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Implications of expanding Indian success in the west
[quote name='balai_c' date='20 September 2012 - 11:59 AM' timestamp='1348122089' post='115888']

^^ That makes this apparent show of hubris even more strange. If anything, these kids need us even more. Instead , they are alienating themselves from the old country. People may say colour is irrelevant in USA, but it is alive and kicking.


The dating culture in the USA is as follows

It strongly resembles the Gond and Bhil Ghotuls of free and irresponsible sex by women

75% of black births are illegitimate

50% of hispanic births are illegitimate

25% of white births are illegitimate

The only men who get dating sex are athletes

The women dont care for education or money ( during teenage )

because the welfare will take care of their illegitimate litter

The white men who cant get a date go for chinese girls who are desperate to sleep with white men and fat white women go for black men

It all depends on how athletic you are, to even get a chance of dating sex

The wise have other means - mail order brides from Ukraine or Thailand or Mexico

or sex with escorts or strippers or massage parlor

or as Sugar daddies, where for between $1k to $5k a month you can get a mistress legally

White women go on sex tours to Africa, even 65 year old grand mothers, to sleep with black men

After 30, the scene changes, the cheerleader now has 2 kids by her jock who has abandoned her. A stable high earning Indian looks suddenly more appealing

A lot of white cougars latch onto younger Indian men. But after 30 their looks fade fast

Compare Madhuri Dixit now vs Heather Locklear now. Madhuri still looks lovely, Heather looks disgusting

The standard Indian with good education and good job has no value in this sexual market place

The ABCD despise the FOB Indian. But it is the FOB Indian traits of thrift, education that has made the parents of the ABCD wealthy

The wider society has not yet figured out that Indians have the highest median income and that would change their value in this market place

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