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Atrocities against India by UPA Regime and the Underlying Christian Agenda
^ The above is consciously enabled by the christian govt (christoislamism may have a deal that the NE is for christianism, but Assam IIRC is earmarked for islam.)

Another thing the christian powers that be (in India) seem to be in agreement on is the relative/significant silence* in the "Indian" press on something that I've seen reported several times by international news agencies (western as well as several middle-eastern islamic sources). In the last month or so there was massive flooding in Assam and thereabouts. The news reported between 70 to over a 100 Assamese dead and variously reported that 2 to 6 million Assamese have been displaced by the catastrophe.

* Maybe the christonews in India has been eloquent in reporting this and I just missed it? (Quite possible, as I'm not all that keen on news.)

Alternatively, the fact that I've seen this reported in foreign media seems to imply publicisation of the event has been given the greenlight as a funds-collection occasion: to collect funds for christian-conversion "relief" purposes.

At the time I'd not seen anything at sewa-international/uk about the flood.

But there is a youtube video out, and the title of it seems tell-tale about who's going to be milking the occasion for christianisation for all its worth:

"Biblical Flooding of Epic proportions Kills 121 in India/Forces 6 <million>..."

Anyway, here's the news:

1. "77 dead, 2 million displaced"


India: Assam floods cause millions to flee homes (PHOTOS)

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

[Note: includes photos of typically cuddly Indoos, sadly in dire straits.

And of course Assam is a mirror image of my own neck of the woods: photo of the inside of a car in Assam shows what would most definitely be the usual portable moorti of a Hindoo God placed on the slightly out-of-focus dashboard.]

2. 5 days later: "121 dead, 6 million displaced"


Northeast India floods kill 121, displace 6 million

Saturday, 07 July 2012

Of coure Al-arabiya's photo is of some islamic family. Wouldn't be surprised if it's of illegal East-Pukestani "immigrants" infiltrators.

(The previous post - and a zillion others like it - explains why I *don't* care about them.)

No no, I take it back: the Indian govt is not unaware or entirely silent (regardless of what the christo media was).

A youtube video advertises: "Assam flood: PM announces 500 cr package - YouTube"

Let me guess: probably to be distributed among the 1. christian terrorist outfit "National Bodo something something" terrorising the Hindu majority Bodos

and 2. the illegal East-Pukestani infiltrators (you know, like how the illegal E-Pakis get special ration provisions in West Bengal for their votes to keep the crypto govt in power).

Could my suspicions be mistaken? After all, all the christo and arabian money that's going to be pouring in will be earmarked "for Hindu Assamese (who agree to convert)", so the christogovt in India may not feel it needs to spread the Rs 500 crore package around equally (let alone exclusively among the non-terrorists and non-illegals).

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