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The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged
Above URL has a photo of cricket stadium filled with PFI members, over 75000 in one spot


ENGINEERING STUDENT Rayana Khasi returned home to north Kerala from Chennai four months ago, charmed and unaware that she was carrying deadly arsenal in her baggage. She had just finished with a course in aeronautical engineering, and was considering a career in the civil services. From Chennai she brought a few of her favourite things. Dreams. Knickknacks. Jeans. In Kasargod, northern Kerala, where she lived, Rayana got the shock of her life. They hated her jeans. They called her at odd times, men she didn’t know, and told her what they would do with her if she didn’t dump the jeans and put on purdah. Each time Rayana stepped out, they stared and said horrible things.

Then, four months later, she wrote to the Women’s Commission asking that she be allowed to wear what she likes. The state posted constables to protect Rayana so she could sport denim. Now, they stalked her. One day Rayana was returning after meeting her lawyer in Ernakulam, a town near the middle of Kerala. The constable got off midway. A group tried to block the car Rayana was in. She drove off. They chased the car and attacked her with stones. She had to drive to a town nearby, where the locals lent a touch of security. All this, because they didn’t like what she wore. Because they thought she was impious.

Hindus and Christians are beginning to feel uncomfortable with this brand of assertive, militant religion-centred politics of the Popular Front of India

THEY SAID they were from the Popular Front of India. Initially it was teasing and harassment. But harassment is worse than a threat to life. The comments and staring each time I ventured out, as if I was a criminal, was intolerable. They wrote to me saying they want me to wear purdah. They said what I did was blasphemy. But I don’t think it is a problem of Islam. This is an issue of the right over one’s body. It is sad that everybody is making it out as a religious problem, even those who support me,” says Rayana. Soon after the stone attack, she met Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan and the DGP. “They promised me they would do their best.”
above url = The PFI has garnered rapid support within the Muslim community because it has been able to demonstrate its organisational capability. Its ‘Freedom Parade’ is the shining showpiece of its cadrestrength. On 15 August in the past two years, PFI cadres dressed in uniforms similar to paramilitary organisations staged a perfectly synchronised march in cities across Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Muslims in Kozhikode thronged the roads and packed into the city stadium to watch the march. In 2008, the PFI chose to stage the Freedom March in Mangalore, a town known for its Hindutva extremist groups like the Sri Ram Sene. PFI seniors take pains to explain the rationale of the Freedom Parade. “The Muslim community needs to show its strength for political mobilisation. A disciplined cadre-based organisation is necessary for the progress of the community,” says Elamaram.

Some Muslims admire the PFI for its educational, social and public health initiatives. But the biggest inducement for the youth to join the outfit is jobs

This year the Kerala Government banned the parade. Kerala police officers point to a few curious features of the PFI’s show of strength. It was always held in the afternoon or evening after the official Independence Day functions were over. No PFI senior has ever turned up for official I-Day functions. The PFI has consistently refused to furnish the list of names and contact details of its marching cadres to the police so their strength is not precisely known. Police officers claim the cadres have been trained by former police and army personnel ( Indian muslim traitors in army ). The police claim that within the PFI, there is an Ideology Wing, Intelligence Wing and an Action Group. ( like LTTE
Above url has several armed militia PFI marching

I think that Kerala, especially malabar is a lost cause

In Assam and west bengal, muslims have not yet established a militia

There they are at the level of rioting mobs

The PFI seems to have more weapons and members than kerala police
PFI even does marches in Mangalore, in Karnataka , a BJP ruled state and strong Hindutva bastion

I think that Mangalore can be salvaged, but it will be hard

Dr Pravin Togadia ( on Narendra Modi


NO Hindu votes to him after he said:Those who campaign for Akhand Bharat are Pakistani Imperialists: In interview given to Shahid Siddiqi!

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11:44 AM - 5 Aug 12 · Embed this Tweet

5 Aug Rudra Sekhar ‏@RudraHindu

@DrPravinTogadia Bhai Ji this is simply not done!


