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The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged
Districts where muslims are majority


Dhubri, Total 1.6 mil, muslim 1.2 mil, 75%

Nagaon, Total 2.3 mil, muslim 1.2 mil, 51%

Barpeta, Total 1.6 mil, muslim , 1 mil, 60%

Karimganj, Total 1 mil, muslim 0.5 mil, 52%

Goalpara, Total 0.8 mil, muslim 0.5 mil, 54%

Halaikandi, Total 0.5 mil, muslim 0.3 mil, 57%

Total 7.8 mil, muslim 4.7 mil


Kishengunj, Total 1.3 mil, muslim 0.9 mil, 68%


Anantnag, Total 1.2 mil, muslim 1.2 mil, 99%

Baramulla, Total 1.2 mil, muslim 1.2 mil, 99%

Srinagar, Total 1.2 mil, muslim 1.2 mil, 99%

Pulwama, Total 0.6 mil, muslim 0.6 mil, 99%

Kupwara, Total 0.6 mil, muslim 0.6 mil, 99%

Budgam, Total 0.6 mil, muslim 0.6 mil, 99%

Doda, Total 0.7 mil, muslim 0.4 mil, 58%

Punch Total 0.4 mil, muslim 0.3 mil, 92%

Rajouri, Total 0.5 mil, muslim 0.3 mil, 60%

Kargil, Total 0.1 mil, muslim 0.1 mil, 80%

Total 7.1 mil, muslim 6.5 mil


Malapuram, Total 3.6 mil, muslim 2.5 mil , 68%

Uttar Pradesh

Rampur, Total 2 mil, muslim 1 mil, 50%

West Bengal

Murshidabad, Total 5.9 mil, muslim 3.7 mil , 64%

Maldah, Total 3.2 mil, muslim 1.6 mil, 50%

Total 9.1 mil, muslim 5.3 mil


Total 30.9 mil, muslims 20.9 mil, 10 mil kafirs


21 mil / 138 mil , muslims are living in muslim majority districts

Roughly 15% of muslims are living in muslim majority districts and already mini-pakistan

Murshidabad, is of particular concern

As many muslims live here as live in North east bihar or in UP-Nepal border belt

To make matters worse, the local Hindusm being bengali

are the weakest of all Indian Hindus

Per one of my bengali Hindu friends, when muslims riot in west bengal, sikhs, biharis, koch rajbongshis, santals fight back, but not the bengali Hindu

Even Tapan Ghosh does not operate in Murshidabad

The only Hindu group that operates in Murshidabad is the monks of Bharat Sevashram Sangha

Per Brihaspati, this district is far gone and may be unsalvageable

Murshidabad and Maldah together have as many muslims as JK valley

When this goes up in flames , as it definitely will, It may take as much effort as JK

to put a lid on it
Next, I will look at districts with between 33% to 50% muslims

Due to stronger muslim social solidarity, these are also mini-pakistans

And due to higher muslim fertility, most of these are heading to muslim majority anyways
Districts with muslims between 33% and 49%


Hyderabad, Total 3.9 mil, muslim 1.6 mil. 41%


Darrang, Total 1.5 mil, muslim 0.5 mil, 36%

Cachar, Total 1.4 mil, muslim 0.5 mil, 36%

Marigaon, Total 0.8 mil, muslim 0.4 mil, 48% ( This has Nellie, 3k mullahs dispatched in 3 hours )

