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Atrocities against India by UPA Regime and the Underlying Christian Agenda
Quote:I'm still to figure out the true essence of Hazare's "civil society", and the presence of some of its constituents. Medha Patkar is a person with a narcissist agenda, and Mallika Sarabhai is a big mouth with an opinion on everything but has a solution for nothing. In fact the same holds true for Medha Patkar. BTW, both are known to be the Italian's worshippers. All we need is the addition of Suzanne Roy, and the carnival of charlatans is almost complete.

A while back Sarveshji had posted the following about this bunch of stage managed clowns:

Quote:Hazare Movement: Contained Detonation to avoid an eruptive explosion!!!

by Sarvesh Tiwari

Remember that Ramdev was doing his Bharat Swabhiman Andolan for the same issue of corruption for last few months, and has travelled deep interiors and received massive popular support - to which I am an eyewitness. Even in far away north east he has managed to strike a chord. Lakhs have turned up at his thousands of rallies across India, no doubt. Response? no media coverage, none have even heard of Bharat Swabhiman, to tweet and FB andolan. In fact government quickly banned only 10 days before the broadcast rights of Astha channel which used to broadcast Ramdev rallies live. Any media protest in name of democratic freedom of expression? none. Then the same media lapped up this 5-day fast instantly? And government in "tatters" to capitulate before this "civil soceity"?

First of all, people seem to not take notice of how meticulously planned the whol ething is, well oiled, well funded, well supported by media, and even by government! Timing: Is it just coincidence that the fast thing started only after the final of cricket world cup was over, and finished just when IPL started -- so that media can play up to its potential to whip up this story? -- and social media bandwidth will be available without clash from more popular cricket ? --look at the "spontanuous" sproting of movement across cities from coimbatore to chandigarh. How come these spontanuous movements and machers have a uniform material, placards, slogans "mai anna hazare hum". Have the little school children of nursery and LKG marched streets on their own with posters and placards? Its all a big plan with well supported well-heeled well-funded backers.

So I am naturaly suspicious. What is the motive? If it is this Jan Lok Pal bill, then does really solve the issues? Of course it does not, rather it is funny and will not hold any water of scutiny and debate. The big motive is something else.

We have seen a series of huge corruption cases directly at the doorsteps of Sonia, UPA, Congress. The amount of public outage it might have generated elsewhere has not taken place in India. Elsewhere it could have given rise to such public outcry that government must have been forced to resign. Has not happened. NDA is to blame to large extent for failing to mount a sustainable opposition, but well, we know these fools already. Then the result naturally is a simmering public anger beneath the surface which is only building up and up. Sonia and her advisers would not be oblivious to this. And in face of how suddent eruptions of public movements against nepotism and corruption have emerged in several countries from Egypt, Bahrain, and so on, they planned such a beatutiful faux-coup. A controlled movement is better than a not-controlled movement. See, how the public anger has been nicely vented into useless gutter of JanLokPal bll. Is that the issue? Why are we not talking about fast tracking and prosecuting Sheila Dikshit and Kalmadi? Why is Hazare not saying anything about bringing back the black money abroad? Why are they not talking about Hasan Ali? Why are they not talking about H R Bhardwaj, law minister, opening up the sealed London acount of Quatrochi? Why not ask about Sonia misusing Air Force jets to ferry her on government expense for her political programs? Why did Congess appoint a tainted lady to be the President of India denying a second term to Kalam? Why a tainted supreme court Nyayamurti? Why a tainted Chief Election Commissioner? Why is CBI failing and fumbling on each case? There are so many things. But Hazare and cohorts do not get into such things. They coolly managed to divert the legitimate anger towards an abstract and faceless "neta" and "politcs"; and what should hurt the Congress/UPA alone, now is directed against all politicians uniformly! wonderful!

This of course on one hand captured the support of gullible morons who are twitter-happy to get into anything that sounds like morally appeasing, and on the other hand contained what could have been a surprise anger eruption! Wonderful! A "contrlled detonation" than an explosion!

On the other hand it hoisted the fakes like Agnivesh (supporter of Zakir Nayak; himself a politician and an elected MLA once; he who filed a case in Supreme Court to ban parts of Satyarth Prakash which criticise Islam and Christianism, and calls himself an Arya Samaji), Prashant and Shanti Bhushans -- known for sympathesizing with Maoists and Terrorsist: Just imagine these are the same guys who have defended Deve Gowda on graft charges, Afzal Guru's cousin in Parliament attack case, and maoists: he gets to sit on the Lokpal bill committee. Why should Subamanyan Swamy, who is the one person who can legitimately claim to be the one voice against corruption who is doing somethig solid and tangible through legimitate means - be it Sethusamudram or 2G scam or EVM issue - why is he kept out? Is it not he alone whose court cases have forced Manmohan Singh hand to ask Raja to resign? But he is kept out. Ramdev is kept out - his movement is as I mentioned black walled by media, and one channel that used to broadcaste his speeches, silened by the Govt order.

What a beautiful plan, and it has worked so far!

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