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Atrocities against India by UPA Regime and the Underlying Christian Agenda
1. indiafacts.org/will-assam-muslim-majority-next-40-years/

One of the comments reveals that crypto-christian governance is sponsoring jihadi demographics the same way in other states:

Quote:Sledgehammer • 8 days ago

While the change in religious demography in Assam is indeed worrying, one should also take a look at the changes happening deep inside India. I live in Vijayanagar, Bangalore, about a decade ago there was no muslim population in Chandra layout (a neighboring layout) but today it is almost turning into a Muslim majority area. Question is where are these non Kannada speaking Muslims coming from? . One more thing to note is the difference between a very old Muslim settlement located about less than half a kilometer from my house and the new Muslim locality in Chandra layout, while the former is fairly well rooted in the local culture and has number of Hindus and Hindu temples amongst them, the latter looks totally foreign. We are now seeing the slow creep of Muslims into our area. Thats not the end of the story, there is a subsequent rise in muslim gangs hanging out in our areas and what earlier used to be a 5 times a day prayer call from one direction has now turned into a 5 times a day surround sound torture of their azaan. And this is happening in one of the oldest parts of Bangalore.

If this can happen in a fairly well developed area in the heart of a very old city, I only dread what Hindus in border areas are going through.

2. indiafacts.org/karnataka-government-spending-crores-rupees-churches-report/

[In the comments section, one "Singh Sardar" is using the opportunity of the monotheisms feasting on the majority heathenism to proselytise for Sikhism among Hindus. Typical.

And idiot Hindus lap it up. Also typical.

All that was needed was to claim Sikhs are Hindus and ask people to become Sikhs, i.e. convert.

Never mind it's a spin off religion and - as with all spin-off religions - 1. it just takes time for it to be established as separate and distinct (almost there for Sikhism) 2. it is missionary and opportunistic.

If the monotheisms were aiming to root out Sikhism and had disarmed it in the way they've been doing Hinduism, Sikhism would long have ceased to exist. It's not like only Sikhs know how to wield a sword. Hindus didn't shrink from that since long before Sikhism even existed, and all throughout its existence too.]

3. indiafacts.org/maneka-gandhis-wcd-ministry-becoming-anti-men/

Quote:One of the major points in the National Policy for Women is to introduce sterilization of men as a means to protect reproductive rights of women.

Then I say Maneka Gandhi and all on the National Policy for Women committee need to be neutered or euthanised (whichever they choose). In order to protect the reproductive rights of women.

If this policy was aimed at the monotheists, then the monotheists deserve it, as they're aiming for demographic jihad (see also points 1 and 2 above).

But the christist NPW is aiming at Hindus, just as points 1 and 2.

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