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Atrocities against India by UPA Regime and the Underlying Christian Agenda
These islamaniacs were invited by crypto-christian congress govt (KKK) specifically to genocide the remaining inconvertible native Hindoos of Assam. Since they wouldn't convert to christianism, the christo govt is unleashing islam's jihad on them.


Quote:Mass Migration, 30 Killed - Communal riots between Illegal Jihadi Immigrants and Tribals

24/07/2012 12:38:53

Assam: Mass migration has been reported from Assam, following Communal riots between native Bodo tribals and Illegal immigrant Muslims from Bangladesh. As latest reports comes in Thousands have fled their home and atleast 30 people have been reportedly killed and many injured in the ongoing riots in Assam border. Thousands are wounded and many villages have been set to flames. In recent years, Hindu and Christian tribes have begun to give vent to strong anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment against Bangladeshi settlers.

[color="#800080"](Christians convert-or-killed Hindu Bodos similarly. What's the difference? Hindus should just point the islamists to the christian terrorists. Let them just cannibalise each other. Hindus can then deal with the victor.)[/color]

As Police could not contain the violence, Army and Para Millitary forces have been called in.Curfew has been imposed in the area and shoot at sight orders have been issued. The violence was sparked on Friday night when [color="#FF0000"]Jihadis killed four Bodo youths.[/color] The violence which started in Kokrajhar and Chirang districts of Assam has spread to Bongaigaon district.

On Monday afternoon, hundreds of Jihadis carrying spears squatted on the railway line linking Guwahati to New Delhi. They had stopped and attacked Rajadhani express, demanding the release of Jihadis detained in connection with the killings of the four youths.

Assam's chief minister Tarun Gogoi itself told that about 30,000 villagers have fled their homes and taken shelter in relief camps, but local officials said the numbers were at least twice that.BJP today decided to send a fact-finding team to the state to ascertain the reasons that led to the clashes.

Deport the illegal Bangladeshis to Pakistan. The Pakistani islamists will finish the job they started in the East/West Pakistan war: didn't the islamaniacs of western TSP start to so relish their butchery in Bangladesh that they went beyond massacring Hindu and Buddhist victims to brutalising even their own islamaniac brothers: the western islamaniacs gave as reason that they were superior oryans for being Punjabis and that the Bangladeshis were inferior (not sure what for - for being "more miscegenated"??? "More brown"??? But there's no need to understand racist islamaniac unlogic, though. And the two identical cannibals deserve each other, though clearly the islamics of the west will emerge victorious over those of the east. Just as the islamics of the east will emerge victorious over the christian terrorist outfit terrorising the Bodos. But the Hindu Bodos and Ahom must emerge victorious over all.)

Anyway an important-looking comment:

Quote: mgd

24/07/2012 19:28:49 Congress responsible for infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslimsi

Infiltration of Bangladeshis into Assam was encouraged first by Muslim League in order to make Assam a Muslim majority state and to attach it to Pakistan. Subsequently, congress Chief Ministers like Moinul Haque Choudhary and Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed encouraged it in order to build up congress vote-banks and also to make Assam a Muslim majority state.

After the Assam agitation, Indira Gandhi passed the Illegal Migrants Act, 1983,(exact name longer) under which the burden of proof was placed on the complainant. The motive behind this act was to place a veil on the illegal migration activity. This act applied only to Assam while remaining India was covered under Foreigners act. A few years ago, the supreme court struck down this Act and then the Congress Govt. at the centre amended the rules made under the Foreigners Act and again tried to legitimize the illegal migration. These rules have also been struck down by the supreme court.

I appeal to the knowledgeable HK readers to prepare a detailed note on the subject of illegal migration into Assam as most Indians are ignorant about these behind the curtain developments.

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