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6 Aug Ashok ‏@nationalizer

@DrPravinTogadia read it again. He said he does not want this to be a muslim majority nation in the name of akhand bharat
AHMEDABAD: The Narendra Modigovernment has asked for the death sentence in its appeal against 27 people, sentenced to life imprisonment by an Anand court f...See


Modi wants to enhance life sentence to death sentence for Hindu rioters

This will embolden muslims and they will do Direct Action Day without fear
Talking to rediff.com, Siddiqui explains that Modi is not supportive of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh's idea of Akhand Bharat because it will have a Muslim majority due to Pakistan and Bangladesh's current demography. The RSS's dream of Akhand Bharat is no more Modi's dream, says Siddiqui. Modi, in the interview, speaks about the idea of a Sanskrutik Bharat now.
Siddiqui killed for bragging about Pune temple attack: Cops

Press Trust of India / Pune September 06, 2012, 18:25

A boast by Qateel Siddiqui about making a second attempt to plant a bomb at famous Shrimant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati temple prompted jailed gangsters Alok Bhalerao and Sharad Mohol to eliminate him at Yerawada prison near here, according to the chargesheet filed by city police in murder of the Indian Mujahideen operative.

Sharad Mohol and Alok Bhalerao--in jail for an offence under Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act--were named in the 81-page chargesheet filed by police in the court of Judicial Magistrate first class S S Patil yesterday for the June 8 murder of Siddiqui (26) inside his 'anda' cell at the high-security jail, Yerawada police station inspector Kishore Jadhav said today.

According to chargesheet, what triggered the murder was Siddiqui telling Bhalerao, when he was taking a stroll outside his 'anda' cell, that he would not hesitate in planting a bomb again at the famous temple once released from the jail.


Thats why we want Hindu gangsters to replace muslim gangsters
Every darul islam started off with 0% muslim

The time to stop new mini-pakistans is at the entry of the first muslim

VHP is doing a good job in Guj, blocking sales to muslims in Hindu areas
It's from a quote by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, which reads roughly like this (translations vary, of course) : "Battle not with monsters lest ye become a monster; and if you gaze into the abyss the abyss gazes into you."

Ultimately only islamic methods work with islam
[url="http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/BJP-to-distribute-CDs-on-Assam-violence-coal-scam/articleshow/16290053.cms"]BJP to distribute CDs on Assam violence, coal scam[/url]
If Hindu society cant have the stomach to produce 5 kids and dilute islam, how will they have the stomach to fight a civil war, street by street as the darul-islams expand from their ghettos ?

By failing to expel them in 1947, Gandhi and Nehru made a blunder equal to Prithviraj Chauhan

1947 pop exchange was the easy option. Now it will have to be contained and repelled street by street

The RSS is very dumb - Indianise muslims ?, hello 1947 was done by Indianised muslims

Indonesian muslim option, Indonesian muslims are also intolerant

Impose family planning = who is going to enforce laws in the darul islams
Much of this is psychological

We must get a string of small easy victories

The first place is Indian punjab

The mullahs are slowly coming back and trying to reclaim old abandoned mosques

Indian Punjab must remain Darul-Harb
The next place is Haryana. Mewat district must be cancelled, and Nuh town de-mullahised

The Meos are doing low level riots for decades. Haryanvis are sleeping and must be re-awakened by showing what is still happening to Hindus in Pakistan

Just as Godhra was de-mullahised, Nuh is next
milligazette - Muslims infiltrating back to Punjab - trying to create Mughalstan corridor

Another mosque rehabilitated in Punjab

The Milli Gazette

Published Online: Feb 25, 2011

Print Issue: 16-31 January 2011

Fazilka: Majlis Ahrar Islam-e-Hind under the leadership of Punjab’s Shahi Imam Maulana Habibur Rahman Sani Ludhianvi has been actively working for liberating occupied mosques in Punjab and has so far got a number of illegally occupied mosques liberated or those that were lying vacant since partition and gradually being destroyed with ravages of time. In this task he achieved yet another success when the Jama Masjid of Fazilka, parts of which were occupied and used as godown, was reclaimed and namaz was offered there for the first time in 63 years.

