebrations for its final ten minutes, after which the venue needed to be vacated. But he gave a really great speech to the 800 people who had waited patiently for 4 hours.


3. bharatabharati.wordpress.com/2013/09/24/baba-ramdev-at-heathrow-no-indian-citizen-with-a-valid-visa-entering-the-uk-should-be-held-in-this-way-says-keith-vaz/

4. The link above had a comment linking to:


Quote:Ramdev blames Sonia Gandhi for his detention at Heathrow Airport -CNN-IBN – Updated Sep 22, 2013 at 03:49pm IST

Yoga guru Ramdev on Sunday targeted Congress President Sonia Gandhi by holding her responsible for his detention at tye Heathrow Airport. He was allowed to go ahead with his programme in London after he was detained and questioned on Saturday.

He said, “A foreign origin woman sitting in India was behind my detention at the Heathrow Airport.” He was detained and quizzed by customs officials for over six hours on landing in Britain.

According to sources, his questioning by airport officials was related to him travelling on a visitor’s visa instead of a business one. Ramdev arrived at Heathrow Airport this evening with British Indian MP Keith Vaz to meet the chief immigration officer.

The immigration officer later gave Ramdev leave to enter the UK lawfully and carry on with his programmes. Emerging from the nearly 20-minute meeting, Ramdev claimed the Indian government may have had a hand in his detention. “I’m sad to say that our government did not support us. I’ll wait for all the details but what happened indicates that the UK authorities may have been misguided by the Indian government. I believe a red alert was attached to my name,” Ramdev had said.

Earlier, the yoga guru had told reporters he had “never done anything unethical or wrong”. He had said, “I have been travelling to the UK and the US for eight years and I have never been treated the way I have been treated this time. “Since Friday, I have been asking the UK officials to tell me what my fault is,” he had said.

Ramdev had further said he had followed all rules and visa conditions of the British government. “I would only expect that the way we respect the UK, they will show India and Indians the same respect. I’ll accept whatever they decide.” He is in Britain to chair a series of ‘yoga shivirs’ and talks organised by the Patanjali Yog Peeth (UK) Trust.

The UK Home Office refused to comment on what it described as an individual’s questioning over immigration issues. Ramdev’s spokesperson S K Tejarawala had dismissed reports that he was detained for carrying some medicines. “He was not carrying anything with him except a small bag of personal effects.

It is for the British authorities to explain why he was detained,” he had said. His detention had been criticised by the BJP which urged the Centre to intervene. BJP President Rajnath Singh termed the detention of the yoga guru as “serious” issue and asked the Centre to take cognisance of the matter.

5. The two final comments at


Quote:R.Nanjappa, on September 24, 2013 at 12:50 PM said:

Thanks for this post. We would not have known the facts otherwise – the mainstream indian English media does not report facts fully or straight. The incident shows the extent to which this govt. run by Vatican implants would go to damage Indian Hindu interests. What can you expect when there are Christian converts with Hindu names in high places just to fool the public?


IS, on September 24, 2013 at 12:30 PM said:

Well, its going to be a really dirty fight during the 2014 election campaign, if this is what the Congress government is up to already when dealing with its opponents

I hear Constantine's theme playing. It will probably be called "Bloody Victory".

Pro-Hindu Indian papers should keep referring to Raoul Gandhi as the "proposed Constantine of India" and "his mother Sonia, the Indian Helena" and link to a factual article for each. This way the Hindu readership may perhaps learn a thing or two.

The coming elections are worrying. Each election is more important than the one before, and this one looks like it may be rather crucial. But even if the Hindus won, christianism is famous for offing politicians who work for heathenism and who try to reverse the christianisation started by christian politicians before them.

Modi's very brave.

The news quotes him as saying he was going to put an end to the Congress. For all time preferrably. But there will always be a christian helena-constantine waiting for the opportunity to take over the country and turn it into the Roman empire part II, and there will always be a jihad inching the nation towards mughalstan. And this is will remain reality until the day christoislamism ceases to exist.

I was thinking again the other day about that article by Elst - the one that with absurd nigh-dissembling optimistism spoke of means to ensure Hindu survival. Of how it was a truly blinkering piece. Who knows how many would have been lulled into a false sense of security from it.