Bongaigaon, Total 0.9 mil, muslim 0.3 mil, 38%

Total 4.6 mil, muslim 1.7 mil


Katihar, Total 2.4 mil, muslim 1 mil, 43%

Purnia, Total 2.5 mil, muslim 0.9 mil. 37%

Araria, Total 2.2 mil, muslim 0.9 mil. 41%

Total , 7.1 mil, muslim 2.8 mil


Gurgaon, Total 1.7 mil, muslim 0.6 mil, 37%


Sahibganj, Total 0.9 mil, muslim 0.3 mil. 33%

Pakaur, Total 0.7 mil, muslim 0.2 mil. 33%

Total, 1.6 mil, muslim 0.5 mil


Kozhikode, Total 2.9 mil, muslim 1.1 mil, 37%

Kasargode, Total 1.2 mil, muslim 0.4 mil, 35%

Total 4.1 mil, muslim 1.5 mil

Uttar Pradesh

Moradabad, Total 3.8 mil, muslim 1.7 mil, 45%

Muzaffarnagar, Total 3.5 mil, muslim 1.3 mil, 38%

Bijnore, Total 3.1 mil, muslim 1.3 mil. 42%

Bareilly Total 3.6 mil, muslim 1.2 mil. 35%

Saharanpur, Total 2.9 mil, muslim 1.1 mil, 39%

Meerut, Total 3 mil, muslim 1 mil, 33%

Bahraich, Total 2.3 mil, muslim 0.8 mil. 35%

Balrampur, Total 1.7 mil, muslim 0.6 mil, 37%

Jyotibai Phule Nagar, Total 1.5 mil, muslim 0.6 mil, 39%

Total , 25.4 mil, muslim 9.6 mil


Haridwar, Total 1.4 mil, muslim 0.5 mil, 33%

West Bengal

24 South Parganas, Total 6.9 mil, muslim 2.3 mil, 33%

Uttar Dinajpur, Total 2.4 mil, muslim 1.2 mil, 48%

Birbhum, Total 3 mil, muslim 1.1 mil, 35%

Total 12.3 mil, muslim 4.6 mil


Total 62.1 mil, muslim 23.4 mil, kafir 38.7 mil

23.4 mil muslims living in almost muslim majority districts

20 mil muslims living in muslim majority districts

43.4 mil muslims / 138 mil = 31% of Indian muslims are already living in mini-pakistans

These areas have a virtual partition already, and the Hindus in these areas are living in hellish conditions

This is just a district level survey of mini-pakistans

If you look at the remaining districts, you will find that the muslims are concentrated in particular towns and localities with and you will have town-level mini-pakistans

For example in the notorious Godhra town, muslims are 40%

but Godhra is in Panchmahals district which is just 6% muslim
I will next make a list of districts between 25% to 33% muslim

Here things are still riot prone, but will face Hindu retaliation

Kamrup, Total 2.5 mil, muslim 0.6 mil. 25%


North east, Total 1.8 mil, muslim 0.5 mil, 28%

Central, Total 0.6 mil, muslim 0.2 mil, 33%

Total 2.4 mil, muslim 0.7 mil


Udhampur, Total 0.7 mil, muslim 0.2 mil, 27%


Dakshin Kannada, Total 1.9 mil, muslim 0.5 mil, 25%


Palakad, Total 2.6 mil, muslim 0.7 mil, 27%

Kannur, Total 2.4 mil, muslim 0.7 mil, 28%

Wyanad. Total 0.8 mil, muslim 0.2 mil 25%

Total 5.8 mil, muslim 1.6 mil

Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal, Total 1.9 mil, muslim 0.5 mil. 25%


Mumbai, Total 3.3 mil, muslim 0.8 mil, 25%


Thoubal, Total 0.4 mil, muslim 0.1 mil, 25%


Jaisalmer, Total 0.5 mil, muslim 0.1 mil, 25%

Uttar Pradesh

Ghaziabad, Total 3.3 mil, muslim 0.8 mil, 25%

Siddharth Nagar, Total 2 mil, muslim 0.6 mil, 30%

Barabanki, Total 2.6 mil, muslim 0.6 mil. 25%

Pilibit, Total 1.6 mil, muslim 0.4 mil, 25%

Sant Kabir Nagar, Total 1.4 mil, muslim 0.3 mil . 25%

Shrawasti, Total 1.2 mil, muslim 0.3 mil, 25%

Bhagpat, Total 1.2 mil, muslim 0.3 mil, 25%

Total, 13.3 mil, muslim 3.3 mil

West Bengal

24 North Parganas, Total 8.9 mil, muslim 2.2 mil, 25%

Nadia, Total, 4.6 mil, muslim 1.2 mil, 25%

Howrah, Total 4.2 mil, muslim 1 mil, 25%

Koch bihar, Total 2.6 mil, muslim 0.6 mil, 25%

Dakshin Dinajpur, Total 1.5 mil, muslim 0.4 mil, 25%

Total 21.8 mil, 5.4 mil


Districts with muslims between 25% and 33%

Total 54.5 mil, muslim 13.8 mil, kafir 41.7 mil
JK valley, 99% muslim = 5 mil muslims, 0 kafir