It may be stated in this connection that Fazilka is a city of Punjab from where Pakistan’s border is just at a distance of six kilometres and where not a single mosque has so far been freed from occupation and used for namaz. Because of this, Muslims of the city were facing great difficulty in offering namaz, particularly on Fridays. Its Jama Masjid whose building is large and beautiful was got vacated with the efforts of Majlis Ahrar Islam-e-Hind and with the help of other important people of the city. Shahi Imam Maulana Habibur Rahman Sani Ludhianvi congratulated all Muslims for rehabilitation of this Jama Masjid.

On 2 January, namaz led by Punjab’s deputy Shahi Imam and chairman of Punjab Waqf Board’s Committee for religious affairs, Muhammad Usman Rahmani Ludhianvi, was offered for the first time in 63 years. Many important Muslims participated in this namaz. Local Muslims warmly received honourable guests who had come here to participate in this namaz. Before the Friday namaz, Muhammad Usman Rahmani Ludhianvi delivered an emotional speech in Punjabi in the presence of about one thousand Muslims who had come here from far and near, hearing which the eyes of many of them were filled with tears of joy.

Since the beautiful Jama Masjid is in a very bad shape because of decades of neglect and ravages of time, its repair work will be started soon. For this work Punjab Waqf Board has sanctioned a grant of Rs two lakh
twocircles.net - muslims infiltrating back to Punjab - creation of Mughalsthan corridor

Ramadan in prison: Iftar-Sehri program completes 10 years in Punjab jails

Submitted by admin4 on 15 August 2012 - 2:14pm

Indian Muslim

By TCN News,

Ludhiana: A special program launched by All India Majlis Ahrar Islam to provide Iftar and Sehri to Muslim inmates in jails in Punjab has completed 10 years. Commemorating the occasion, Maulana Mohammad Usman Rahmani Ludhianwi, national general secretary, All India Majlis Ahrar Islam gave details about the program to pressmen here on 14th August.

Maulana Usman, who is also Naib Shahi Imam, said the program was started in 2001 in the central jail of Ludhiana but it was expanded in entire Punjab in 2002 and has since continued without any break. He said he himself visited all jails in the state, he personally met Muslim inmates, and sometimes he got emotional seeing the condition of the inmates. The Iftar and Sehri program is run by Al-Habeeb Trust, social welfare wing of Majlis Ahrar.

Majlis-e-Ahrar help gain the possession of an occupied mosque in Punjab

Submitted by admin3 on 16 March 2010 - 11:11pm

Indian Muslim


Ludhiana: A deserted mosque was rehabilitated after 62 years at Longowal, a city in Punjab. The masjid was under occupation of Municipal Committee in recent years.

Few days ago when the roof of the main hall of the masjid collapsed, Municipal Committee shifted its office to one of the side rooms. Local Muslims who have been complaining about the illegal masjid occupation, alerted Majlis-e-Ahrar about the incident.

Majlis-e-Ahrar along with local Sikhs and Hindus were able to build the roof of the mosque in one night and offered namaz. About 200 local Muslims participated in offering prayers.

Muncipal authorities called the police but when the documents were furnished they were satisfied that this building belongs to the masjid.

Mohammad Usman Rahmani Ludhianvi, Maulana Nisar Ahmad, Abdul Hameed, Zafar Husain of Majlis-e-Ahrar were instrumental in getting the masjid possession back to Muslims.
muslims riot in Indian Punjab and attack Sikhs

Occupied mosque recovered after 60 yrs in Punjab

Ahlul Bayt News Agency, Jagraon (Punjab), India -- : A mosque demolished and occupied about sixty years ago was recovered on 30 July with the efforts of Majlis Ahrar volunteers with the blessings of Majlis Ahrar President Maulana Habibur Rahman Sani Ludhianvi who is also the Shahi Imam of Punjab.

