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Pakistan : Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 7

[url="http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=2013/05/11/story_11-5-2013_pg3_7"][center][color="#006400"][size="5"]Letter to the Editor – Daily Times : 11-05-2013 - No. 4 & 5[/size][/color][/center][/url]

Letter No. 4 : The way of the hawk

Sir: What is the real reason behind the Muslim mind and its mentality? [color="#FF0000"]Why can we not behave as normal human beings do?[/color] Where are we going wrong or where did we go wrong, as one wrong turn at a crucial moment in history has led us to our present position, which obviously is as if we were peeping into a volcano. Whenever I talk about ‘Muslims’, I mean the Muslims of Pakistan as they are Muslims of a different kind, nowhere to be found in the rest of world. I think, in the beginning, [color="#FF0000"]what may have been a philosophical error or even an error of judgment has now become a psychological disorder.[/color] If I can do a little psychoanalysis of this almost lost nation, this disease started with narcissism, became megalomania and now, in its advanced and acute stage, [color="#FF0000"]it has become schizophrenia.[/color] My knowledge of psychology accompanies me no further so I cannot suggest any therapy but, somehow, I can trace those elements that aggravated the situation to make it into a mountain.

It all has greatly to do with philosophy, which has been repeatedly hammered into our bones and accompanies us like our shadows. This is the philosophy of a hawk: that we are created to rule the world and that we are denizens of the upper skies. Picking spiritual progress is a trait of the hawk and picking material progress is that of a vulture. We are the chosen ones and we believe we are to lead the whole world. To this extent, the rhetoric does good but when it states how to achieve this status of a hawk, it is not only confusing but totally impracticable. We believe this can only be achieved with the help of spiritual powers. If one has not made any progress despite sticking to this philosophy, there is nothing wrong with them but the stinking world needs correction. Now when we see the rest of the world making progress and definitely enjoying the fruits of their labour, we are at a loss to understand why the world has treated us like this. Why can we not make both ends meet? Why are we given kicks and pricks? The problem is that we have questions but no answers. This leads us to a paranoid conspiracy theory, [color="#FF0000"]i.e. that the whole world is conspiring against us and that the world wants to persecute us at any rate.[/color] Whatever the achievements of the rest of the world, they boil down to nothing when compared to our spiritual ‘progress’. There is nothing as false as this. We cannot determine our position in the world on our own. One’s status is determined by one’s achievements and performance, [color="#FF0000"]not by any lofty claims and self-proclaimed status.[/color]



Letter No. 5 - Increasing poverty

Sir: Poverty in Pakistan continues to be a source of distress for the country. According to the latest World Bank reports, Pakistan is ranked at number 43 in the list of countries most exposed to poverty. In view of the Human Development Index, about 63 percent of the people in the country earn less than two dollars per day and around 23 percent live on under one dollar per day. Unequal distribution of income in Pakistan is a major underlying cause of poverty in the country. About 10 percent of the total population earns 27 percent of the total income of the country. Another World Bank report highlights the fact that 37.4 percent of the children in Pakistan below the age of five are underfed. The Pakistan Planning Commission has revealed that the poverty rate in Pakistan has increased by 14 percent in the previous three years. The major reason for poverty in Pakistan is lack of governance. When people do not have confidence in a country’s government they are not willing to invest in such an economy. Reduced investment means lesser employment opportunities, which directly results in poverty. Moreover, the decrease in the GDP growth rate is a vital source for the rise in the poverty levels. Poverty also depends on the structure on which a society is based. [color="#FF0000"]In Pakistan, land ownership is highly unequally distributed amongst the rural population, which creates an income gap within the rural sector.[/color]

Although rising poverty levels in Pakistan is an alarming situation, it is not something that cannot be curtailed. Politicians need to stop fighting over their position in the government and start concentrating on solving the issues surrounding the country amongst which poverty is one. There is a need for considerable effort to increase jobs and employment opportunities for the people. The government should focus on investing in developing infrastructure, which would automatically create jobs in the country. Other than that, efforts should be made to improve the law and order situation in the country so that there is a revival of business activities.



Cheers [Image: beer.gif]

[url="http://tribune.com.pk/story/551567/is-the-black-economy-all-that-black/"][center][size="5"][color="#006400"]Is the Black economy all that black?[/color][/size][/center][/url]

KARACHI : What exactly is the black economy, or the informal or illegal economy, or even parallel economy as it is called? Not all of these terms actually define this phenomenon accurately. The black economy is not necessarily illegal. For example a cobbler who sits on the roadside peddling his trade probably pays no taxes, and keeps no records about his turnover, so he is a part of the informal economy, but he is by no means doing something illegal.

