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Atrocities against India by UPA Regime and the Underlying Christian Agenda
[size="7"]Human Right violation against peaceful people. [/size]

Late-night crackdown at Baba venue

- Police fire tear gas, take Ramdev out of Ramlila grounds


Quote:New Delhi, June 4: Baba Ramdev was taken out of Ramlila grounds in a late-night crackdown by police who fired tear gas and dismantled the stage at his protest venue, hours after the Centre accused the yoga practitioner of reneging on a deal to call off his fast.

Around 3am, Ramdev’s whereabouts were unclear but the Delhi police commissioner said he had been taken to a safe place. Police sources said he would be taken out of Delhi. But the government clarified that he had not been arrested. Section 144 was imposed in the area.

Earlier, Ramdev’s supporters formed a human chain around him. The police fired tear gas as the crowd threw stones.

The police were reported to have withdrawn permission for Ramdev’s yoga camp.

At 7pm, minister Kapil Sibal had held a news conference and released a written undertaking given by Ramdev yesterday to end his protest. Sibal then issued a veiled warning: “If we can reach out, we can also rein (him) in.”

This is disgusting.
Police break up camp, remove Baba, disperse his supporters

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev with his supporters after clash between police and his supporters broke out......

In an anti-climax to Baba Ramdev's tirade to bring back black money stashed in foreign banks, Delhi Police late on Saturday night cancelled permission for yoga camp at Ramlila ground and issued his externment order.
Atrocity by Indian Government against peaceful protest

[url="http://in.news.yahoo.com/midnight-police-swoop-baba-ramdev-detention-ends-protest-000000434.html"]Midnight police swoop on Baba Ramdev, detention ends protest[/url]
Quote:New Delhi, Jun 5 (PTI) With talks breaking down, police swooped down on Baba Ramdev a little past midnight and detained him after firing tear gas shells and resorting to lathicharge on his supporters to end his day-old indefinite hunger strike on black money issue.

The dramatic police action came after government and the 46-year-old Yoga Guru had accused each other the previous night of betrayal on mutual assurances.

The drama that broke the midnight calm in the Ramlila Maidan a little after 1 AM unfolded when a large number of police personnel descended at the protest venue where Ramdev was demanding immediate action to bring back black money stashed in foreign tax havens.

After day break, police cleared all the remnants of Baba''s support by evicting his followers from the protest site amidst stiff resistance.

Delhi Police spokesman Rajan Bhagat said Baba Ramdev was detained as he was leaving the site.
Human Right violation against peaceful people.
Congress Party Digvijay Singh is biggest crook. He is worst than any dictator.

Crook Congress Party Digvijay Singh is call Ramdev "Tug".
According to politicsparty

Anti-India Manmohan must Resign for "First Lick feet then cut Neck" policy.

Govt arrested Ramdev instead of arresting those with Black Money Abroad.
What a tyranny to teargas sleeping people in the middle of the night. What was the provocation? Targetting Sonia's enormous loot?

Parithraanaaya saadhunaam vinaasaayacha dhushkrithaam

Dharma samsthaabhanaarthaaya sambhavaami yuge yuge
some twitt

Quote:‎gopalbalaji‎ DigVijay Singh calls Ramdev a cheat, if cheat being escorted by 4 union minister in airport, Are Govt be called cheat Mr.Dig #ramdev

Twitter - seconds ago


samaytopnews‎ Ramdev cheats everyone: Cong: Justifying police action against Ramdev, Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh...

Ramdev cheats everyone: Cong‎ - samaylive.com

Twitter - 2 minutes ago


rksrivastava72‎ RT @AnilAarush: Digvijay SIngh ko chakla chief hona chahiye cong secretary ne

RakiTweets‎ The joker of India Digvijay Singh would probably blame #Ramdev fast for the death of #IIyas Kashmiri!!!

Twitter - 3 minutes ago


rajeevmahatma‎ RT @jayancm: #Digvijay Singh, deserves a drone! will the Americans...be kind enough to help us eliminate this headache

Twitter - 3 minutes ago


ramyakannan‎ This Digvijay Singh always makes an early morning entry calling random people thugs. #bhatta-Parsaul #ramdev

Twitter - 4 minutes ago


rajeevmahatma‎ SHUT UP #Digvijay Singh #congress #india

Twitter - 5 minutes ago


anushsrivatsan‎ Never thought I'd say this.. Digvijay singh, take a bow!

Twitter - 6 minutes ago


sandeepshabd‎ Please mail used broken chappals to digvijay singh & ndtv offce. Also PM office & 10 janpth #ramlila #ramdev #india #iprotest #babaramdev

Twitter - 6 minutes ago


saurabhvc‎ RT @neerajbhushan: Digvijay Singh is the new General Dyer.

Twitter - 7 minutes ago


1abhishek_anand‎ Digvijay singh ne aaj jo bayan diya hai wo bina haath- pair ka tha.....

Twitter - 8 minutes ago


mohitraj321‎ Stupid Digvijay Singh yot will go to hell it is the voice of my heart, i pray to God for that

Twitter - 8 minutes ago


vinouth‎ Digvijay singh and rahul gandhi are the biggest pr disasters of congress led upa government

Twitter - 8 minutes ago


SanjibDE‎ Even if I consider Digvijay Singh's allegation on Ramdev. I would still support a thug who is fighting against hundreds of SUPER THUGS.

Twitter - 8 minutes ago


himanshujovi‎ Question to Digvijay Singh - If Ramdev has cheated India then what has Congress done to India for the last 60 years ???

