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Christoislamic terrorist agenda in TN: targeting of Hindus in key positions
1. Christoislamic demons brutally murder another Hindu.

Tomorrow the terrorist AmriKKKan govt-mouthpiece NYT will lie again that Hindus are persecuting christoislamaniacs in India.

18 June 2014


Quote:Yet another Hindu Munnani leader brutally murderd in Chennai.

18/06/2014 22:04:44 HK

[Image: padi+suresh.jpg]

Chennai June 19: In another shocking incident, Hindu Munnani leader Sri Suresh was murdered by anti-national elemnents in Chennai on Wednesday night.

Suresh, 45years, was hacked to death around 10.00pm last night in front of his business centre at Ambattur (Chennai Sub-urban area).[color="#0000FF"]He was the Thiruvallur East district president of the Hindu Munnani, was closing his STD booth on MTH Road around 9:30 pm when a bike-borne gang of three attacked him, inflicting serious injuries to his face, neck and body. Ravi, a juice shop owner who witnessed the attack and ran to help him was also attacked, causing a deep cut to his hand.[/color]

[color="#800080"](A few years ago, Organiser.org article repeated documention on how, in Kerala, islamaniacs were seen practising to genocide Hindus by going around on motorbikes chopping up dogs with sharp weapons. This is what they were practising for.

I hear Iraq/ME is already beckoning to many Indian islamaniacs. They will be made to choke on their own blood there.)[/color]

A passerby who saw the incident took Suresh in an auto-rickshaw to the Sundaram Medical Foundation Hospital, but he died without responding to treatment. Ravi has also been admitted to the hospital. Doctors said he was in shock.

Enraged by the murder of their leader, over 100 irate cadre of the outfit staged protest outside the hospital, blocking road twice demanding immediate action against the culprits. At one stage they even refused to let the ambulance move without the police initiating action. The body was sent to KMC for autopsy. Suresh, originally a native of Kanyakumari, was staying at Mannurpet. He is survived by wife Bhuvana and two children.

Since last 30 years so many Hindu Organisation workers were butchered by Jihadi forces.

RSS functionaries, Hindu Munnani office bearers condemned the incident and expressed their shock and condolences, also demanded strict police action against the increasing attack on Hindu leaders by anti-national elements.
Another kallai Hindoo hero. Opted for death rather than christoislamising or otherwise de-heathenising.* But I wish Hindoos would in future universally opt to kill all their would-be murderers. It's in self-defence after all. No need for Hindoos to die when the christoislamic assassins can die in your place. At worst: if Hindoos are going to die, take down as many of the murderous christoislamaniac assailants. Every Hindoo - certainly every key Hindoo leader, as they're on christoislamania's hitlist - should carry a grenade with them hereafter and if it looks like they won't survive a christoislamic ambush, release the pin and leave all the demons' families bereaved.)

* Further underscores that no one ever chose to convert to christoislamania of free will, but that it has always been the christoislamaniac convert-or-kill genocide policy that has resulted in christoislamania's current presence/demographic in the world.


Quote:Hindu Munnani Leader's Murder; Massive protests across Tamilnadu

19/06/2014 14:45:06 VSK Chennai

Hindu Munnani lost yet another activist in Chennai following the murder of Sri Vellaiyappan at Vellore and Sri Ramesh BJP of Salem. [color="#0000FF"]K P Suresh, 48, Thiruvallur District President of Hindu Munnani was hacked to death on Wednesday night, 18th June around 9.30 p.m. K P Suresh is a soft spoken swayamsevak of Kanyakumari.[/color] It is said that unidentified gang of three suddenly attacked Suresh causing serious injuries to his face, neck and body. Hearing the shocking news, hundreds of Hindu activists staged road roko demanding the initiation of police action.

RSS functionaries and Hindu Munnani founder Ramagopalan strongly condemned the continuous murders of Hindu leaders in the state. In his statement, “It is not even a year passed on the murder of Sri Vellaiyappan. He hit the State Government that the release of Hyder Ali, (on 17th June) a terrorist wanted in various cases including the bomb blast of RSS Office Chennai, (1993) shows the soft dealing view with terrorists and Tamilnadu is now a peaceful haven for terrorists.

He further appealed that the Chief Minister should directly oversee the case pertaining to the killings and ensure that the miscreants are brought under law".

Hindu Munnani and parivar organizations called for a rally and protest demo throughout the State. Hundreds of Hindu activists of all parivar organizations staged protest demo. In Chennai, a rally was organized wherein 2000 activists from all parivar organizations participated. Sri Ramagopalan Hindu Munnani, Prant Sevak Pramuk Sri Ramarajasekar, Sri M D Shankar Vibhag Pracharak, Sri Elangovan HM City Secretary, Smt Vanathi Srinivasan BJP and adhikaris participated in the rally and paid their tributes to the departed soul. The last rites is to be performed at his native place Kanyakumari.
(What has protesting against christoislamicommunist terror ever achieved? Why even bother? Why not demand from Modi that he do something about it *now*? Or else can do something about the assailants themselves.)

What's going on in TN is exactly what the christian terrorist outfits in NLFT etc did in Tripura and Nagaland: murder all the key Hindu leaders, as a stepping stone for being able to round up the powerless Hindu masses in convert-or-kill sprees.

To repeat from a few years back: need a "Quit India" movement (actually a "Quit the Hindu subcontinent" and the world movement) against the christoislamicommunists and traitors infesting India. They need to get lost. Preferrably from the world. <- Have always been an advocate for keeping suicide legal. Personally I thought christo-islamania murdering christo-islamania - as is happening all over the ME/Africa - was rather harsh, and would have preferred that they just suicide themselves already, but hey I don't make the rules: they will kill each other before they kill themselves. Anyway, for every Hindu murdered by christoislamaniacs in India, a great many christoislamaniacs are kicking the bucket over in ME/Africa. At that exchange-rate, even if Hindus don't ultimately survive christoislamania, other heathens may.

2. This next is not TN, but there are murders of key Hindus everywhere. And they all need to be documented somewhere.

Next to Maharashtra's Gopinath Munde christo-magically dying "by accident" last month on the very same anniversary date of 03 June 2014 that way too many of his also-politically-active relatives "accidentally" died, as per Karyakarta at the Rajeev2004 blog, there's now the following (stolen from that blog's twitter feed):

14-15 June 2014

Quote:rajeev srinivasan @RajeevSrinivasa "@abpnewstv: Bareilly: Dead body of BJP leader Rakesh Rastogi, who had been kidnapped yesterday, found in a car" [color="#0000FF"]three and counting in UP[/color]

Which is a reference to:


Quote:Dead body of BJP leader found in Bareilly

Bareilly: Dead body of BJP leader Rakesh Rastogi, who had been kidnapped yesterday, found in a car on Uttarakhand border.
Not sure what the statement "3 and counting in UP" alludes to in Rajeev's comment... is it referring to 3 murders of BJP members in UP now?

Wonder if the govt will do anything about any of these murders?

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