So, the parallel economy is not always a bad thing. A significant sector of the informal economy comprises entrepreneurs like the cobbler who operate out of the system but don’t necessarily do it just to avoid taxes or rip off the government. This is especially true of the Third World. However, this is not to say that a very large part of the undocumented sector actually is illegal activity like drug trafficking, human smuggling and arms trade and even smuggling of non-contraband that absolutely needs to stop.

[center][Image: the-infe.jpg?w=625][/center]

Needless to say, the informal sector needs to be roped into the system and documented if the economy is to grow exponentially. Again, this is even more important for Third World countries where the informal economy as a percentage of the documented sector is usually much larger.

There is not a lot of research on this because it is a difficult subject to investigate. But two recent researches have indicated that while on the one hand documentation of the economy has picked up pace, it is has not been able to keep up with the growth in the undocumented trade that either originates in Pakistan or transits through Pakistan.

[center][Image: table1.jpg][/center]

The research conducted by the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) and United Nations Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC) coordinated by Dr Abid Suleri of the SDPI has estimated the size of Pakistan’s illegal economy at anywhere between 20-30 per cent of the formal economy. This report deals mainly with the darker side of the informal economy, like human smuggling, drug trade, arms trade and other hardcore crimes.

Another report on the subject was generated by the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), based on calculations by M Ali Kemal and Ahmed Waqar Qasim. This report, was released in 2012 and suggested that the size of the informal economy in Pakistan in 2008 ranged between 74 per cent to 91 per cent of the formal economy.

Considering that the total size of Pakistan’s GDP is about $180 billion, this indicates that the informal economy is easily $160 billion. This also implies that the total size of Pakistan’s economy is almost $350 billion.

These are staggering numbers and the quantum of the informal economy is seen as growing, while, the regularly released figures by our financial managers already show us that the formal economy is in many ways, receding.

While Pakistan gets a lot of flak for its regulatory structure and failing to document the economy, numbers indicate that the informal economy is a global phenomenon.

In a shared world, the task of countering the illegal or informal economy is also a shared responsibility. And while there are constraints to any exercise or research that attempts to ascertain the size of the illegal economy, and there will always be a degree of doubt as to the veracity of the numbers, such studies are nevertheless useful and are a valuable tool in trying to determine the scope of this sector of the economy and its impact on the country at large.

Cheers [Image: beer.gif]

[color="#FF0000"][u]FRYDIN FESTIVITIES[/color][/u]

[url="http://tribune.com.pk/story/554152/militant-attack-in-peshawar/"][center][size="6"][color="#006400"]Militant attack in Peshawar kills six policemen[/color][/size][/center][/url]

PESHAWAR : [color="#FF0000"]At least six policemen were killed[/color] a[color="#006400"]nd three other including the District Police Officer (DPO) Kohat Dilawar Bangash was injured when militants ambushed their vehicles on the Indus Highway near Mattani late on Friday night.[/color]

DPO Dilawar Bangash was on his way to Kohat from Peshawar along with his escort when the convey was ambushed near Ghaziabad check post of Mattani on Indus Highway. Militants were equipped with RPG-7 rockets and they targeted two vehicles in the convey. The attack destroyed one vehicle completely and killed four policemen on the spot and left three others injured including Dilwar and his driver. The injured driver though was able to drive the DPO away and reach Kohat where both the injured were rushed to the Combined Medical Hospital (CMH).

A large contingent of police commandoes was immediately dispatched to the area after the initial attack.

Militants though attacked another mobile, resulting in skirmishes between the two sides. Several people were injured in the second attack and there were reports that an armored personnel carrier of police was also hit by rockets. “The militants are dozens in number and they are well equipped they are trying to surround the entire police party and the situation is not very good,” said a police official on the condition of anonymity. He said that DPO Dilwar and his driver were injured but they had reached Kohat and there were many more casualties as an intense gun battle was still going on.

[color="#FF0000"]He said that the vehicle previously hit by rockets was still on fire on the road and police was trying its level best to repulse the militants so that they can shift their wounded and dead to the Lady Reading Hospital (LRH).[/color]

Cheers [Image: beer.gif]

[color="#FF0000"]Indian Non-Muslims cannot opt for Non-Halal i.e. Jhatka Meat (except in possibly Punjab),but, the Buddhists of Sri Lanka are up against (1) Halal Meat (2) Cow Slaughter :[/color]

[center][color="#FF0000"][size="5"]Immolation monk’s last rites spark Sri Lanka protest[/size][/color][/center]

COLOMBO : About 200 Sri Lankan Buddhists blocked traffic in the capital Colombo on Sunday to protest after authorities rejected a state funeral for the country’s first ever monk to self-immolate.

