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2014 General Elections
The war of words between leaders of various political parties has reached a new low in the last one week. The sudden realization that Shri Modi has a wife, gave ammunition to the Congress to mount an attack on the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate. The allegation is that during past three occasions Mr. Modi did not mention about his marital status while filing the nomination papers. They have in fact lodged a complaint with the Election Commission. While it is for the EC to decide if any wrong doing has taken place on the part of Shri Modi, it is felt that it has no bearing on the suitability or otherwise of Shri Modi for the of PM. The noise being made by the Congress party only shows that the Congress has nothing better to continue its public debate against the opponent.
[quote name='ravish' date='14 April 2014 - 10:21 AM' timestamp='1397466781' post='117192']

The war of words between leaders of various political parties has reached a new low in the last one week. The sudden realization that Shri Modi has a wife, gave ammunition to the Congress to mount an attack on the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate. The allegation is that during past three occasions Mr. Modi did not mention about his marital status while filing the nomination papers. They have in fact lodged a complaint with the Election Commission. While it is for the EC to decide if any wrong doing has taken place on the part of Shri Modi, it is felt that it has no bearing on the suitability or otherwise of Shri Modi for the of PM. The noise being made by the Congress party only shows that the Congress has nothing better to continue its public debate against the opponent.


Yes, I agree with your views. The parliamentarians have taken the battle to streets stooping very low to prove their points. On the question of declaration of Modi's marital status one must not forget that the Public figures should ideally have a clean image and past unless of course, you are in the Banana republic.
1. au.ibtimes.com/articles/548685/20140418/india-election-bjp-halfway-mark-modi.htm

Quote:India Passes Halfway Mark in Election with BJP Gaining Strength

[color="#0000FF"]April 18[/color], 2014 6:12 PM EST

India called a quarter of its 815 million voters to polls on Thursday, the biggest day of its staggered election, in areas ranging from Himalayan passes to a southern IT hub and western sugarcane farms.

[img caption:] Voters display their voter identity cards as they wait for their turn to cast their ballot at a polling station in Uttar Pradesh. (Representational image)

The country is now over halfway through its nine days of voting for a new parliament in the world's biggest ever election, with the ruling Congress party struggling to hold ground against the Hindu nationalist opposition.


2. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/quick-notes-evm-programmers-fertility.html

Quote:Thursday, April 17, 2014

Quick notes: EVM Programmers, Fertility breakthrough...

•Wanted: Better EVM Programmers: Pune EVM 'transfers' all votes to Congress ....(yes, only to Kaangress!!)



Posted by Pagan at 4/17/2014 10:53:00 AM 0 comments Links to this post

Labels: daughter, evm fraud, indian hero, kkkangress, technology, yoga

Which linked to:


Quote:[color="#0000FF"]Defective Pune EVM 'transfers' all votes to Congress[/color]

Pune, April 17, 2014, (IANS)

Early morning voters, including many senior citizens, were bewildered when an electronic voting machine (EVM) reportedly "transferred" all votes to the Congress.

The incident happened at a polling booth at Shamrao Kalmadi School in the city when voters found that whichever button was pressed on the EVM, only the Congress light blinked.

Some of the alert voters brought this to the notice of the election officials who stopped voting immediately.

"The Election Commission authorities have ordered a new machine for this particular polling booth which is expected to come soon," said local BJP activist Madhur Sahasrabuddhe.

The poll panel has also decided to permit around 28 voters who had already cast their votes with the defective EVM, to vote afresh.

And this was the instance where people actually *noticed* it and decided to do something about it. I wonder in how many places these christoislamically-rigged EVM have gone undetected/no one thought to complain. Clearly the christoislamic KKKaangress is depending on their continuous cheating via EVMs going unnoticed yet again.

KKKaangress should be banned on principle from ever taking part in any elections again - and get disbanded, and forbidden to reform in any way, shape or form - on account of its interminable cheating.

3. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/more-tricks-from-new-delhi.html

4. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/big-mistake-manisankaraiyer-calling.html

Quote:Thursday, April 10, 2014

big mistake: manisankaraiyer calling #namo 'chaiwallah'

rajeev srinivasan @RajeevSrinivasa 1h

in fact, alleged democracy merely produced a plethora of parasites who think they have a manifest destiny. real maharajahs were better 7/7

it is these surging, ambitious young people who are the future, not the effete, west-aping hereditary neo-maharajahs against #namo 6/n

that class-ist, caste-ist taunt was the biggest mistake the feckless #congress made against #namo. it endeared him to the subalterns 5/n

the #chaiwallah taunt had in it all the hate and fear of the ancien regime as it sees its future crumbling before its very eyes 4/n

#namo has become an icon for those who want to advance on merit, who despise the rentier carpetbaggers who have captured the state 3/n

#namo deftly used the taunt to gather around him the marginalized, aspiring, common man, who will bury the wodehousian-idle-rich-drones 2/n

if #namo wins, history will record the tipping point as manisankariyer's taunt of him as #chaiwallah. so much like the karna humiliation 1/n


sent from samsung galaxy note, so please excuse brevity

No one - not counting those with ulterior motives, such as plants - would see any dishonour in being a tea vendor. It is a highly respectable profession.

And who are *traitors* - working for aliens and alienisms, like MSA - to look down on respectable persons who've not sold the nation to the highest bidder?

If BJP ever comes to power, the native heathen masses must make it their priority to purge the nation of traitors by ejecting these to the States or Arabia/Afghanistan/Pukestan where traitors belong, and banning them AND their infected progeny from re-entry (ever).
Shared on my Facebook.

[Image: 904506_10152776644098747_4678101418057155620_o.jpg]

Quote:Ram Nath Yadav is a taxi driver. Driving around UP, in the thick of the election season. Catching the pulse of people in various constituencies. Rai Bareilly, Varanasi, Lucknow, Jaunpur, Unnao, Kanpur, Ghazipur ... and his own, Amethi.

The Indian election throbs strong and clear in the heart of UP. For good reason. Numbers. 80 seats, up for grabs. But like it is with India. There is no 1 UP. There are many constituencies, diverse. Each with their own dynamics. Some to do with the idea of India, most to do with their very real, everyday living and lives. Up, close, and personal.

In an hour long chat, Yadav ji gives me his version of the elections in UP. Through the lens of his many gupshups ... on the road.

"There is a Modi wave, didi, no doubt. मगर, अगर वो इस बार अा गये तो अा गये. वरना, party में बांकी सब उन्हें टिकने नहीं देंगे! अब देखिये... in Banaras, he has displaced Murali Manohar Joshi. Brahmins, some 1.5 lakh votes, are not all happy with that. Joshi is now standing from Kanpur. In Kanpur, his contest is mainly with Sriprakash Jaiswal, Cong का coal boy. Likely, Joshi will be defeated by Jaiswal. अौर तब फूटेगा गुब्बार! Ego तकरार between him and Modi, सब जानते हैं!"

"अब, Rajnath Singh को देखिये," says Yadav ji, " he is in a फिराक़ to become the PM himself. If BJP does not get a majority, then the strings can be pulled through one of the coalition partners and a 'regular' BJP leader can become the PM. Rajnath Singh is waiting for that moment."

What about SP and BSP? I ask him. " They have their voter base. Loyal, and rock solid."

"I was in Ghazipur last night. In a dhaba, eating food. I told the folks there, why do you want to vote for SP? The men, caught me. Took me to a side. Told me to never say such a thing again. Or i will be bashed up. "हम Yadav के बच्चे हैं. No matter who we vote for ... no one will believe. If you say Congress, or BJP. What is the proof?! Our name has a ठप्पा of SP. Better stick to your own, भईय्या!"

Ram Nath Yadav gives me a list of the candidates who will win, who will loose. On those he is sure. But what is amazing for our taxi bhaiyya, is: "Who is Modi? We hadn't heard of him much before. Now, he is our only hope! He has done a lot of good in Gujarat, so they say. Ab i have never traveled there, so i don't know. But ... let's see what he does!"

So, will Modi come into power then?