Other muslim majority districts = 16 mil muslims vs 10 mil kafirs

Districts between 33% muslim and 49% muslim = 23 mil muslim vs 38 mil kafir

Districts between 25% muslim and 32% muslim = 14 mil muslim vs 42 mil kafir

58 mil out of 138 mil muslims live in districts with over 25% muslim, or 42% of Indian muslims live in mini-pakistans on a district basis

In the remaining India, there are 80 mil muslims vs 800 mil kafirs or muslims = 9%
In this context, the reader may recall that during the freedom struggle, when the Hindus of East Bengal were fighting against the British colonialists, they did not care that they were going to be landless soon. And as a result, when they obtained freedom, they were turned into refugees. They obtained freedom with partition. But at present, if we focus on temple building, our attention would be shifted from the aim of preserving our geographical boundaries. That would be disastrous for the Hindus of West Bengal.

The reader may also recall, in 1990’s, when the temple-building movement was at its peak, on June 6, 1990, Hindus were driven out en-masse from Kashnir and that too, not by the back door but by a declared policy. So, I ask the hindu leaders – Why the temple movement with its Hindu wakening could not preserve the Hindus’ land in Kashmir? Today, the state of West Bengal is approaching the similar threat. It might become more disastrous that what had happened in Kashmir. A man, whose house has been set on fire, his first and foremost duty is to put out the fire. At that time, it is his most important duty. Hindu scriptures designate such a duty as “Aapat Dharma”. We have to protect our land first and then we shall turn on the problem of temple building. We should not build the temple as refugees. At first, we should stand on our own land with our heads high and then we shall build our temple. So, the Hindus of West Bengal today have to observe the “Aapat Dharma.”
Karma is a bxxxh

The Hindus of Bengal did not breed adequately,

They became pointy headed intellectuals singing Rabindra Sangeet with their islamic brothers

Syama Prasad Mukerji salvaged west bengal for them, but they did not vote for Jan Sangh

They voted congress and then for commies

They imported BD muslims for a vote bank, and turned a blind eye to what the BD muslims were doing to BD hindus

They listened to Gandhi and did not expel muslims ,

On the western border , the more robust Punjabis expelled muslims, and voted Akali Dal

There will be no more partitions on the western border

On the eastern border, Everything east of Kolkata is lost
Kannur and Wyanad both have 25% muslims and so far these areas were ruled by commies

In Kannur , the commies were trying to kill RSS

Now the CPM is feeling islamic bite in Kannur
There are many levels of islamic partition

The deepest level is Pakistan and Bangladesh, wherein full secession has taken place

1 level up is Kashmir valley where we are hanging on by using the army

1 level up is Bangladesh border, where we are barely hanging on using the BSF, and even BSF is getting killed by the mullahs, not because of lack fire power, but because of BSF not being allowed to shoot the mullahs

1 level up is places like Dhubri, Mau etc where only armed police can hang on against the islamists

1 level up is Hyderabad and Godhra where only huge bands of police can enter

At each level, with increased kafir %, it is easier for the armed forces and police to operate

Large parts of several districts are becoming like kashmir valley where it appears on Indian maps, but Indian rule has disappeared
MAY 5, 2009

Unsuspecting residents preyed upon by Bangladeshi Muslim gangs

Gurgaon, Haryana

Recent spurt in the number of thefts and murders in Sector 4 have left the residentsin a tizzy. What is more disturbing is the fact that in most cases, the robbers seemed to have entered easily and made away with a successful decamping of valuables.

There is no proper fence around the sector and with the unauthorised colonies (where these illegal Bangladeshi Muslims resides) located at the boundaries, crime seems to have accelerated. "Even the fences at the dividing road of Sector 4 and 7 have been removed by the HUDA authorities. HUDA also removed the fence in between Lakshman Vihar and Sector 4. Now it is very easy for these Muslims to trespass into our colony at any time," describes Dharam Sagar, chairman, Federation of RWA. He further alleges that there aren’t sufficient police personnel to patrol the area even though a police outpost is located nearby. "Several times we have passed a memorandum to commissioner of police to take a stock of the situation here. But, when we approach the police station they say that they do not have adequate staff," alleges Dharma Sagar. The residents want to increase patrolling in their area. "As many as eight houses have been ransacked in January alone this year," informs KL Chawla, vice president RWA Sector 4.

