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Implications of expanding Indian success in the west
[quote name='Meluhhan' date='22 September 2012 - 07:30 PM' timestamp='1348321956' post='115937']

This attitude is only going to increase the outmarriage rate.

If you make something forbidden, people are going to want it more.


There are many valid reasons for this

1. The black STD / HIV rate is 10X

2, The black criminality rate is 10X

3. Low IQ of black genes passed onto next gen

4. Black men are non-monogamous. They father babies with dozens of women

Kamala Harris is a Mullatto, her mom was a Tam-bram MD and her father was black MD

The black fathered 2 kids with her mom and abandoned her

Lots of Indian women sleep with blacks on the sly

Lots of Indian women are non-athletic and have low value on the dating market and can only get blacks

Blacks simply want sex, they dont want to get married and wont stay married

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