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Implications of expanding Indian success in the west
[quote name='Swamy G' date='22 July 2010 - 10:41 PM' timestamp='1279818222' post='107570']

So the data is just for the College graduates of Indian origins. Why leave out people who are not College graduates? And I hope the data for rest of the crowd also includes only college graduates.


The college graduate data is important, because the first generation college grad rate of 70% and the second gen of 65%

is higher than the jewish rate of 60%

For a variety of reasons, starting from anti-Hindu media due to EJ, colonialists and so on

This is flying under the radar

Hindus are generally absent from the western public consciousness

What happens when this starts to sink into their consciousness that a colored people are visibly superior

There was severe anti-semitism against jews, until after the holocaust, it became unfashionable

I am expecting just plain jealousy to kick in, leading to more dot-buster like scenario

Last month, Professor Divyendu Sinha was beaten to death in front of his house by a combined black-white

high school athletes

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