The area residents allege, demolition of the fence near Dhanwapur by the Horticulture Department has made it easy for these Bangladeshi criminals to trespass the colony. When asked why the fencing has been removed, Horticulture Department HUDA, executive engineer Jasbir Singh Millu said, "We had put fences to protect the trees. Now that the trees have grown, there is no need for the fencing. If HUDA funds us for the same, we have no objections in putting them up."Perhaps now it is up to HUDA officials and police to take care of the situation. When GP approached the area SHO of Sector 5, she refused to comment. However ACP Crime, Sunhera Singh, promised, "I would definitely look into the matter and instruct the police officials to increase the vigilance." Until that happens, the residents better be on guard.

In most of the cases, these Bangladeshi Muslims are being employed as man-servants or maidservants as cheap labour - as they look and talk like Bengali Hindus (they wear fake bindis and pretend to be Indian Hindus), and the truth be told, it is very hard for local residents to find out if they are Indians or illegal Bangladeshi invaders. Their modus operandi is shocking. First, they work in the same house and keep an eye on where the money and all the expensive stuff is. After a few days, they sneak into the same house at night. They kill all the residents mercilessly (including children, elders) and then they take away all the expensive stuff, jewelry, money etc.

With a host of Bangladeshi illegal immigrants living opposite Block D of South City II, residents are losing their peace of mind. There are more than 3,000 occupied houses here in the colony and attempts to verify each person is proving to be a huge responsibility.

RWA is making collective efforts along with the residents to verify names and address of their servants. But, in many cases, servants just say that they are from Midnapore District, West Bengal. “People simply remain satisfied getting that much information. However, in the wake of any serious crime, how much could be found out on the basis of knowing that a particular person is from Midnapur. Residents should ideally be taking all the details of the address. But, ironically most of the residents are not following those norms and inviting risk,” shares VK Srivastava, president, Sohna Road Federation of RWA, adding, "We have been approaching district administration to remove these jhuggis from here, but they are not complying with our request.”

Residents also complain that there is a mafia gang operating in that area. "There are people from the interior areas of Bengal. Even if they come in through the Indo-Bangladesh border, there is nobody to check them. Nobody can even find out the real identity of migrants whether they are from Bengal or Bangladesh as they are also Bengali speaking people," says Sudhakar, a resident.

Residents further complain that these guards are mostly recruited from amongst the migrants. There is no security check up at the gates and also that the number of guards provided to them is very less. "We applied to the Unitech to give us 150 security guards to look after South City II but, we were given only 60 personnel," says SN Bharadwaj, a resident. Speaking to GP, SHO Sadar Thana, Ramesh Chandra says, "Police is regularly keeping a tab on the migrant population and we are also doing servant verification in a routine manner.

The vital district is Dakshin Kanara

Capital - Mangalore

Total = 1.9 mi

Muslim 0.4 mil, 22%

Most of these muslims are overflow from Kerala

Muslims used to be 10% in this district a few decades ago

Hindus did not wipe them out at that stage

remember, every district starts with 0% muslim and thats what has to be preserved

and muslim immigration discouraged

Now this area is in virtual civil war and muslims doing a lot of love jihad

Fortunately the Pejawar Mutt and Sangh is very active in this region and backward caste martial hindus have been mobilised against the mullahs

and with BJP ruling the state, this district should be held

Another factor is that as kafirs get ethnic cleansed from malabar, they may migrate here, diluting the mullahs
Another important distict is Bidar, in Karnataka

Total, 1.5 mil, muslim 0.3 mil, 20%

This was part of Nizams kingdom
In Maharashtra, the traitorous element is the Maratha caste

They have started anti-Hindu sambhaji brigade, which is pro-mullah

They even try to start a new religion - Shiv Dharma

The Marathas oppress the dalits, but the neo-ambedkarites are anti-Hindu

The Marathas and dalits vote with the muslims

This has given rise to muslim mafia

Mumbai Suburban, 9 mil, muslim 1.5 mil, 18%

Mumbai 3.3 mil, muslim 0.7 mil, 22%

Aurangabad, 2.9 mil, muslim 0.6 mil. 19%

Akola, 1.6 mil. muslim 0.3 mil, 19%

Hindu Defense Organization Being Launched in East India - Hindu Samhati

Hindu Defense Organization Being Launched in East India - Hindu Samhati


5, Bhuban Dhar Lane. Kolkata-700012

Dear Friends,

Taking the words of Swami Vivekananda I would like to say that the visually challenged cannot see the imminent threat of another partition. The deaf cannot hear its footsteps. And the fact is another partition is forthcoming in the Eastern region of India which is going to de-link Bengal and Assam. The futile dream of 1905 and the incomplete dream of 1947 finally seems be fulfilled and a long cherished vision will be realized. They say, the British snatched Bengal, Bihar and Orissa from them in the battle of Plassey in 1757 and hence it was their duty (farz) to give them back this entire area at the time of their departure in 1947. Instead, the British deprived them, giving them only half of Bengal. The British had cheated them. (Continue below)

