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Indian Automotive Industry

[url="http://www.siamindia.com/Media/Release/SiamViewMediaRelease.aspx?id=283"]The Auto Industry Shows Good Growth in 2010[/url]

The data for calendar year 2010 shows production growth of 32.69 percent over same period last year with production of 17,076,659 vehicles (includes Passenger vehicles, Commercial vehicles, Three wheelers and Two wheelers). Domestic sales registered a growth of 30.92 percent with 14,824,072 vehicles being sold in India. Domestic Sales of Passenger vehicles grew by 31.34 percent, Commercial vehicles grew by 45.24 percent, Three wheelers grew by 22.03 percent and Two wheelers grew by 30.51 percent.

In April-December 2010, production grew by 30.0 percent as compared to same period over last year. In December 2010, production grew at 27.78 percent over December 2009. Domestic Sales recorded a growth of 30.51 percent in December 2010 as against December 2009.

Domestic Sales

Passenger Vehicles segment during April-December 2010 grew at 31.83 percent over same period last year. Passenger Cars grew by 32.00 percent, Utility Vehicles grew by 20.82 percent and Multi Purpose Vehicles grew by 50.58 percent in this period.

The overall Commercial Vehicles segment registered growth of 34.08 percent during April-December 2010 as compared to the same period last year. While Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicles (M&HCVs) registered growth of 42.85 percent, Light Commercial Vehicles grew at 27.12 percent.

Three Wheelers sales recorded a growth rate of 19.13 percent in April-December 2010. While Passenger Carriers grew by 21.67 percent during April-December 2010, Goods Carriers registered growth of 8.86 percent.

Two Wheelers registered a growth of 28.21 percent during April-December 2010. Mopeds, Motorcycles and Scooters grew by 24.47 percent, 24.62 percent and 48.90 percent respectively.


During April-December 2010, overall automobile exports registered a growth rate of 31.24 percent.

Passenger Vehicles registered decline and the growth rate was (-) 1.49 percent in this period. Commercial Vehicles, Three Wheelers and Two Wheelers segments recorded growth of 77.31 percent, 70.09 percent and 36.92 percent respectively during April-December 2010.

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The Defence Ministry has allowed the firm, identified by Defence Production Secretary Raj Kumar Singh at his press conference Tuesday as 'Bangalorean', to display the 'Maruti-800 flying car' during the AeroIndia at Yelahanka air force station this year.

The car is among the products that the ministry has listed as part of its showpiece in this year's exhibition alongside fighter jets such as Eurofighter Typhoon, F-16s, F/A-18s, Gripen and Rafale. http://newshopper.sulekha.com/flying-mar...261617.htm

'This flying car is a product from a Bangalore-based innovator. He says he has the technology with which he can use a Maruti 800 car as an aircraft. To encourage him, we have provided him space at the static exhibition for aerospace products,' Singh said here.

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