The realities Hindus face are very serious and deadly:

- jihad increasing day by day (promoted, enabled and protected by christianism, can *never* lose sight of that),

- christian persecution of Hindus and dismantling of Hindu religion is increasing daily too. The christogovt is now further going all out in targeting all *key* Hindus standing in its path to power and permanent domination of India, with a desperation that has no regard for discretion on their part anymore (i.e. they are being absurdly blantant). They've harnessed the power of the jihad like the christobrits before them did (another thing that Elst simply wrote out).

Hindus won't know *how* fast the curtains will come down. But then the Pope - John Paul II - did instruct his cannibal sheep in the country that India better get converted soon.

Meanwhile Elst's advice to Hindus painted the most deceptively rosy picture of "everything is well, just fingerpaint some more". I think his fanbase applauded. (But they would.)

There is something that is curious, though (don't know if one can go so far as to describe it as almost-hopeful):

The Baba Ramdev at Heathrow incident seems to be to prevent his data from leaking to the masses and adversely effecting the Congress' chances of winning in the coming elections. (That or they just want their money safeguarded - but none of the christogovt multi-crore scams have been refunded to the people anyway, so I don't know what they're afraid of.)

But christo-congress' very desperation to win these elections seems to imply that it is crucial for christianism to win. (Seems more than that they merely can not wait. I could be wrong. I thought christianism/islam had all the time in the world? It's Hindus who have no time and as time progresses, things look bleaker for them.)

But if these elections are so important for christism... what are they afraid of? Christianisation (or even christoislamisation) being rolled back? Permanently? Is that even possible?

Alternatively, they might just want to ensure successive christian empore... I mean governments in India to ensure speedier destruction of Hindu religion and progression of the nation into monotheism.

6. Interesting that the now years-old case concerning Baba Ramdev's aide's "false passport" is being raked up in timely manner again (24 Sept) and with planning aforetime (13 Sept). Can't even search the web on Ramdev and Passport without finding the following sorts of items instead of what went on at Heathrow. Typical Indian christo-media-blitz.


Quote:Passport case: Court to frame charges against Ramdev's close aide Balkrishna

By PTI | [color="#FF0000"]13 Sep, 2013[/color], 08.48PM IS

DEHRADUN: A special CBI court will frame charges against Yoga guru Baba Ramdev's close aide Balkrishna in the fake passport case on [color="#FF0000"]September 24.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Ah yes, the CBI.)[/color]

The court had earlier fixed the framing for today the charges against Balkrishna, who is presently out on bail.

Judge Pritu Sharma also accepted the application of Naresh Chandra Dwivedi, the co-accused in the case, requesting more time to appear before the court.

Balkrishna is accused of violating provisions of the Passport Act by submitting fake educational certificates and other documents to obtain a passport.

Dwivedi, the then principal of Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya, Khurja, in Uttar Pradesh, had allegedly helped Balkrishna to obtain the fake certificates.

Clearly christo-courts and christo-media were told in advance to be ready to flood India with something to do with Yogi Ramdev that involves a "passport".

Quote:News for Baba Ramdev passport

IBNLive Fake passport: CBI court to frame charges against Ramdev aide Balkrishna...

Zee News ‎- 1 day ago

Dehradun: A special CBI court will on Tuesday frame charges against yoga guru Baba Ramdev's close aide Balkrishna in the fake passport ...


Baba Ramdev: Latest News on Baba Ramdev at Times of Indiatimesofindia.indiatimes.com › Topics › Baba Ramdev‎Cached

SimilarA special CBI court will frame charges against Yoga guru Baba Ramdev's close aide Balkrishna in the fake passport case on September 24. The court had ...

Meanwhile the case is at least 2 yrs old as seen below, but christogovt chooses exactly this week to revive it:

Quote:Ramdev furnished wrong details about his birth place, date in passport

post.jagran.com › India News › General News‎

Jun 30, 2011 - Haridwar: After his aide Balakrishna, yoga guru Baba Ramdev is likely to face the heat for procuring passport with wrong details. It is believed ...
Thread title: "Atrocities against India by UPA Regime and the Underlying Christian Agenda"

1. This is a case in Kerala of the christocommunist Kerala govt - infested with their islamaniac brethren - favouring islamania


Kerala Model Compensation - Hindu life cost 1 lakh while a injured Muslim is worth 5 lakh Rs

08/10/2014 14:31:36 HK

And HK's twitter feed from a few days back contained:

Quote:6 Oct

HaindavaKeralam @HKupdate

As per d special interest of a IUML minister;Calicut Collector Salim sanct'nd 5 lakh 2 a Muslim lady injurd in fire;while only 1 lakh 2 dead

8 Retweets 2 favorites Expand

2. Christocommunist Kerala govt trying to bulldoze native Hindoos and destroy their way of life by selling off their lands to big businesses:


Quote:Inhabitants of Aranmula being Denied Rights to Live: Kummanam Rajashekharan

09/10/2014 11:52:49 HK

The state government's decision to sell Aranmula's roads, streams and ponds to KGS Group is equivalent to denying the inhabitants of the heritage village, the right to live, said Kummanam Rajashekharan.