To view flier in Bengali, please click on link below:


And now they are determined to assert their right of ruling Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa. The first step in this direction was taken in 1947. The second step is conquering West Bengal and Assam.

However, the people living in the border districts of West Bengal can already hear their footsteps and every day the sound is growing louder. Even the inhabitants of Birbhum, Howrah, Hooghly, Burdwan, East Midnapur can hear these footfalls. The Kolkatans have recently witnessed the anti-Taslima violence on 21 November at Park Circus. But this is only a trailer and in a few days they will get to see the entire movie.

Friend, you might be surprised by what I am saying. The incidents at Dhantala, Bantala, Bashanti, Sonakhali and Hemtabad were not pre-planned. Rather they occurred due to lack of planning and control. Their stratagem is wide and has far reaching consequences. To materialize their plans, they are quietly and stealthily increasing their population on both sides of the Border. Production is being carried out on the other side and the product is supplied in this side. Their population is increasing at an alarming rate. We have already become minority in 10 districts of West Bengal and Assam. If we consider the blocks, we are a minority in 62 of them. In these areas we are living completely at their mercy. In several places blowing of conchshells, celebration of Holi, Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja in schools have been banned. Our mothers and sisters are living in terror, not at the thought of what is going to happen, but by witnessing what is happening.

Unfortunately, these incidents are not being allowed to be brought to light by the vested interests. The cries of human sufferings and persecution are lost by the incessant blowing of the trumpet of Secularism! What is more tragic, the Sachar Committee is trying to put the blame on the Hindus for all the backwardness of the Muslims, as if it is we who are exploiting them!

But what would be the outcome of such Muslim appeasement? Haven’t we suffered enough during the partition of 1947? Did not Dr. Ambedkar clearly point out the disastrous results of such appeasement during the pre-partition days? And that disaster was the loss of our hearth and homes, that disaster was the loss of the honour of our women, that disaster was the earning of the ‘refugee’ tag by millions of Hindus.

In spite of this our political leaders continue to aid and abet this policy of appeasement, though most of them happen to be refugees themselves! And we, the Hindus, seem to have resigned ourselves to follow the path of the ostrich to tide over this crisis. But don’t we realize that we cannot save ourselves in this way? Our forefathers could not do it in 1947, the Hindus of Kashmir could not do it in 1990, and we will not be able to do so either when our turn comes.

And therefore, we have come out to protest – to protest against this policy of appeasement, this inertia and this hypocrisy. We have come out with the resolve to protect our country, to protect the honour of our women, to protect the Hindus in general and the Hindu Swabhiman. Whatever may be the outcome of this fight, one thing is for sure – we shall not yield an inch to the enemy without a fight. WE SHALL NOT SURRENDER.

We, therefore, felt the need of a new platform to mobilize all Hindus for this purpose and the name that has been proposed is Hindu Samhati. In this respect, a meeting has been called at Bharat Sabha Hall on 14 February 2008, which will be graced by some of the most eminent Hindu personalities of our times.

You are most cordially welcome.

Tapan Kr. Ghosh

Contact: 94330 37705


Venue: Bharat Sabha Hall

62, B. B. Ganguly Street, Kolkata-12

(Near “CENTRAL” Metro Station)

Date: 14 February 2008, Thursday

Time: 1.00 pm


Swami Ashimanandaji (Gujarat), Swami Pradiptanandaji (Murshidabad), Swami Punyalokanandaji, Shri K.N. Govindacharya , Smt. Himani Savarkar (Pune), Shri Pramod Mutalik (Bangalore), Shri Bharat Bhai (Gujarat), Shri Dhananjay Pathak (Meerut), Shri Shailendra Jain (Delhi) Shri Anil Lamba (Delhi), Shri Sudhir Patel (Patna)

West Bengal Going the Way of East Bengal(Bangladesh) ???

