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Atrocities against India by UPA Regime and the Underlying Christian Agenda
1. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17820

Quote:RBI asks Kerala temple boards about gold stocks.

05/09/2013 11:15:45 www.business-standard.com

Temple boards in Kerala have received a letter from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) seeking details of the stock of gold in their possession, a temple board official said Thursday.

Speaking to IANS, a top official of the famous Guruvayoor Devasom Board said a letter has been received from the RBI seeking details of gold stocks it holds.

"I have passed on the letter to the managing committee of the temple, as all policy decisions are taken by the committee," the temple official, asking not to be identified, said.

The majority of temples in the state comes under the five different Devasom Boards, of which the Travancore Devasom Board is the biggest, with the famous Sabarimala temple falling within its jurisdiction.

Regional Director Salim Gangadharan of the RBI, speaking to IANS, confirmed that a letter has been sent, but clarified: "The RBI has no plans to buy gold, and this exercise is nothing but part of a statistical exercise."

Read More : www.business-standard.com/article/news-ians/rbi-asks-kerala-temple-boards-about-gold-stocks-113090500771_1.html

Also important to note are the comments by some member of the ummah - desperate to peddle demonstrable falsehoods (but then, christoislam is the religion of lies, so I suppose one shouldn't hold it against the little islamaniac) - plus the responses given him by Hindu commenters like "JPS Nair" etc.


2. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17803&SKIN=B

Hands off from our Temples

01/09/2013 13:03:29 G.V. Chelvapilla

3. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17802&SKIN=B

We will oppose govt's move to take over gold from temples: BJP

01/09/2013 13:01:08 PTI

Moral, or: Why christian protectionism by the "sensitives" among Hindus was a Bad idea (but too late now):

Quote:Detect the christian hand - same as in ancient Rome

Rome, 4th century:

'The most effective way for Julian to further his cause was to do all he could to ensure that the worship of the Gods was firmly linked to the material prosperity of the Empire in the minds of his subjects. That, above all, was what Constantine had done for the Church. Behind the success of his reforms had stood the brute force of money.135 Vast sums were spent on the building of basilicas, and there were grand endowments of land to the Church. That land, moreover, was to be exempt from tax. Clerics were excused the burden of costly public offices, even personally subsidized. There were food allowances for Christian widows and nuns. To pay for it all, Constantine looked to a source of funds accumulated over centuries: the huge treasure house of precious metals lying to hand in the ancestral temples. PAGANS, IT HAS BEEN NICELY SAID, HAD FINANCED THEIR OWN DESTRUCTION. 136 Julian's most pressing task in this connection was to do the same in reverse, to restore the temples as the perceived focus of public beneficia at the expense of the Church.137

A clear step in this direction came as early as 4 February 362. An edict decreed that temples of the Gods that had been put to improper use should be rededicated, and that those which had been destroyed by the Christians should be rebuilt at the Church's expense.138'

[The above's an excerpt from the excellent book "Julian's Gods" by historian R.Smith]

Could have seen that one coming at least.

If people can't tell it's christianism and very pre-meditated.... well, then, perhaps they shouldn't fight extinction. I mean, let's face it, the deliberately-dumb don't deserve to survive.

If it were "secular", all religions - and the foreign monotheisms are more affluent - would have been equally affected. Either ALL religions or none of them would have been approached.

But that's not what's happening here. They're after Hindu temples onlee (i.e. they're once more after the majority heathen religion in the land). Which tells you that's it's christianism onlee that's behind it all.

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