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Atrocities against India by UPA Regime and the Underlying Christian Agenda
Ramdev was and is a severe eyesore for the criminal Italian and her domestic servants. He has a tremendous physical and TV following all over India. Frankly, I believe that in a fair election against him and RG, RG would lose his deposit. This is anathema to the Italian who first tried to inject Christianity into officialdom by having a 2 INR coin minted with a cross on it. Afterwards, the Kanchi Shankaracharya was falsely charged, arrested, and humiliated. There should have been a backlash from the Hindus, but the bovine bast***s just shut up. This was where she should have and could have been stopped. The Italian cannot stand this "fakir" commanding such a mammoth following and gaining reputation for performing "pagan tricks".

OTOH, skeletons in the cupboards of the poster children of the UPA are beginning to pour out. For example, Suzanne Roy was caught stealing land belonging to a wildlife sanctuary:


The family Bhatt are upto their neck in trafficking and cavorting with and assisting terrorists, and possibly abetting terrorism. Add to that every time RG opens his mouth, he shoves a mountain of dung into it!

The Italian has carefully hand-picked a number of overt and covert X-ians to form her inner circle. Her original PS got caught having a joint account with the ISI in NYC, so he was eased out. Ramdev drives the Italian into a frenzy, and what do people who aren't too terribly smart do when they are in this state? - they do crazy things like brutalizing innocent people like what happened on 6-6-2011.

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