In West Bengal, rhw Muslim population is increasing rapidly. there are many mini Pakistans sprouting in West Bengal: in Mushidabad, Malda, 24 Parganas, Nadia. Many areas in South and North 24 Parganas are seeing Muslim hooliganism and other related problems. In Basirhat subdivision of North 24 Parganas, there is report of alarming incidents of Muslim atrocities.

In Math Bari village under Sandeshkhali P.S. in Basirhat subdivision, a nominal Hindu youth, named, Sahadev Sadhukhan, an owner of sweet shop, started selling cooked beef on and from World Navi Divas. This area is Hindu Dominated. So when local Hindu people started to protest, he stopped selling. Local Hindu people ordered him to apologize, he had to go to Ras Temple with a bare head and distribute sweets to the devotees at free of cost. But he, backed by local Muslim zealots, did not oblige. As a result, tension created in the area. Local Hindus stopped buying sweets from his shop and also boycotting him socially. In the same area, young girls, belonging to Adivasi community, working in the local brick-field, are being physically and mentally assaulted by local Islamist elements. As they are poor, there is nobody to help them.

In the same subdivision in Malanchabazar area, under Minakha police station., which is a predominantly Hindu area, Rupban Molla, a Muslim and son of Kaosar Molla is selling beef for last ten days under a bridge for the first time. Hindus consider eating beef to be sacreligious. This indicates that now in West Bengal, anybody can sell beef anywhere and with no opposition. In the same area, Joydev Adhikari, a Hindu activist was severely manhandled by local Muslims on the day of last Panchayat election as he was involved in active campaign for a local BJP candidate. He is very influential among local Hindus. But this incident has lowered the morale of the Hindus.

Family members of Akunji, a ferocious Muslim robber, now in jail, have constructed a huge mosque in Sarberia village in Sandeshkhali Police Station. His family members and other Muslims are involved in illegal smuggling. But, unfortunately, the local officer in charge, Mr. Gautam Mitra, considered close to the Akunji family and provides them all round protection instead of arresting them. It is worthy of mentioning that Hindus were attacked by local Muslim activists with arms in the day of Holi, a religious Hindu festival, in 2006 in the same village. Mrs. Kajal Halder and her son, activists of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, were seriously injured. Police appeared at the site of incident after two hours, though local police office is close by and arrested the suffering Hindus instead of the Muslim fanatics.

Hindus have started migrating to safer places from Minakha, Sandeshkhali, Bhangore, Haroa in North 24 Parganas district and many villages of Diamond harbour, Magrahat in South 24 Parganas district .The local administration is completely silent in this regard. When they are contacted by local Hindu Samhati leaders, they are saying this migration is due to political reasons, not due to communal reason.

ED: This is exactly what was seen in East Bengal from the 1850's onwards.

Posted by Hindu Samhati's International Communications Team

Press Release : Islamic Mob Attacks Hindu Locality in Asansol for protecting a Hindu devotee from Molestation

A large number of Hindus injured due to a communal clash created by a Muslim mob at Asansol in Burdwan district of West Bengal.

On January 9 2009, four Muslims attacked a Hindu female devotee returning from a temple, of the Hindu Goddess Kali, and attempted to molest her in the Masterpara locality of Asansol city.

Local Hindus were outraged by this incident and beat up these four Muslim hoodlums. The four soon came back to the same location with a mob of around 300 Muslim activists, armed with swords and sticks, and attacked and vandalised Hindu owned shops, looted them, and beat up many members of the local Hindu populace.

As the besieged Hindus attempted to protect themselves and retaliated, joined by other Hindu residents of adjoining areas, a clash ensued. A large contingent of policemen from seven area police stations went to the area and resorted to baton-charge to separate the two groups in order to de-escalate the tension. Two companies of Rapid Action Force, an elite armed unit, were also patrolling the area.

A large number of Hindus were injured in the clash and resultant police action but the exact number was not clear. Six persons were indiscriminately arrested for the incident with police raids still continuing. Senior police officers were camping at the area as the situation remained vulnerable.

As always, the Bengali and Kolkata press remained totally silent whenever Hindus are being persecuted. This is their way of displaying 'Secularism' - a la carte.