Before 1947 local Muslims had built a large and beautiful mosque in Hans Kalan village. It was destroyed after Partition and at that place one Milkait Singh and his wife Milkait Kaur had built their house.

A few months ago, Muslims living in this locality went to Maulana Habibur Rahman Sani Ludhianvi and complained to him that such-and-such person was building his house at the site of the demolished mosque. Taking this complaint seriously, Maulana Habibur Rahman started immediate action.

A notice was given to Milkait Singh not to build his house at that place.

Punchayat meetings were also held three times, and the occupants were requested in the notice to vacate the occupied place by 30 July. On the fixed date, i.e. 30 July, when Milkait Singh had not vacated the site of mosque, Ahrar volunteers along with Panchayat members reached the place and demolished his house.

On that occasion Shahi Imam Maulana Habibur Rahman himself was present along with local Muslim and Waqf Board officers. Majlis Ahrar’s welfare institution Al-Habib Charitable Trust took over the job of building the mosque.

It may be stated that among the many destroyed mosques that have been rehabilitated now, rehabilitation of this mosque is most important and this is for the first time in Punjab’s history that a house built at the site of a demolished mosque has been demolished. Now work on building the new mosque will start soon.
Ramadhan gift to Muslims: Sikhs hand over mosque to Muslims in Punjab

August 14, 2010

Ludhiana: A wave of jubilation ran among the Muslims of Punjab on the first day of Ramadhan when thanks to the efforts of the Majlis-e-Ahrar Islam, Hind the Sikhs of the village Mallan handed over the mosque which had been closed for the last 63 years to the Shahi Imam of Punjab, Maulana Habibur Rahman Sani Ludhiyanvi in a simple ceremony.

According to eye witnesses, when the caravan of the Shahi Imam of Punjab Maulana Habibur Rahman Sani Ludhianvi reached Mallan at 12.30 PM on the first day of Ramadhan, the joy of Muslims knew no bounds. The Sarpanch of the village Amar Singh handed over the mosque to the Shahi Imam. On the occasion, the Shahi Imam also felicitated the people of the Sikh community.

Addressing the gathering, the Shahi Imam said that he was thankful to God that with the blessings of the holy Prophet (PBUH), He took this service from them on the first day of Ramadhan. He further said that the mosque was in a very dilapidated condition and would be handed over to the Al Habib Charitable Trust for repair and renovation.

The Shahi Imam said that with the recovery of this mosque, the residents of the 10-12 Muslim houses in the village will now have the facility of offering namaz and observing other Islamic customs as until now the Muslims of this village offered their namaz in their homes. He especially commended the efforts of the President of Jagraun region, Md Rafi who played an important role in the recovery of the mosque.

He said that Majlis-e-Ahrar Islam had been constantly striving to recover mosques all over the Punjab with God’s help. The President of Bazme Habib Ghulam Hasan Qaiser, the Principal Secretary of Shahi Imam Md Mustaqeem Ahrari, and the Chairman of the Religious Affairs Committee of Punjab Waqf Board, Md Usman Ludhianvi were also present on the occasion. Mr Usman said that the services of Majlis Ahrar Islam in Punjab were undeniable.

He said that its efforts towards recovering old mosques and fighting the trial of Qadianiat in Punjab were commendable. He said that all the personnel of the Punjab government respect Shahi Imam, adding that the recovery of mosques under the leadership of Shahi Imam will go on.

He further said that they were grateful to the Sikh community for the handover of the mosque after discussions and praised their magnanimity. Mr Usman Ludhianvi said that Punjab Wakf Board was unable to aid the mosques in a big way due to paucity of funds at the moment. However, the mosques will get financial aid on a big scale the next year, he said.

Source: Sahafat, New Delhi

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