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Atrocities against India by UPA Regime and the Underlying Christian Agenda
[quote name='Capt M Kumar' date='17 June 2011 - 10:28 AM' timestamp='1308334839' post='111973']

"The action taken by the Centre earlier this month on Baba Ramdev's agitation at Ramlila Ground reminded us the days of emergency, which was imposed in the country on June 25, 1975," Advani told reporters at the airport while terming the police crackdown totally wrong. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india...892058.cms

Advani was here to open the Madhya Pradesh Natya Vidyalaya at Rangshri Little Baille Troupe Compound on the Shyamla Hills road.

On the issue of corruption, including the 2G spectrum scam, he said that his party would take a tough stand on these issues in the coming Parliament session and will demand a detailed discussion on it.

He alleged that the government was not doing much against corruption and even in the case of 2G scam, it was the Supreme Court, which took a tough stand and not the Centre.

He demanded a clarification from the government on the Lokpal bill issue and said that the government should come out with a bill as early as possible, so that, a detailed discussion can take place on it.


Advani is nothing but bs. If the useless BJP even want to remotely start thinking of changing, Advani should be the first to be expelled followed by Rajnath Singh. The NDA had two golden opportunities to solve this Italian problem permanently. When she led demonstrations causing law and order problems and severely disrupting the city of New Delhi during two seperate national emergencies in India - Kargil war and after the tests when India was under sanctions (and even external threat), she should have been locked up under the National Security Act (or whatever), and the key thrown away (or some equivalent measure).

Both Vajpayee and Advani were scared of the Italian for whatever reasons. Is it the white coolie complex inherent in Indians, or does she have some blackmailing cards against them, I really cannot say! Against everybody's advise, Vajpayee appointed Brajesh Mishra (a closet Italian worshipper) as NSA. One can say with more than a measure of credibility that the Italian is the creation of Vajpayee and the BJP/NDA. She could have been done away with on other numerous times and for numerous offenses (her "activities regarding priceless Indian antiques, etc....). It was this same Brajesh Mishra who got Rahul Gandhi off the hook in Boston Logan International airport.

Also, when Maneka Gandhi as a cabinet minister wanted to have the Italian thrown out of 10 Janpath (which is Govt. property) because she had no legitimate reasons to stay in the PM's officla residence (as designated by Rajeev Gandhi, since the previous residence was converted into a "shrine" for Indira Gandhi), Maneka Gandhi was removed from the cabinet. These instances alone should tell one what the BJP/NDA are all about!

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