Posted by Hindu Samhati's International Communications Team


This is in Asansol in Burdwan district, which is on the west side of West Bengal and muslims are below 20%

In most other states, muslims go on the offensive when they exceed 30%

And in most other states, diluting muslims below 30% is enough to salvage the situation

All over India, police use 30% muslim as the tipping point for communally sensitive or muslim infested

If in west bengal, muslims do this at 20%, there is something structurally weak about the Bengali Hindu community

Demographic engineering alone wont save West bengal

In other states there is a local Hindu kshatriya or militant community

Thakur, Jat, Yadav, Paswan, Reddy, Thevar, etc, in bengal, this militant caste is non-existent among Bengalis,

Local Hindu resistance to muslims always is based on the nucleus of a militant caste

With the absence of a militant caste, maybe bengalis need to import Gurkhas or some such thing to be able to resist islamists
Eight years ago, 4 RSS Swayamsevaks were brutally murdered by local Muslim goons on 10 Feb 2001 in the village of Sonakhali under Basanti P.S. in South 24 Pargana district. At that time, the then Vibhag Pracharak of RSS Shri Tapan Ghosh led the Hindu resistance there. Consequently, the village became a 100 percent Hindu village. But, after that, Tapan Ghosh was transferred to North India by the organization. Thereafter the RSS observed the day (10 Feb) as Martyr’s Day every year. Voluntary Blood Donation and a public meeting held every year apart from garlanding the martyr’s memorial by some prominent Sangh leaders/Adhikaris.

But this year Sangh has decided not to organize those programmes barring garlanding the memorials. Hindu youth of the area including the Swayamsevaks thought that it will send a wrong signal/message to the Muslims as well as the Hindu populace. So, they contacted Tapan Ghosh and requested him to guide and help them to organize the programme with full fervour, under the banner of Hindu Samhati. Tapan Ghosh, already emotionally attached to the place, agreed upon and has made arrangements to make the Martyr’s Day programme at Sonakhali successful


RSS has lost its bite in west bengal
Commentary : The Indian Elections & The Hindu Populace

Samhati Sambad

May 3, 2009

Commentary : The Indian Elections & The Hindu Populace

The heat of Elections is on. Election Trumpets sounds in high pitch. This is the season of the Political Parties. All of them are in the battle field. But the season is not only made for them. This season creates opportunity for others also.

For example, this is a lucrative season for the advertisement agencies. The business grows abundantly for election materials like banners , hoardings, posters, flexes, key-rings etc. etc. And the season is equally ripe for those minority goons, who have been keeping their eyes upon the Hindu women and girls very with an insatiable desire or lust.

The purpose behind it is two dimensional. First, the Abduction of Hindu girls and women for nikaha, i.e. marriage with Muslims to fulfill personal pleasure; secondly to traffic them to other states or abroad as a lucrative trade. And obviously, ensure a ticket for the voyage to Jannat (Islamic paradise) by dint of virtue for converting, hence spoiling a Hindu women (this is best if she is a Hindu virgin)- a kaffir as per Quranic dictum. This can be done at any time. But this is de time la carte, for deriving more advantages in this election season. No leader, political party and peers groups will be able to raise even the little finger towards our minority brothers for such pious activities, let alone call it a pure crime. If the Police puts a feeble effort to arrest them, we level it immediately as an attack towards minority, and therefore, communal. Under the veil of a Democracy inter-alias Votecracy , we are bound to protect our Muslims as the priceless symbol of the minority status-a pride of self-proclaimed pseudo-secular democracy. The political leaders are bound to take the side of minorities to ensure their support as a vote-bank. As this secret spreads open all round the corner, the police do nothing but shamelessly indulging the hooligans. As a result, the Hindu girls are abducted or trafficked regularly in this season. Majority of them are minors. Their beleaguered parents are roaming from door to door, helplessly, with moistening eyes. The parents do not dare to convey their pain to the leaders of political parties at the face of their ‘not so important ’-secular gesture. These victims are finally find no other way but to appeal those Muslims, those culprits, marauders to get back their girls at the last resort. And it is the eventuality that those Muslim gangsters kick the Hindu parents out with an ultimatum to cut them into pieces and threaten them of more such dire consequences of their family, if they go any further.

As the election slogans are roaring high in the air, a series of news of abduction of Hindu girls and women are coming profusely from the villages of West Bengal every day to our central office of Hindu Samhati. If we want to weave the incidents together in an overall back-drop of election scenario of rural Bengal, we can only hear a heart rendering wailing, sobs and cry, sounded with formidable alacrity. And the wail, the pain, the suffering are now being suppressed and erased by the louder sound of the election drums.