Twitter - 9 minutes ago


mmrunal‎ Acc. 2 digvijay singh, ' #ramdev is a cheat..' well He might be... Bt isn't our govt. cheating on us by not bringing that #blackmoney back ?

Twitter - 9 minutes ago


_Aarushi_‎ Digvijay Singh needs to improve his security nw...lest "smthing" happens to him!

Twitter - 10 minutes ago


Krishna_Vemuri‎ RT @keeratgrewal: Digvijay Singh ki dialogue delivery to wah bhai wah! #GovtOfIndiaAttacksRamdev

Twitter - 10 minutes ago


mohitraj321‎ Digvijay Singh if you will come in my town i will tightly slap you

Twitter - 10 minutes ago

India's Tahir square
[quote name='Mudy' date='05 June 2011 - 09:44 AM' timestamp='1307246762' post='111807']

some twitt


The below tweet explains how deep the brainwashing of fellow Indians have happened. I was witnessing it live even as the events were unfolding in the night. Sandeep puts it so well.

Quote:And a section of the middle class takes a sick kind of glee tweeting the harassment of Ramdev. This class is the result of CON 50 yrs rule.

It was really horrendous to see the events which unfolded after 1.00 am and even more shocking were these tweets!! FIE!!
[url="http://sarvesamachar.com/click_frameset.php?ref_url=%2Findex.php%3F&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.expressindia.com%2Flatest-news%2FRamdev-reaches-Dehradun-on-way-to-Haridwar%2F799590%2F"]Ramdev reaches Dehradun, on way to Haridwar[/url]
Quote:Dehradun/New Delhi Yoga guru Baba Ramdev was flown to Dehradun on Sunday from Delhi by a special plane after police swooped down on his hunger strike at the Ramlila Maidan in a mid-night operation.

Ramdev, who was initially taken to an undisclosed destination from the protest site, was put into an aircraft by Delhi Police from the Palam Airport this morning, officials said.

On his arrival at the Jolly Grant Airport near Dehra Dun, Ramdev, who was alone, was received by Uttarakhand government officials, they said. "He was alone when he landed. He was received by officials at the airport. He will now proceed to Haridwar where he has an ashram," Dehra Dun Senior Superintendent of Police G S Martolia said.

While leaving the airport for his ashram, he refused to speak to mediapersons, saying that he will hold a press conference later.
[Image: ramdev-supporter-injured_045608.jpg]
6:15 pm: Bollywood slams crackdown on Baba Ramdev

The film industry might have a split opinion on Baba Ramdev''s cause but many Bollywood names have criticised the police swoop-in on the yoga guru''s hunger strike, saying that everyone has the right to protest.

Actress Raveena Tandon posted on Twitter, "This country gives everyone the Right to protest! remember? If murderers, terrorists are invited 2 join politics, why not a island owning baba?? (sic)"

"It is shocking to see how police and authorities have behaved with the crowds at Ramlila Maidan. It is unfair and undemocratic. SHAME," Anupam Kher wrote on the microblogging site.

6:00 pm: BJP blames PM, Sonia for police crackdown on Ramdev supporters

Dubbing the police action on "peaceful and unarmed" people at Baba Ramdev''s hunger strike as a "shameful" chapter in India''s democracy, BJP today accused Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi of ordering the crackdown.

The party announced it would hold protests across the country against corruption and "police brutality" against Ramdev and his followers.

"The incident that took place yesterday at midnight at the Ramlila ground is one that has blemished democracy. Those people were protesting against corruption and black money through democratic means. But Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi ordered the atrocities on these people," BJP President Nitin Gadkari said in Lucknow. Read more

Very tragic.

PM of India Moron Singh should resign and deport Sonia Gandhi
3: 10 pm: Naveen Patnaik, Nitish Kumar slam UPA govt

The Chief Ministers of Orissa and Bihar have come out strongly against the government action against Baba Ramdev. Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said the action taken at the peaceful meeting was "shocking, draconian and undemocratic". Read more

Meanwhile, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar slammed UPA government for its use of ''brute force'' to evict Ramdev and his supporters describing it as a ''major blow to democracy''. "The Centre owes an explanation on the issue," he told reporters. More here
2: 55 pm: Mayawati condemns police action on Ramdev, wants SC probe

Condemning police action against Baba Ramdev and his supporters "in strongest terms", Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and BSP supremo Mayawati today requested the Supreme Court to order a probe as "justice cannot be expected from the Centre" in the issue.

Mayawati termed the crackdown at the Ram Lila Maidan as "inhuman", "undemocratic" and "condemnable". More here
2: 00 pm: Patkar decries Ramdev's forceful removal

Activist Medha Patkar, who had initially termed Baba Ramdev''s agitation against corruption as an "expensive" one, today decried the forceful removal of his supporters from their protest site as "undemocratic".

A statement by Patkar, who is part of civil society group National Alliance of People''s Movements (NAPM), said that the group condemned the "sudden and unwarranted" attack on peaceful protesters at Ramlila Maidan. More here

1: 40 pm: Sonia Gandhi responsible: Ramdev

Ramdev: If anything happens to me, Sonia Gandhi should be held responsible.

1: 30 pm: Police bans Ramdev from entering Delhi for 15 days

The Delhi police has banned Baba from entering Delhi for the next 15 days and justified its action saying the organisers did not restrict themselves to a yoga camp as orginally permitted but resorted to a political agitation and made provocative speeches. More here

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