Bowatte Indaratna, 30, succumbed to his burn injures Saturday after calling for an end to cattle slaughter and proselytisation by Christians in the Buddhist majority nation of 20 million. “We staged a sit-down demonstration near Temple Trees (the official resident of President Mahinda Rajapakse) demanding a state funeral at Independence Square,” monk Akmeemana Dayaratne told AFP. “But, we did not get it.”

He said they decided to disperse, but vowed to keep up pressure on the government to stop the slaughter of animals and ensure there were no unethical religious conversions.

The protesters, including dozens of saffron-robed Buddhist monks, blocked traffic on the main road opposite Rajapakse’s residence, witnesses said.

There was no immediate comment from the government, but police said there were heated arguments with the protesters.

Monk Indaratna died at the National Hospital in Colombo Saturday where he was rushed after setting himself on fire in front of the highly venerated Temple of the Tooth in the central town of Kandy on Friday.

A local television channel showed dramatic images of the monk using a cigarette lighter to set himself ablaze and bystanders, including police throwing buckets of water to put out the flames.

In a leaflet distributed to devotees outside the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, 72 miles (115 kilometres) east of the capital Colombo, the monk said he was against the slaughter

of cattle.

His unannounced protest came as the country celebrated Wesak, the commemoration of the birth, enlightenment and the death of the Buddha, with two days of holidays.

Eating meat is common in Buddhist Sri Lanka, although according to the religion killing animals is a sin. The monk’s action came amid rising religious tensions after Buddhist extremists campaigned to boycott halal-slaughtered meat as well as other products that carry a halal certificate. More than 110 Tibetan Buddhists have set themselves ablaze since 2009 to protest China’s rule of the Tibetan plateau, rights groups have said. afp

[img] http://www.skyscrapercity.com/images/smilies/beer.gif[/img]

Don’t you think that the type of religious movement that you have very kindly highlighted do give rise to certain forms of extreme ideology, which in turn give rise to Taliban and LTTE type of outfits. You will agree that in the present day world , taking into account the ground reality it is in the interest of mankind as a whole to be more tolerant towards people of other faith. The world is fast shrinking and in this multi cultural ,multi religious environment certain amount of tolerance is necessary so that the society at large can live in peace. One sect should not try to impose its religious beliefs on others and in the process cause tension in the society.
[quote name='ravish' date='29 May 2013 - 10:53 AM' timestamp='1369804525' post='116643']


Don’t you think that the type of religious movement that you have very kindly highlighted do give rise to certain forms of extreme ideology, which in turn give rise to Taliban and LTTE type of outfits. You will agree that in the present day world , taking into account the ground reality it is in the interest of mankind as a whole to be more tolerant towards people of other faith. The world is fast shrinking and in this multi cultural ,multi religious environment certain amount of tolerance is necessary so that the society at large can live in peace. One sect should not try to impose its religious beliefs on others and in the process cause tension in the society.[/quote]

ravish Ji :


It is the Sri Lanka Muslims "Aggressiveness" - BEING the cause - which has forced the Sri Lankan Buddhists to retaliate - this being THE EFFECT.

The Muslim Population content of the Sri Lankan Population is possibly 8%. Why should the Sri lankan Buddhists be forced to partake "HALAL MEAT" which has been Killed my the Muslim Religious method of Slaughter.

Of course the Secular Leaders of the Congress Party as well as the "Liberal" Hindus which are prepared to have their Meat Slaughtered in the Muslim Religious Method of Slaughter.

I am sure that you do not mind partaking Halal Meat, but, whilst in India we partook Jhatka Meat from s Sikh Butcher. Here in the UK we have Sikh and Hindu Butches who sell Non-Halal Meat and so we are, unlike the common Indian Non-Muslim, able to partake Non-Halal Meat i.e. Lamb, Goat & Chicken.

The World shrinking into multi cultural ,multi religious environment leading to a certain amount of tolerance by Non-Muslim for the Muslims whereas there is Zero tolerance by the Muslims will enure that the society at large - ESPECIALLY THE NON-MUSLIMS - will NEVER BE ABLE TO LIVE IN PEACE in an India run by the Kriminal Kaangress Kammunist Klan.

