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Implications of expanding Indian success in the west
Subramaniam ji, what makes me anxious is the long term change in demographic pattern in USA , and the potential fate of the now successful Indian americans. It is being said in population study circles, that Hispanic communities are witnessing a massive rise in population. This will be accompanied drastic fall in the number of Anglo-Saxon males of Western European origin (also known as WHITE guys). Now, while this is indeed a welcome development, Latinos are also almost entirely Christian of catholic denomination. Their track record of interaction with any non Christian civilization is not exactly very stellar.

US of A will inevitably see a steady rise in population, as Hispanics keep crossing over across border. Catholics are especially ruthless in exterminating the remnants of any remaining indigenous civilization and culture(including language). If this culture percolates to USA , the fate of any non-western community that does not subscribe to Christianity, and holds on to its culture is not quite very bright. I fear dharmics in USA ending up like their counterparts in Malaysia, Fiji, and most notably Afghanistan.

The irony is that with time, at-least in the next 30-40 years India will see a massive upheaval in many important parameters like GDP, per capita income, quality of life; eventually reaching developed country standards in about 50 years. Now, the twist of the story is that while India will be going up, west will witness a gradual sinking of standards. Now, the descendant of these well off expatriates will not be able to return to Bharatam , even if they want to. They will end up sort of like the expatriate Peruvian Japanese, whom Japanese society refused to assimilate back. If they want to avoid that fate, they must actively start engaging with their brothers and sisters in India. They must start understanding the inevitable reality, and work pro-actively to align their fate with their mother civilization.

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