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Christoislamic terrorist agenda in TN: targeting of Hindus in key positions
20 days after the previous TN Hindu Munnani leader was murdered by christoislamia:


Quote:Jihadi Slayers strikes again.One more Hindu leader murdered

05/07/2014 05:14:30 HK

(Not necessarily jihadi at all: I suspect that some of the comments at TOI may have a point and that the murderers may actually be christians. Certainly that christianism is behind the hitlist. Just like christian terror outfits in NE initially orchestrated hits against Hindu leaders before then having made the Hindu laity sufficiently powerless to ethnically cleanse them from their homelands.)

Shocking news shook the state as Hindu Munnani town secretary Sri Jeevaraj (38) was found murdered in Sankarankovil, Tirunelveli, near his house. A deep cut in the throat have caused the death. Police have formed special teams to nab the killers. Sri Ramagopalan, Hindu Munnani founder has strongly condemned the inaction of the Government in safeguarding the Hindu leaders in the state.

Watch how India's christomedia tries to spin this latest murder of a Hindu Munnani leader, by pretending it is just secular coincidence:


Quote:Hindu Munnani leader murdered in Tamil Nadu’s Tirunelveli

PTI | Jul 5, 2014, 11.01PM IST

[img caption:] Photo of the slain Hindu Munnanu leader Jeevaraj.

[Image: Hindu-Munnani-Jeevaraj.jpg]

TIRUNELVELI (Tamil Nadu): A 38-year old Hindu Munnani leader was murdered during wee hours on Saturday in front of his house at Sankarankoil near here by three unidentified men, triggering tension in the area, police said.

Jeevaraj was a former town secretary of the right-wing organization, they said, adding the incident occurred when he was having a chat with a few others in front of his house at Pattathur past midnight.

(Look how the christomedia manufactures consent for the serial murder of Hindoo leaders. AmriKKKa/west and its Indian converts specifically started dubbing Hindu groups "right-wing" for this very purpose. Hindus really need to start referring to all christian groups, churches and organisations as christian fundamentalists/hardliners and christian rule in India's NE as "christian fascist government of NE". I mean, Nagaland's christian NSCN terrorist group= National Socialist Council of Nagaland=Nazi Council of Nagaland. So can just call it nazi as well as the christian state it bloodily carved out of Hindu India, right?)

Police said investigation revealed that the three persons used chilli powder so that Jeevaraj could not escape from there before they attacked him with sickles. He suffered cuts on the head and shoulder and died on the spot.

(That's the third case just on this page of the Hindu victim dying "on the spot". Points to very carefully planned hits. Not meant to intimidate but to kill - to permanently remove these and other key Hindus. Probably so that christianism can have a chance to take over in the areas of influence of these murdered Hindus parts, so that christianism can trample over the Hindus left leaderless here.)

This is the second murder of Hindu Munnani functionary since last month after Tiruvallur district president Suresh succumbed to injuries on June 19 a day after he was attacked at suburban Ambattur.

State government has set up a special investigation division into murders of several BJP and Hindu outfit leaders, including state Hindu Munnani secretary S Vellaiyappan and BJP functionary auditor Ramesh, in the past few years in the state after the party raised the issue.

("special investigation division". No doubt of christian cops - like the ones that tortured Shankaracharya - to make sure the christoislamic murderers forever escape justice so they can keep killing more TN Hindus on christianism's hitlist.)

[img caption:] A policemen and crowd stands near the body of Jeevaraj. (TOI photo by K Antony Xavier)

Investigation is on into multiple angles, one whether it was due to a domestic issue, as Jeevaraj has two wives and business angle, since he is involved in real estate.

(Having admitted - just a few sentences ago - that Jeevaraj was the latest Hindu Munanni leader killed in a line of those murdered, now they pretend it must be all "secular" misfortune onlee.)

[img caption:] Cops inspect Jeevaraj's body and site on which he was murdered. ((TOI photo by K Antony Xavier)

Police said a case had been registered and steps are being taken to nab the culprits.

Note how in each murder case, the police of TN's crypto-christo joylolita's govt *doesn't* actually catch the culprits. And how in each case, magically nothing is known about the ideology of the assailants: not a single murderer has been caught and named so far. This concealment is necessary to protect the christoislamaniac ideology behind this genocide of Hindu leaders.

A few of the more relevant comments at the TOI piece:

Quote:vgsan (usa)


This is the work of the Al Ummah Islamic terror group in Tamil Nadu. This terror group is directed by the Paki ISI and has carried out scores of murders and bombing in the past.

Suraj (Trivendram)

Evangelists in USA are much more dangerous and fundamentals than Talibans! With money power they wanted to convert the whole world to Christianity and they have been engaged in such sins since long time. Catholic force is also not behind them! Sin of conversion is dancing in their minds and so they may go for murdering also and that is what happening in Tamilnadu and Kerala! Muslim and Christian fundamentalism is dangerous for the world peace and both should be controlled before it destroys the world!