It is a shame that the Kriminal Kaangress Kammunist Klan has allowed the Rohingya Bengali Speaking Ethnic Bangladeshis Refuge in India whereas No Muslim Country is accepting them. The 40 Million Illegal Bangladeshi Muslims are causing Demographic Disaster in Easter and North Eastern India.

It is only in India that a Major Port is controled by Citizens of the "Enemy" and the Calcutta-Kolkata Port is a Standing Example of the Indian Kriminal Kaangress Kammunist Klan which allowed Pakistani Citizens to "Control" the Calcutta Port Trust by their be employed in all sorts of Calcutta Port craft such as Dredgers, Tugs etc i.e. from 1947 to 1972 they were Pakistani Citizens. Now they are Bangladeshi Citizens.

How can a Strategic Location like Calcutta Port have Thousands upon Thousands "Foreigners" man the Port Craft?

ravish Ji wake up and smell the Coffee!

Cheers [Image: beer.gif]


Per Capita Income-Page 12 Growth and Investment = US$ 1,368 against [color="#FF0000"]US$1,323 in 2011-12[/color]

Cheers [Image: beer.gif]

[url="http://tribune.com.pk/story/566520/scientists-say-indian-farmers-draining-pakistans-waters/"]Scientists say Indian farmers draining Pakistan’s waters[/url]

Quote:FAISALABAD : The Director of the Water Management Research Centre (WMRC) at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF), Prof Dr Allah Bakhsh, has expressed deep concern over what he says is the excessive pumping of water by farmers on the Indian side of Punjab. Dr Bakhsh says that excessive pumping is lowering the water table in India, causing water from the Pakistani side to flow to Indian Punjab.

Cheers [Image: beer.gif]
Forgot to archive.

1. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=19126&SKIN=B

Quote:Pakistan panicking and isolated: imposed ban on news reporting

09/10/2014 05:32:09 Dinesh Agrawal

Due to befitting response by India to the latest series of ceasefire violations by Pak army and its isolation in the world community, Pakistan imposed emergency ban on news reporting about the border situation. Here are some of the recent developments in this area:

1. China cancels Pakistan visit after Ajit Doval went to China.

2. US issues statement that Kashmir issue should be resolved by India and Pakistan only and at the pace they seem comfortable. Means no interference in this issue.

3. Modi met UN General Secretary Ban ki Moon on US Trip.

4. 15 Pakistani's killed in retaliation by BSF and some major posts in Pakistan destroyed.

5. Pakistan goes to UN to save it from the retaliation by Indian BSF.

6. UN snubs Pakistan, ask it to resolve issue diplomatically.

7. Pakistan asks for Flag meeting. India Refuses

8. Pakistan issues Emergency ban on news reporting

From HK's twitterfeed:

Quote:Abhijit Majumder

@abhijitmajumder 4 Pakistanis killed as India retaliates to killing of 5 civilians in J&K. Delhi has apparently given forces a free hand to hit back

Retweeted by HaindavaKeralam

237 Retweets 78 favorites Collapse

Quote:6 Oct

HaindavaKeralam @HKupdate

Paki Jihadis banned Polio Vaccination in 2012

Now Pakistan accounts for 83% of all polio cases in the world.

18 Retweets 5 favorites Collapse
Naresji, Can we have your considered views on the recent happenings in Pakistan.

Quote:Pakistani boat blows self up after India navy chase

Agence France-Presse (AFP)

1 day ago

[color=blueThe crew of a Pakistani fishing boat blew up and sank their vessel after trying to evade capture at the hands of the Indian navy in a high-speed chase at sea, officials said Friday.[/color]

All four people on board the vessel from near the Pakistani port city of Karachi are believed to have been killed in the dramatic episode in the Arabian Sea on New Year's Eve, according to India's defence ministry.

Indian Coast Guard ships and aircraft tried to intercept the boat near the maritime border with Pakistan, around 365 kilometres (225 miles) from the coastal state of Gujarat, following an intelligence tip-off.

"However, the boat increased speed and tried to escape away from the Indian side of maritime boundary. The hot pursuit continued for nearly one hour," a defence ministry statement added.

Although the boat did eventually stop after warning shots were fired, the four-man crew then hid themselves below deck before setting the boat on fire which triggered a large explosion.

"Due to darkness, bad weather and strong winds, the boat and persons on board could not be saved or recovered. The boat burnt and sank in the same position, in early hours of January 1," said the statement.

Although the defence ministry would only say that the crew were planning "some illicit transaction", it also stated that the boat was carrying explosives.

