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Kerala demands to shut down Endosulfan Plant
The Government of Kerala is well within its Right to shut down the operations of any industrial entity that has been degrading its Environment and affecting, adversely, the health of its people - including those owned by the Government of India.

To get it re-opened the Government of India needs to appeal with the High Court and may be later at the Supreme Court.

The resultant legal battle would sensitize the citizens of India and another peoples movement would erupt to force the

Central Government's policy on the production and usage of Inorganic Insecticides & Pesticides - which have been eroding our digestive and auto immunity system and also giving us many permanent health problems, through contaminating our food and water chains.

We have seen that mere hunger-strikes and other Agitations do not move the juggernaut of the Government Policy Making Mechanism which has been bought out by the money bags.


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