Yadav ji responds, " I stopped in a Banaras dhaba. Folks there explained to me, its a three way battle. Last time in Banaras, Mukhtar Ansari had lost by just about 15000 votes. It is not in lakhs but in 1000s. Every vote counts. And the deciding factor will be the Muslims. Their choice is the person who beats Modi. Kejriwal or Cong's Ajay Rai, who has a good support as he is the only local candidate, serving MLA. Muslims are a good 400,000 votes. So where they go, if they can go collectively, is the decision."

"And your place, Amethi? Rahul baba?! Will he be able to win this time?" I twinkle smile and ask. Yadav ji laughs at my naive question, "Rahul Gandhi will win, now. He will win in future. You know why? Because Gandhi's have made us Amethiwalas, who we are. Whenever we go out somewhere, we say, we are from Amethi. Everyone knows. They are from VIP consituency. Not just in India, even outside. They treat us with respect. Gandhi family is connected to us. We never will want to loose that power. So, Rahul Gandhi will win. Yes, maybe his votes decrease, 3 lakh becomes 2 lakh. But win, he will."

With this i am welcomed to the battleground of UP, where everyone loves a good fight. Here the categories, are clear. No winners. No losers. Only रसिक. And bores.
It was not any sudden realization. The Supreme Court in September 2013 issued an opinion that EC should not have any blank spaces for the candidate filing papers under penalty. Modi had no recourse but to fill in the space otherwise EC was empowered to reject his papers and would have exercised the powers.

The expectation was he would leave it blank and they could declare him out of action. He flummoxed them by filling in the space.

And now they look like fools.

Anyway a public interest group is planning to file a case of violation of OSA and Constitution based on Sanjay Baru's checked-out PM and his remote controller.
[quote name='ravish' date='06 April 2014 - 04:50 PM' timestamp='1396802541' post='117183']

Yes I do visit Bharat Rakshak sometimes ? Anything of interest.

Today's BJP and TDP alliance will further consolidate the position of NDA in the General Elections.It seems the NDA will get a comfortable majority, quite possible that the BJP may get absolute majority on its own.


Please read this.

you dont have to register for it.

BRF Good Judgment Poll(GJP) on 2014 Elections Summary
Narendra Modi is the undisputed focal point of the current political discourse. He is hailed as a Hero by many and tagged as Hitler by others. The real question is who would outnumber whom in 2014.

But the situation was very different in 2002, after the post-Godhra riots, a significant electoral majority across the country was upset that he wasn't made to resign for having the riots escalate under his watch. When political pundits dissect the shocking loss of the NDA whom every exit poll predicted to sweep the 2003 parliamentary elections, they also point the blame on the Modi’s handling of Gujarat riots for disillusioning the ‘secular’ voter about BJP’s ability/willingness to protect the minority community.

While Modi scored an emphatic win in the subsequent polls, most political analysts rejected it as a victory of communal polarization and even went to the extent of branding the whole of Gujarat as a ‘communal state’. But today, after a decade has gone past, Narendra Modi commands a much higher degree of popularity across the nation than he ever did, which is remarkable considering that we live in an age where disdain for politicians is very much part of our popular culture. This change took a combination of factors at play along with a sustained effort and there are some key lessons to be learnt from what is perhaps the biggest Image Makeover in recent times. Here’re a few of them:

Good product + great pitch = SALE

The foremost reason for Modi’s rise is that his claims aren't completely hollow and are backed with substantial matter on the ground. Even the harshest critics of Modi acknowledge that he has been able to provide good governance; he exercised his political authority, micromanaged when required, worked harder, removed obstacles and minimized corruption at every level.

But beyond this, Modi also ensured that each of his accomplishments are spoken about. A number of his projects are prefixed with India’s first, world’s biggest, asia’s largest etc. Clearly there has been an attempt to not just have great ambitions but also have ambitions that are newsworthy and gain attention from all corners.

Interestingly, in recent times, Gujarat hasn't been the fastest growing state, it was Bihar in the previous quarter and this time it was Madhya Pradesh, yet Gujarat has acclaimed a status of being some kind of a wonderland in the Indian mind.

