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Atrocities against India by UPA Regime and the Underlying Christian Agenda
Thread title: "Atrocities against India by UPA Regime and the Underlying Christian Agenda"

1. This is a case in Kerala of the christocommunist Kerala govt - infested with their islamaniac brethren - favouring islamania


Kerala Model Compensation - Hindu life cost 1 lakh while a injured Muslim is worth 5 lakh Rs

08/10/2014 14:31:36 HK

And HK's twitter feed from a few days back contained:

Quote:6 Oct

HaindavaKeralam @HKupdate

As per d special interest of a IUML minister;Calicut Collector Salim sanct'nd 5 lakh 2 a Muslim lady injurd in fire;while only 1 lakh 2 dead

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2. Christocommunist Kerala govt trying to bulldoze native Hindoos and destroy their way of life by selling off their lands to big businesses:


Quote:Inhabitants of Aranmula being Denied Rights to Live: Kummanam Rajashekharan

09/10/2014 11:52:49 HK

The state government's decision to sell Aranmula's roads, streams and ponds to KGS Group is equivalent to denying the inhabitants of the heritage village, the right to live, said Kummanam Rajashekharan.

“The government has shown the least of inclination in distributing the surplus land of 232 acres in Aranmula, to the landless people here. But there is great deal of enthusiasm in handing over the same to giant corporate ventures. If the government plans to hand over roads, streams and ponds, which cater to daily needs of people and which people use on a consistent basis for day to day needs, we would lose our basic rights and freedom as citizens, which will deny us freedom and rights to walk, have our shelter and have access to drinking water. The aim of the company is to sell land, all in the name of constructing airports and make spurious profits, which cater solely to their selfish interests,” said Kummanam Rajashekharan.

“There is a mammoth scam behind the government's intention in selling streams, ponds and roads. The company had illegally filled in streams and rivulets, which are government property. The High Court had issued directives to get the same removed. But the government, through sly moves, plans to thwart the HC directives. The motives behind handing over of the land to the company, instead of distributing the same to landless people definitely have ulterior motives,” stated the convenor of Aranmula Paithruka Grama Karma Samiti.

“A petition has been submitted to the central government to conduct a high level inquiry to investigate the matter, which is being indulged into by the state government, overlooking the report furnished by CAG,” added Kummanam Rajashekharan.

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