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Implications of expanding Indian success in the west
[quote name='agnivayu' date='23 July 2010 - 06:26 AM' timestamp='1279846125' post='107576']

I agree with you 100%. I can see Indians (especially Hindus) getting targeted in the future due to jealously. According to the Western Caste system, every race has it's place and the hierarchy correlates directly with skin color. This is most easily seen in the Latin American casta system, where Whites control politics and the wealth and it goes down from there with the darkest (and least European) skin color races at the bottom.

Note that when the West imposed it's caste system on Indians, it tried to make it seem indigenous by stating that Varna is skin color, which is ludicrous as Varna is not skin color, but in Western eyes EVERYTHING is skin color (especially in the 19th century with the White man's burden and all)

Indians though darker skinned than Whites, but being as intelligent will be a tough pill for many to swallow. Even today, in the IQ and race tests, Whites and East Asians are shown high, but Indians are not. This is done even though Indians have the highest income in the U.S.. The U.S. arguably is a "testing ground" for all races as the conditions are equal for everyone (factors out economic policy, politics, war etc..)


In the USA, deriving IQ from medical school data

Indians are 112, Chinese are 106, Whites are 100

Median Hindu income is greater than Median jewish income

Dark Pagans being superior IQ will cause severe cognitive dissonance

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