It is not about PR Vs Advertising, it is about playing smart

Modi’s critics repeatedly claim that he has spent crores on his PR machinery, anyone who has even an iota of exposure to Public Relations, knows that irrespective of how aggressive your PR campaign is, it doesn't cost crores.

Ironically, Modi’s political opponents who make such allegations are the same people who splurge hundreds of crores every year in advertising on birth anniversaries, death anniversaries, inauguration of projects - ribbon cutting, foundation stone, you just name an occasion and you would find king size print ads in any newspaper worth its salt with a shameless display of sycophancy at its nadir.

Modi stayed away from conventional ‘Sarkari’ advertising. On the other hand, he decided to take the ‘Surrogate’ route by promoting Gujarat as a tourist destination and we saw some of the most well made tourism TVCs with professional print and innovative OOH adaptations featuring arguably India’s most effective brand ambassador - Amitabh Bacchan. Gujarat remained top of the mind for most Indians but not in a way that would give Modi’s critics a chance to assault him.

In the 2012 assembly elections, Congress splurged crores on National TV advertising, while Modi advertised at the regional level and chose to create national news with his 3D avatar.

Modi’s PR strategy largely focused on winning international acclaim rather than trying to engage with the Lutyen’s Delhi media (reasons in the next point). TIME, Economist, NYT, WSJ, almost every leading American publication covered him and lauded his governance in Gujarat. (Although each of the stories carried on Modi till date also has a mention to 2002 without fail). This automatically forced national publications and media groups to put the spotlight on Modi, afterall Indians deeply suffer from the colonial mindset and any acknowledgement at a global stage makes every Indian swell with pride.

Choose your Media wisely…

Till 2001, before taking the oath of Gujarat’s Chief Minister, Modi spent most of his life as a ‘Pracharak’ – effectively handling the PR & Communication role of the RSS and BJP. In his early days, Modi used to individually respond to all the media and public queries that used to come to the Gujarat wing of RSS. Till 2002, Modi was also known to share very close relations with media-persons and even when the first time he got a call from Vajpayee to take upon the responsibility of CMship, he was attending the funeral ceremony of a Media photographer who had lost his life in a deadly plane crash along with Congress leader Madhavrao Scindia. But post-2002 riots, Modi was at the receiving end of almost every newspaper and TV channel which led him to distance himself from the media completely. It was only after his second electoral win in 2007, that he decided to selectively engage with Mainstream Media through his 5 member PR team. However, he used to make it clear that he would not appreciate any drilling on the Riots issue citing that the matter is sub-judice in the courts. On Oct 2007, because of the same reason, he walked out of an interview with Karan Thapar in ‘Devil’s advocate’.

In 2012, after getting a clean chit from Supreme Court on his alleged role in 2002 riots, Modi made an interesting choice. He decided to give an open interview to Shahid Siddiqui’s ‘Nayi Duniya’ – One of the most popular Urdu weekly. This time around Modi decided to answer all hard questions regarding 2002, the intention being clear – to reach out to the community which is perhaps the only roadblock in his journey from Gandhinagar to Race Course road.

….better still, CREATE IT!

Modi’s media strategy is significantly dependent upon Social Media & Youtube. Every minor/major development of his government or himself is broadcasted on FB/Twitter and realizing the popularity of these messages, the Lutyen’s Delhi media which snubbed him for years also began to pick up these pegs however regional they may be. Youtube is full of videos of his impromptu speeches on various platforms ranging from Political rallies, Industry events, Management Workshops, University Sessions, Inauguration ceremonies and many other political/non political platforms. Modi is a fiery orator and his knack of citing statistics on-demand is extremely rare if not super-natural. For the last few months, we have seen the mainstream media covering each of his speeches made at a national forum LIVE. He is also the first Indian politician to make an address on Google Hangout hereby setting a trend which is now being followed by his adversaries at the center.

His Social Media following tremendously helped in amplifying the coverage achieved by his PR team and hence the impact was unprecedented. No other State Chief Minister has gained so much popularity in the last few decades of Indian Democracy.