“The government has shown the least of inclination in distributing the surplus land of 232 acres in Aranmula, to the landless people here. But there is great deal of enthusiasm in handing over the same to giant corporate ventures. If the government plans to hand over roads, streams and ponds, which cater to daily needs of people and which people use on a consistent basis for day to day needs, we would lose our basic rights and freedom as citizens, which will deny us freedom and rights to walk, have our shelter and have access to drinking water. The aim of the company is to sell land, all in the name of constructing airports and make spurious profits, which cater solely to their selfish interests,” said Kummanam Rajashekharan.

“There is a mammoth scam behind the government's intention in selling streams, ponds and roads. The company had illegally filled in streams and rivulets, which are government property. The High Court had issued directives to get the same removed. But the government, through sly moves, plans to thwart the HC directives. The motives behind handing over of the land to the company, instead of distributing the same to landless people definitely have ulterior motives,” stated the convenor of Aranmula Paithruka Grama Karma Samiti.

“A petition has been submitted to the central government to conduct a high level inquiry to investigate the matter, which is being indulged into by the state government, overlooking the report furnished by CAG,” added Kummanam Rajashekharan.
1. indiafacts.org/will-assam-muslim-majority-next-40-years/

One of the comments reveals that crypto-christian governance is sponsoring jihadi demographics the same way in other states:

Quote:Sledgehammer • 8 days ago

While the change in religious demography in Assam is indeed worrying, one should also take a look at the changes happening deep inside India. I live in Vijayanagar, Bangalore, about a decade ago there was no muslim population in Chandra layout (a neighboring layout) but today it is almost turning into a Muslim majority area. Question is where are these non Kannada speaking Muslims coming from? . One more thing to note is the difference between a very old Muslim settlement located about less than half a kilometer from my house and the new Muslim locality in Chandra layout, while the former is fairly well rooted in the local culture and has number of Hindus and Hindu temples amongst them, the latter looks totally foreign. We are now seeing the slow creep of Muslims into our area. Thats not the end of the story, there is a subsequent rise in muslim gangs hanging out in our areas and what earlier used to be a 5 times a day prayer call from one direction has now turned into a 5 times a day surround sound torture of their azaan. And this is happening in one of the oldest parts of Bangalore.

If this can happen in a fairly well developed area in the heart of a very old city, I only dread what Hindus in border areas are going through.

2. indiafacts.org/karnataka-government-spending-crores-rupees-churches-report/

[In the comments section, one "Singh Sardar" is using the opportunity of the monotheisms feasting on the majority heathenism to proselytise for Sikhism among Hindus. Typical.

And idiot Hindus lap it up. Also typical.

All that was needed was to claim Sikhs are Hindus and ask people to become Sikhs, i.e. convert.

Never mind it's a spin off religion and - as with all spin-off religions - 1. it just takes time for it to be established as separate and distinct (almost there for Sikhism) 2. it is missionary and opportunistic.

If the monotheisms were aiming to root out Sikhism and had disarmed it in the way they've been doing Hinduism, Sikhism would long have ceased to exist. It's not like only Sikhs know how to wield a sword. Hindus didn't shrink from that since long before Sikhism even existed, and all throughout its existence too.]

3. indiafacts.org/maneka-gandhis-wcd-ministry-becoming-anti-men/

Quote:One of the major points in the National Policy for Women is to introduce sterilization of men as a means to protect reproductive rights of women.

Then I say Maneka Gandhi and all on the National Policy for Women committee need to be neutered or euthanised (whichever they choose). In order to protect the reproductive rights of women.

If this policy was aimed at the monotheists, then the monotheists deserve it, as they're aiming for demographic jihad (see also points 1 and 2 above).

But the christist NPW is aiming at Hindus, just as points 1 and 2.

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