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Christoislamic terrorist agenda in TN: targeting of Hindus in key positions
1. twitter.com/amitrajwant/status/733721351073173504

Quote:Swayamsevak pramod 1st victim of next five years of Leftist Terror in Kerala. @RSSorg

Posted Image

[image:] pbs.twimg.com/media/Ci6zq2ZWEAAyqng.jpg

11:09 AM - 20 May 2016

The evil christoislanicommunist monotheist demons murdered him. Probably of the jihadi variety, see point 3 below.

2. Another heroic Hindoo, a brave lion-hearted teen also filled with love and devotion to protect his ancestral heathen homeland, attacked by the christoislamic communist demons infesting India:




Dalit boy (16 ) slashed by CPM/SFI goons for attending RSS Shakha at Haripad. National MSM silent. #CPMKillingRSS

(Video at link)

9:31 AM - 25 May 2016

And his mother behind him, looks so brave at such horrors that have threatened her lion cub.

I will avenge you all. In this life, in any life at all. I swear on my heart's blood.

Not a trace - neither whisper, shadow, echo nor shade of memory - of the christoislamaniac meme or its carriers will remain.

I will come back as an unspeakable disease and carry off all the demonism, leaving the heathens safe behind. The world will be free and my Hindoos avenged.

3. The communist red brigade in India is entirely christoislamaniac. And every one *knows* they're the ones murdering HindOOs of the RSS:


Quote:Anand Shivaâ„¢



Massive RT

Left parties celebrating their victory in Kerala

@AmitShah @narendramodi

Check the picture

Description of the picture:

Quote:Chandra M ‏@CSManiar May 20

@anandshiva999 @MahaveerM_ Is this Kerala or Kuwait? Look at the sea of Islamic green & Arabic gowns work by most men!


Debashish Adhikary ‏@bironpro May 20

@anandshiva999 @AmitShah @narendramodi Never knew left was green in colour. Is the Red Left dead.

(The left was always a monotheist ruse. In India all "leftists" are christoislamaniacs. There are no other kinds of communists in India.)


KS India ‏@sarathykousik May 20

@anandshiva999 you think its Pak flag? That's #IUML flag. #ECI should move to de-recognise parties resembling other states and target #IUML

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bangu ‏@hindubangu May 21

@anandshiva999 @YesIamSaffron What is shocking?This is happening4last 15 yrs,commi/kangrss created thugs in Kerala,follow 54 attacks on RSS!

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WhatsInTheName ‏@darshank022 May 20

@anandshiva999 @khamandhokla @AmitShah @narendramodi @jeetensingh @sardanarohit @sudhirchaudhary @ShivshankarS I thought it's Pakistan.

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Why aren't Hindus retaliating. 10 IUML jihadis' lives for every RSS Hindu they attempt to attack. And a 100 IUML jihadis lives for every RSS Hindu they succeed in attacking. And 1000 IUML jihadis' lives for any RSS Hindoo they injure. And 10,000 IUML jihadis lives for every RSS Hindoo kill.

At that going exchange rate, the evil christoislamic demons may find the cost of "living" (crusading jihading) in India to expensive and may move out to ISIS lands at last, where all christoislamaniacs belong.

If the US ever elects Trump, India can ban christoislam. After all, what's good for the goose...

Can't let the American demons be allowed to purge the US of islamania while they simultaneously facilitate christo takeover and islamic jihad in India. US is free to take the deported christoislamaniacs from India, if it wants too. See how Trumpists and/or Hillarites like that.

4. More.




#Kerala : Kids recount horrific Kannur CPM attack - "They overturned our Auto, slashed Biju uncle with swords " MSM?

[video at link]

5:54 AM - 2 Jun 2016




#Kerala Six BJP men, two women seriously injured in yesterday's CPM attack at Guruvayoor. No MSM coverage.

[Image:] pbs.twimg.com/media/Cj8SSX8XEAAJEdO.jpg

[Image:] pbs.twimg.com/media/Cj8SUNcXAAE7aE0.jpg

4:18 AM - 2 Jun 2016

Why would MSM cover it? India's MainStream Media is entirely christo. They paid for the jihad. It's meant to occur silently: of course they'll be silent. It's why whenever islamaniacs in India attack and murder Hindus, all christians are JUST AS GUILTY in the murder. Christians are more evil than muslims, since muslims are hired to get their hands for christian bloodlust.

If christomania is banned forever from India, islamania will lose jihad's chief facilitator. Islamania can easily be controlled and banished once christomania is banned.

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