Right Brand Values at the right time

VICTOR HUGO once remarked: “You can resist an invading army; you cannot resist an idea whose time has come.” Today Modi appears to be such an idea.

Some would say that India wouldn't have ever considered Modi if it had a leader like Atal Behari Vajpayee or Indira Gandhi today. But does India really need a Vajpayee today? Modi repeatedly keeps citing a stat that 60% of the population of India comprises of youth and he makes sure that he is reaching out to this constituency. Look around you and see what qualities do the young look for in their leader?

Decisive, Progressive, Headstrong, Tech savvy, Aggressive, Humorous, strong Communication skills.

Compare this with what their previous generation looked for:

Acceptable, Honest, Patient, Judicious, team builder, someone who could deliver stability in an unstable environment.

The current generation is one that has seen the character of the Indian Cricket team transition from being a punching bag in the 90s to raw aggression in 2013.

Remember the word ‘Sledging’? Today there is no team in the world that could afford to use sledging as a strategy against India for even an inning, let alone a series. Indians all over have discovered a newfound confidence and assertiveness and it reflects in the choices they make, be it MTV Roadies or Arnab Goswami’s Newshour, subtle intellectual innuendos don’t cut it anymore with Gen Y!

The India of today doesn’t want a magnanimous leader or a leader who would keep a diplomatic face around the year , India today aspires for a strong leader who will talk to them and make some tough choices on burning issues like Corruption, Terrorism, Women Safety, Crime, International politics and the Economy. Many of his detractors also criticize Modi for his self praise and somewhat shamelessness in claiming credit – a characteristic that has been traditionally detested in the Indian value system.

But present day India is a different one which sees through such hypocritical masks, Indians today are more upfront, more blunt and more forthright than any of their previous generations have been. They don’t mind a leader who wants power, as long as they get good governance in return.

Considering these assumptions are true, the values of Brand Modi as well in sync with the expectations of his market.

And a competition is nowhere to be seen, not at least at this point of time.

In the latest phase of the general election, the percentage of voting in almost all the constituencies have registered a major increase in comparison to the corresponding figures of the previous general election. This can be interpreted as a sign of change that the electorate want or it can also be interpreted to mean that the electorate wants to oppose the bid by some political formation to capture power. If we go by the media reports the first of the two reasons indicated above is more likely the cause.

Meanwhile, the road show by Shri Narendra Modi and its live telecast from Varanasi , has prompted the Congress to lodge a complaint with the Election Commission.The Congress is of the view that telecasting of the event has unduly influenced the minds of the voters in the area where polling was taking place on the 24h of April. The reaction of the CWC is not known yet.
Congratulations to Shri Modi. Hope the country and the common man benefits under the new regime.
Pathetic, what a turd drivel.

UPA without money!!!

some recent iconic pics of the great man:

[Image: 232408-232119-modi-selfie.jpg]

posted on the twitter site of the tiger

[Image: modi_selfie1.jpg]

101 feet away from the polling booth

[Image: Modi-In-trouble-500x319.jpg]

laying a trap for his innumerable and shameless detractors

[Image: 8633_modi-rally.jpg]

in varanasi amid chants of har har modi, his general on his right side one position removed (dare we call it leela?)

[Image: modi210.jpg]

Another of varanasi, the video of varanasi is more iconic than the stills

[Image: narendra-modi1.jpg]

the most prized image of Shri Modi making the "Vitarka Mudra" (looked it up, do not mean to imply anything mundane)

[Image: narendra-modi_gorakhpur-express.jpg]

is he getting fashion tips from mallya? i highly doubt it -- mallya certainly could not pull off a turtleneck.

[Image: wallpaper_narendra%20modi%20hindi%20line...0share.jpg]

From his CM days, foreshadowing the demeanor of the samrat
^ Great combination of photos and captions. ^

Like how the captions show the Hindoos' personal interpretations/experiences/perceptions of the BJP victory.

The perception of the victory must feel like blood coursing through an anaemic person at last.