The incident has evoked memories of the 2008 Mumbai attacks when Pakistani militants managed to sneak into India's financial capital by sea and then began a 60-hour siege of India's economic capital that left 166 people dead.

India reacted furiously last month to a Pakistani court's decision to grant bail to the alleged mastermind of the Mumbai attacks, although he has since been detained again.
Archiving older news from earlier this week/end of last.


Quote:Explosives-laden Pakistani boat was on suicide mission

by Newsroom Staff

[Photo caption:] Explosives-laden Pakistani boat was on suicide mission

New Delhi, Jan 4: A clear picture is emerging regarding the blowing up of the boat from Pakistan. Counter intelligence officials told newsroompost.com that the boat had explosives in it and was on a suicide mission.

The four men who had a satellite phone with them were in constant touch with a handler in Karachi and the boat made its advent from the Keti Bundar coast. This is the same coast from where the 26/11 attackers too made their advent from.

The counter intelligence agencies headed by National Security Advisor Ajit Doval worked on this case and when they first got wind of this information it had become clear that Pakistan was planning a maritime attack.

Sources say that the target could have been the Porbandar port. The four men on the boat who were wearing T-shirts and shorts had a satellite phone with them and were taking instructions from a handler believed to be a former naval officer in Pakistan.

They were told to reach the Porbandar naval facility and blow the boat up. However in the last intercept that was picked up before the boat was blown up, the four men were instructed to return to the Pakistan waters. India would not have been able to carry out an operation on Pakistan waters. The boatmen were told not to leave any evidence or proof. Finally they were told to blow the boat up, but not surrender or even get caught.

The agencies however say that there was just one boat. The second boat theory is something that we cannot confirm. There is also no information to show that a backup boat was being sent into Indian waters from Pakistan, a highly placed source informed.

More evidence of how KKKangressi higher ups are hand-in-glove with TSP islamaniacs:

in typically christo-infested Indian media, news is rife of how the KKKangress, in spite of feeling gratitude to the Indian coast guard for having averted another jihadi massacre of Indians by allah's faithful, has come out to protect the TSP suspects of attempted jihad. Playacting that it was all but more Paki islamic innocence, Congress has been objecting to the coast guards pursuing the TSP vessel in *Indian* waters despite intell having clearly indicated that the vessel and its jihadi crew carried explosives and were 'planning an "illicit transaction"' and interceptions that were picked up doing the same. As in the intercepted exchange between the jihadi crew and their jihadi handler made apparent, those faithful on the TSP vessel blew themselves up to avoid getting caught and thereby being made to spill the beans. Instead of suspecting Paki jihadis, the christoislamic infested Congress rather suspected the Indian coast guard.

And instead of being grateful that a second 26/11 massacre of Indians by jihadis was averted - or even shrugging the suicide of the obviously-guilty jihadis off as the TSP islamists' own choice - the christoislamics of the KKKangress, revealing their christoislamism hereby, have indicated that they are peculiarly on the TSP side rather than having an eye on the welfare of India (or even being neutral, for that matter).

Christomedia NDTV typically adds subtle lies in favour of its jihadi brother in monotheism TSP/islam, but at least admits the following:


Quote:The Coast Guard, which claimed the crew did not resemble fishermen and carried no nets, said a search operation is on for the boat's wreckage and the bodies.

But the final word may be given to the Defence forces, famous for being secular to a fault and hence above even insidious christo KKKangressi allegations:


Quote:12.53 pm: Defence Ministry, calls for review of intercepted communications

Ministry of Defence has reportedly called for a full review of all intercepted communications which led to the boat being apprehended.


11.00 am: Boat was 'definitely' part of terror mission, say Defence forces

Defence forces have said that an incident in which a boat from Pakistan blew itself up off the Gujarat coast soon after the Indian Coast Guard gave chase, was definitely a terror attack.
(Soon KKKangress will ensure their pet project of christoislamic jihadi quota in the army, since they can't afford such statements as the above countering KKKangressi-ISI jihadi scheming anymore.)