Velamur (Dallas,tx)

This has become a regular feature in Tamil nadu. Hindu munnani leaders are being eliminated ad nauseum in a state which s considered to have an efficient law and order administration. This shows that anti Hindu forces are gaining ground in Tamil nadu and this cannot happen without some overt or covert help from the authorities. With bjp government at the centre, this shows utter disregard for the rule of law. All Hindus should appeal to the TN government to put down such heinous crimes against the majority community with an iron hand. Our sympathies go to the bereaved family. ash (Location)

hindus are being murdred one after another . TN police are incapable of bringing culprits in . set up special force . amazingly media is complacent , but if it was muslim death it would be big news . hindus are 80% of india's population yet hindus get second class treatment .

Superman CID (Unknown)

Murders in Kerala and Tamilnadu are backed by Christians indirectly but in Tamil Nadu directly. Most of the Murders are claimed as some others as the murders were cunningly pre -planned. Tamil Nadu is a place where keen in hurdle business promotions by violent actions . A Hindu personnel was foundout duel SIM technology and its software was killed within hours as he published the research. Christians supported by CIA are doing all violence here. The new procedure they started in Srilanka is to make Isolate Muslims from other communities and the wind started blowing in Tamil Nadu also.

I think the series of (obviously pre-planned) murders are very much the handiwork of christianism and islam colluding. Christianism made the hitlist - that there is a hitlist is beyond doubt - and christians infesting TN probably committed at least some of the murders, while islam did the rest. (The alternative is that christianism is committing them all. Some of this may even be the fallout of the christoterrorist LTTE that washed onto Indian shores.) Which would explain why the police force of cryptochristist TN CM joylolita is careful not to catch a single christoterrorist criminal. In the past joylolita at least ensured some islamaniac terrorists were caught for acts of terrorism in TN.

People are not allowed to write off christianism while suspecting islam uniquely for this, since christianism in India's northeast specifically targeted Hindu leaders first. And the south - like the northeast/NE - is earmarked (by christians) for christianism after all. Plus the project to christianise TN is currently on full overdrive, since the conversion of the NE has been completed, so it is most likely that the hits in TN are *entirely* by christians (more likely than islam). I wouldn't be surprised if the injunction to start the hits is as per US govt/CIA's time table, as per the final comment pasted above. US govt is the prime pusher for converting TN to christianism at this time. (After all, the conversion programme in TN has in the last few years gone up many notches - several orders of magnitude - since even the early 2000s, when the number of converts was already bad enough.)

Whatever. Indians should kick all christoislamania out of the country once and for all. No need to bother sending it off to TSP-W/-E anymore either. Can send India's christoislamic infestation straight to Iraq/Syria. Let it play soldier either for or against the ISIS/Khalifate there and blow itself up.

Why are Hindus putting up with christoislamania in their own homeland? Why are they allowing every Hindoo state to be turned into the next Kashmir or the next Nagaland/Mizoram/NE? Why will Hindus take no action, except to "protest" and complain to govts that are - at best - apathetic and inactive.

The time for talking should have been over a great many christoislami-terrorist murders and rapes and ethnic cleansings ago.

And is Modi going to do anything at last? Or do more good men still need to die? (They're suddenly becoming really rare you know, so let's not allow them to become altogether extinct from the gene pool.) And if more do need to be sacrificed, how many more? Each death certainly vouches for BJP's secular credentials, as not one of these murders appears to have led to the arrest of the actual perpetrators. Or am I wrong? Have any?

You know, I'm coming to realise this whole "internet activism" thing of modern 'Hindu' activists is no more than a cover for their cowardice... Their inability to actually *act* when action is called for. Their unwillingness to strike - with physical force. Epitomised perhaps by Rajarant's "intellectual kshatriya" tirade, which phrase was so *obviously* invented as an excuse for the very kind of people unwilling to be anything like actual kShatriyas. The pen is not always mightier than the sword: there's a time for the pen and a time for the sword. And people unwilling to recognise (or rather, fearful of recognising) the latter are surely the definition of cowards?

Need a Quit India movement: "Bharatam/Indian subcontinent for the Indic religions. (Alien ideologies get lost.)"


Quote:One more Hindu leader murdered

05/07/2014 05:14:30 HK

Shocking news shook the state as Hindu Munnani town secretary Sri Jeevaraj (38) was found murdered in Sankarankovil, Tirunelveli, near his house. A deep cut in the throat have caused the death. Police have formed special teams to nab the killers. Sri Ramagopalan, Hindu Munnani founder has strongly condemned the inaction of the Government in safeguarding the Hindu leaders in the state.

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