[quote name='dhu' date='28 May 2014 - 07:45 AM' timestamp='1401242852' post='117238']

is he getting fashion tips from mallya? i highly doubt it -- mallya certainly could not pull off a turtleneck.


That's because Modi does not look like he's trying: he's probably just wearing it for comfort - it may have been cold where he was. Which is why it looks good and natural on him.

And what he's doing with the glasses is also not a pose. I'm sure he's not conscious he's doing it (he looks very much like he's contemplating something), which -again- is why he carries it off well.

But as good as he looks in all of that, Modi looks even better in Hindoo gear, also seen in the above and other pictures. Dankzij Donar that he's being himself instead of doing the utterly unattractive and cringe-worthy try-hard "third-world wannabe-first world" routine that Shashi Tharoor and Mani Sanker and P Chid and other Congressis emit. I suppose it could be worse: they might start talking and play sophisticated, thereby just underlining what Twain (was it?) said - something about it being better to remain silent and let people suspect one's an idiot than start speaking and removing all doubt by confirming one's stupidity...

[quote name='dhu' date='28 May 2014 - 07:45 AM' timestamp='1401242852' post='117238']

the most prized image of Shri Modi making the "Vitarka Mudra" (looked it up, do not mean to imply anything mundane)


I looked that up too now. Wacky's description* for the Buddhist Vitarka sounded a lot like the hand/finger configuration is the same as that of the ancient Hindoo gnyaana (anguShTha-tarjanI) mudraa that Hindoos may be more familiar with. E.g. Rishis make it when imparting upaniShads. DakShiNaamoorti - also typically seated underneath an Ashwattha, just like Vedic Rishis imparting upaniShads - makes the gnyaana mudra when imparting Vedas/upaniShads. And kRiShNa - as stated in the dhyaanam to Bhagavad Gita - makes the same mudraa when imparting the Gitaa, which is again UpaniShadic knowledge. Hindoo Acharyas still make it, especially when imparting Vedaanta.


- Relevant Gitaa dhyaanam line: "Prapanna pArijAtAya totra-vetraika-pAnaye | j~nAna-mudrAya kR^iShNAya gItAmR^ita duhe namaH ||"

- One of the dakShiNaamoorti stotras refers to how Shiva-DakShinaamoorti's famous gynaana mudra - as also seen in ancient to present day vigrahas of him - directly imparts Vedaantic realisation. An official translation further explains the stotra reference to his gnyaana mudra:

Quote:The touching of the tips of the thumb and forefinger of the right palm raised in benediction signifies the union of the Paramaatman and Jeevaatman and thereby shows their identity.

- And so you still see such Hindoos as these make it:


While Modi is making meaningful mudras (subliminal messages?), the best I've ever managed is to make shadow puppets with my hands...

* Wacky's page mentioning the Buddhist Vitarka Mudra has an interesting image from the Tarim Basin that may be relevant (or not) to something else that some Chinese were discussing. Must find the link to their discussion - it's related to the oryanism thread.

As an aside, some British newspaper had had an article on how Yashodaben/Jashodaben Modi - the lady who married Modi a long time ago - had come out to pray for his overwhelming victory when casting her vote for him and his party. One can't help noting that her pointed prayers in his favour - "his overwhelming victory" - seems to have found great fruition, co-inciding with the efforts of Modi and BJP and that of their hardworking supporters' on the ground. As per the Rajeev2004 blog, Modi prostrated in namaskaaram to his mother upon his victory: since people are getting their wishes granted via his hard work, I'm hoping she prayed for the permanent destruction of Hindoos' enemies and blessed him with a permanent victory for the Hindoo heathens.

Am reading good things about Modi's rule already. Remaining cautiously optimistic. But at last, someone who actually seems to care about the country and its natives, and doesn't scheme to bleed it of its wealth all while convert-or-killing its heathens.

I also read - at the R2004 blog I think - that Modi prefers to speak in native languages. <= A love of native languages (and a sign of Hindoo self-respect) at last. :Woohoo: I thought I'd never live to see the day. An endless stream of such days, please. More like this and I'll be ready to order everything on the menu.

Pleasant pictures with promising captions in Dhu's post 31 above

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