In reality, the obviously heavily-infiltrated KKKangressis has been making it not-so-subtly apparent that they were Not thrilled that a jihadi terrorist attack was averted. Then again, this would be quite as is to be expected from KKKangressis, as it has been well-documented that the Gujarat train burning and the Godhra riots that followed were a joint KKKangressi-ISI planned operation against Gujarat in particular and India (esp Hindus) as a whole:

Parroting from post 218 again:

Quote:Congress' TSP jihadi links were already evident in Godhra. TSP attacked parliament, India about to deploy for war on the border, TSP organises jihadis in India as well as imports to burn down Hindus in Indian train, Godhra riots ensue**. Then Congress and its media arm (christomedia), judiciary arm (Justice Bannerjee types) and human rights arm (Suzanne 'Arundhati' Roy) and their foreign masters/puppeteers (down to Harvard indologists who regularly bring up Godhra to screech about how Hindutva is evil) all jumped in to project islamania as the great and sole victim.

[** rediff.com/news/2005/mar/03spec1.htm

The Rediff Special: Did Godhra Save Pakistan? by Colonel Anil Athale (retd), March 02, 2005

The fact that KKKangress came down on the side of the TSP jihadi terrorists (who all 4 synchronously blew themselves up for non-existent allah readily along with their cargo, as they were so obviously instructed to do if it looked like they'd be caught and any details on the larger scheming be revealed to Indian authorities) ... Again: the fact that KKKangress came down on the side of the TSP jihadi terrorists - by suspecting the Indian coast guard while treating as innocent the Pakis traversing Indian waters and obviously carrying enough explosives to at least blow themselves up - indicates that the KKKangress was indeed involved in the actual plot, as is also apparent from their being peeved at the setback to "their" TSP team. No doubt the christoislamic KKKangress - and their US puppeteers, famous for "predicting" riots in India with such a peculiar exactitude as could only point to the west's own intent in orchestrating or masterminding it in advance - were planning to pull another Godhra or 26/11 to stoke up riots, subsequently to blame it all on Hindus, for which the nationalist Indian govt would then be criminalised again and the KKKangressis could return to power as the "secular saviour" govt.

The other point that proves the joint hand of ISI and KKKangress is the attempt was once again meant to be an attack in Gujarat, no doubt meant to make it clear to Modi that they can derail his governance with a simple jihadi attack followed by Indian christomedia connivance (in collusion with christoKKKangress) to defend any police action or riots that ensue.


Quote:"We are very sad that the Congress chose not to stand with the Indian government. The Congress chose not to stand with the Indian Coast Guard and not to speak in favour of the Indian intelligence agencies. The Congress chose to stand by the probable perpetrators of terrorism," Patra told reporters.

"The Congress has time and again spoken in the same language as Pakistan," the spokesperson said. "I ask the Congress: Why is it, time and again, speaking the same language as Pakistan?"

"The question we are putting in front of the Congress is: who does Congress believe Indian government or the Pakistan government?" Patra asked.

Why are people even bothering talking to *obvious* traitors that no *western* country would stand for: US would have "disappeared" such traitors already - without proper trial - if this was their backyard. (Having said that, Kangressis are US plants, so US won't want them disappeared.) Russia - less hypocritical than the US - would still largely do the same. And if this had happened in China, no one in the KKKangress would ever be heard from again: in fact, perhaps KKKangressis should be lent to China's gulags? (Just a suggestion. Certainly better than non-christoislamic Chinese people having to die in gulags, and whom India might be able to adopt in return for KKKangressis taking their place.)

Failing all that, BJP should launch a probe into the origins and reasons for KKKangress' suspiciously treasonous remarks, and on serious suspicion of collusion-in-jihad with the TSP vessel, its handlers and superiors. BJP can then ask KKKangress to give proof of non-involvement: KKKangress is after all famous for instituting guilty-until-proven-innocent, as also seen in their accusations in this latest event, and should be dealt with by the same standard. Surely?

Anyway, Indian nationalist govts, BJP or any, need some spine. Stop cowing to obvious traitors in league with enemies: Next time any KKKangressi comes down in favour of Pakis suspected of terror, they and their delinquent relatives should be shipped off back to TSP where they belong. (That or they can be shot on sight, their choice.)

Also, why are Indian coast guards giving out warnings to Pakis tresspassing in Indian waters, when Pakis *know* very well where TSP waters end and were in this case treading far beyond? So if this was up to me, I'd just blow them out of the water - before they can do so of their own choice - without warning. Will certainly teach jihadis emanating from TSP via that route not to try the same again.

As for the score, it's: 4 paki jihadis dead without their managing to kill any Indian or damage any infrastructure.

Non-existent allah fails omnipotence test due to ineptitude of the faithful. <- Now that should be a headline.

But no wonder christoislami KKKangress is on an apologetics-and-coverup binge for jihad: doubtless trying to distract from their own behind-the-scenes involvement in the attempted terrorist attack.

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