Under such prevailing circumstances, no Political Party would likely to come forward to protect the dignity of Hindus. Nobody will express the human desire to fight for the existence of the hapless Hindus. It is our firm resolution. Therefore, we confirm, there is no endeavour to protect the persecuted Hindus or rescue the Hindu girls from the Muslim goons at any level. So, Hindu Samhati (HS), on behalf of the full strength of our organization, vows not to support any political party in the ensuing Election to the House of the People. We and the local workers of HS will decide to vote the Candidates or the Political Parties upon their attitude and attributes reflected to the cause of Hindus. We should realize that this Election is not the last one. We have to prepare for the post-election phase. That may be more fatal for the Hindus. But we have to fight for Hindus till the last breath. The protection of Hindus is our ultimate aim, our only goal, our sole mission.
FRIDAY, JULY 10, 2009

Major Communal Riot Broke in Murshidabad


Today, 10th July, a major communal riot broke in Murshidabad district. Till now 12 persons dead, most of them Hindus, hundreds injured including 10 policemen and one D.S.P. rank police officer. Two village markets and hundreds of Hindu houses were looted and burnt. Firing between police and Muslim rioters still going on at 11.30 night. Curfew imposed in the whole area. BSF and CRPF deployed to help police and RAF

Perhaps the whole incident planned to welcome the proposed Aligarh Muslim University Campus in this district.

Jhaubona High School is a big higher secondary school in Jhaubona village under Nawda police station in Beldanga sub division in Murshidabad district. Among total 1000 students of this school, about 50% are Muslim students. For long they were demanding to offer Friday Namaz inside the school. But school management and the Hindu students resisted it apprehending that it will create a virtual mosque inside the school. So, the furious Muslim students made objection against Saraswati Puja in the school and the school management has been compelled to stop Saraswati puja last year in the school. In spite of that, the Muslim students were not satisfied. So they planned to offer Friday Namaz today (10 July) by force inside the school without any permission from Head Master or School Management. Hindu students protested and altercation started at 12 noon between two groups of students. Muslims were prepared. Through cell phone they spread the false message that Hindu students attacked Muslim students in the school. Within 10-15 minutes, thousands of Muslims led by the students of nearby Trimohini Madrasa rushed to the school. They attacked the school students, the big village market of Trimohini, and two Hindu villages Jhaubona and Trimohini. Many Hindu shops in the Trimohini market were burnt and looted. Many Hindu houses were burnt and looted in the villages Jhaubona and Darapara. In one house 4 Hindus died in the fire including one father and his daughter were burnt alive.

Till now, according to our sources, 12 Hindus are dead, more than one hundred injured, though the district administration will surely give a lesser number. Hindus are fleeing the villages Jhaubona and Trimohini.

Many are missing. Nobody knows how many of the missing persons are already dead.

Police and RAF could not control the situation. So, BSF and CRPF are called in. Till evening, police fired 250 rounds. 10 policemen were injured, among them condition of 4 are very serious. One D.S.P. is seriously injured. He has been admitted in a private nursing home to avoid media scrutiny. On the road at Begunbari village, Muslims burnt 2 buses and one matador. One Tata Sumo car and its passengers were attacked. The broken car and its passengers have been brought to Beldanga Bharat Sevashram Sangha for their safety.

The injured persons have been admitted to Baharampur and Amtala hospitals. Till mid night, firing was going on between Muslim rioters and security forces at Trimohini bazaar.

As usual, the electronic media/ TV channels are silent and totally blacked out this major incident.

Murshidabad district is a Muslim majority distrct. All the 3 police stations in Beldanga sub division – Beldanga, Nawda and Hariharpara – are Muslim majority. This is a border sub division. All the Hindu villages under Nawda and Hariharpara p.s. are awake tonight. They are scared of possible Muslim attack upon their villages.

In sub divisional town Beldanga, in evening Muslims gathered in front of Congress office. Hindus are fearing that the famous Bharat Sevashram Sangha, whose President highly revered Swami Pradiptanandaji (Kartik Maharaj) may be attacked by communal Muslims. Swamiji is now away from Ashram. He went for pilgrimage to Mansarovar-Kailas. He is expected to return in 5-6 days.

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