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Atrocities against India by UPA Regime and the Underlying Christian Agenda

Communal Violence Bill based on hate philosophy – Hilda Raja

Posted on October 10, 2011 by IS

Hilda only fingerpoints islam as the aggressors.* And goes as far as suspecting the very Very special committee - created to foist the bill on the natives - of anti-Hinduness, but will not let on being able to guess that christianism (local and international) is behind the bill. One must imagine it is all a "secular" (yet very directed!) "anti-Hinduness".

* And of course, Hilda - with calculation - makes no mention of the massive christian terrorism in India. It has genocided and ethnically cleansed a great many the native Hindus from the country's Northeast. But no mention.

By her very silence on the issue of christian terrorism, coupled with her condemnation of the anti-Hindu bill voiced from the position as a christian "minority" herself, she aims to buy immunity from Hindu scrutiny if not favour for christianism - as her selective criticism continues to make christianism invisible to the Hindu radar.

Christianism is behind the pro-islamic (and - unmentioned in the piece - also pro-christian) bill. Christianism is the only one that has the brains to know how to destroy Hindus asap in the surest manner (not islam) - it's a big country after all, with more heathens than even the Roman empire had - and christianism has the audacity to do it.

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