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Atrocities against India by UPA Regime and the Underlying Christian Agenda
Cross-posting from the UPA's christianisation of India thread.


[color="#FF0000"]Tantriks thrive in Mumbai despite anti-superstition law[/color]

After reading the first line at the link (didn't read the rest, don't need to): Curious, how "quack" and "tantrik" are hereby becoming permanently associated in christolaws/media. Of course the christomedia will no doubt present pictures of quacks whenever speaking of the matter (but that's not whom they're after, and anyone with an iota of sense would know that).

I had earlier this month or so read news that the stOOpid-times-infinity BJP declared that "black magic should indeed be prohibited" ('but not other kinds', by implication or perhaps even vocalisation/explication on their part), but the silly nationalists don't seem to recognise that in christianism's view, all Tantra/all Hindoo heathenism IS black magic. (BJP missed the logical conclusion in that. How they managed to miss it, I don't know, when it was in print in the 4th century CE and onwards already.)

The BJP further missed that: Vedam is Tantra. And even if no one said it, what christianism sees is still this: Vedabrahmanas recite "incantations". They make ritual hand gestures when reciting. And every other kind of Hindu at least draws kollams/yantras and recites incantations over them (and does ritual hand gestures with this too). From the christian POV it is Magic. And all Magic is the devil. And ... the rest doesn't even need to be spelled out.

It is a Bad Idea to lawfully "ban" ANY "magic" during the christianisation process. (And it is an utterly terrible move to allow association of the Hindu religious term "Tantra" with the word magic and "Tantriks" with "magicians". Many a Veda brahmaNa is a Tantri.)

Note: Heathen Romans never had a problem banning "black magic" (stregaria, I think it was called) before christianism, because they knew they were banning only harmful social practices, not their heathen religious i.e. sacred practices.

But christianism always uses this as a foot in the door/an opportunity to get ignorants' easy acquiescence for banning a whole lot more.

Remember to compare with the ANTI-"PAGAN" LAWS OF SUCCESSIVE EMPERORS OF ROME. But this is how it begins, right?


Quote:It should be borne in mind that these laws were enacted at a time when Rome's Christian population was still, according to the most favourable calculation, no more than 5%.

A number of laws follow in favor of the Pagans, and while prohibiting "private divination and soothsaying," and "Malevolent Magic Prohibited, but Beneficial Magic Encouraged"; also exempting Pagan Flamens, priests and magistrates from sundry restrictions and disabilities.

Note above how in Rome only "Malevolent Magic" was prohibited. At first.

And then (the Romans didn't see it coming, because they didn't read the history books that the BJP could have):

Quote:"Edict to the People of the Provinces Concerning the Error of Polytheism." (Ib. [Eusebius, Vita Constantine, N&PNF. Bk. II] chs. xlviii-xlix.)

And then:

Quote:Laws of Constantius [II] and Constans

"Sacrifice Prohibited.": "Let superstition cease and the folly of sacrifices be abolished. Whoever has dared in the face of the law of the divine prince, our father [Constantine] ... to make sacrifices, shall have appropriate penalty, and immediate sentence dealt to him." (Cod. Theod. xvi, 10, 2; 341.) "All Temples Closed and Sacrifices Forbidden." "but if any one commit any offense of this sort, let him fall by the avenging sword," and his property forfeited; judges neglecting to "mete out penalties for these offenses, they shall be similarly punished." (Cod. Theod. xvi, 10, 4; 846.)

"Sacrificing and Idolatry Punishable by Death." "We order that all found guilty of attending sacrifices or of worshipping idols shall suffer capital punishment." (Id. xvi, 10, 6; 356.)

Laws of Gratian and Theodosius

(Quoted from Forgery in Christianity, by Joseph Wheless. Crimes of Christianity, by G W Foote and J M Wheeler.)

Rest at link.

"Oh", says Le Fou, "we're only at Constantine/Prince Raoul's stage."

Und morgen ist alles besser, nichtwahr?

But "tomorrow" comes Constantius II and Constans II. And then (no Julian for Hindus, obviously, need to be a deserving heathen population for that), well then we have Jovian, etc. (Sorry, my imperial christian chronology is non-existent after Julian, except I vaguely recollect that Jovian got the empire on FCJ' death.)

Anyway, the self-declared great "defender" (traitor) and intellectual "warrior" (midget) NS Rajarant will no doubt be thrilled at the side effect that the current laws and events are going to have in getting the Vedam banned. It's what he always wanted for Hindus. It's also what his buddy-his-pal Clooney (and the whole Vatican) wanted for Hindus.

And repeating the actual headline:


[color="#FF0000"]Tantriks thrive in Mumbai despite anti-superstition law[/color]

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