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The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged
Assault on religious properties & festivals

•Destruction and desecration of temple and Deities

•Deliberate cow slaughter in Hindu majority localities

•Rioting during Hindu festivals and processions

•Growing trend throughout India


•Death threat, assault and murder on Hindu monks

•Harassing temple goers (especially women)
•Major boost to jihadi elements and terrorism infrastructure

•Enforcement of Sharia in local pockets

•Government sponsored madrassas – recruitment of jihadis

•Illegal construction of (giant) mosques deep inside Hindu localities

•Smuggling of cattle and random slaughter in Hindu areas

Rapid Islamization of West Bengal, lower Assam and Tripura
•To protect Hindu women

•To protect Hindu property & prevent mass migration.

•To provide moral support to areas facing violent attacks by organized Jihadi entities.

•To create a efficient transfer of intelligence from the grassroots to the policymakers.

Organization of Hindu resistance

Has map of areas of resistance by Hindu Samhati

Hindu Samhati is active along most of the Bangladesh border and in most districts
Organizational achievements (and failures) David versus Goliath situation in border areas

•Relief works

• Field resistances

•Awareness campaigns

Has photo of Tapan Ghosh with BSF ( face blocked out )
Nov 2, 2009: Local police officials in Bongaon area arrested eight members of Hindu Samhati for protesting against land-grabbing by Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators. Mr. Ajit Adhikari, Mr. Somnath Pal and seven other workers of HS were arrested while protesting and were locked in jail without bail. Even more shocking was the fact that no action was taken by the police against those Islamists involved in the land-grabbing.

Riot Relief
Riot Relief

Riot Relief

Riot victim Samrat Mondal, burnt in Jihadi attack

Mondal is a Harijan name
Riot Relief

On August 12, 2009 Hindu women were attacked & sexually assaulted by Islamists in Howrah. Hindu Samhati workers maintained liaison, helped the victims, and looked after their court cases. The police, under pressure from the political parties, lodged false cases against Hindu Samhati president of Amta unit Mr. Shyam Gopal Rit and some other workers.
Alia relief work by Hindu Samhati: A strong strength combining local Hindu Samhati workers and workers from Kolkata medical team participated in seva work in eight villages viz. Juktigachi, Deuli Para, Choto Gheri, Shankardaha Barpara, Shirishtala, Kachukhali, Mathbari, and Kharihat Majherpara, serving at least 2000 people of 500 families in dire need. These families were victims of the devastation ensued by cyclone Aila in May 2009.
July 21,2010: The ulta rath yatra festival passing peacefully at Dalanghata in South 24 Parganas district. The situation was tense as the place witnessed a major communal attack by muslim miscreants a week ago in which two Hindu temples were ransacked, deities were broken, and huge public property was damaged. To restore confidence of the Hindus, Hindu Samhati volunteers spread out over the villages around, organized village meetings, mobilized people, and encouraged them to attend the festival without fear.
June 2008: Muslim mob attack on Hindu Samhati camp at Gangasagar, WB
A three day training camp of Hindu Samhati was completed at Gobardanga Government Colony Netaji Vidyapeeth.

The camp was held in Gobardanga, the oldest municipality of West Bengal, from Dec 31, 2008 to Jan 2, 2009. 152 Hindu Samhati activists (trainees) and 18 trainers & associates of Hindu Samhati participated in this three day long fully residential training course designed to prepare the participants in facing the different challenges before Hindu Society.
On October 26, 2009, Hindu Samhati mobilized twenty-six clubs of Taki in North 24 Parganas dist of West Bengal to join hands. Three to four thousand Hindus encircled the Taki Police Station and organized demonstration against Islamic persecution
Cross border trafficking

•Bangladesh to Middle East via Islam-intensive pockets in Northern India through Pakistan.

•Human trafficking from border areas a major concern.

Hindu Samhati counter trafficking efforts in the border districts of 24 Parganas
Provide protection to women

Case Study 1:

Sneha Naskar formerly, Shirin Sultana had to undergo extreme difficulties at the initial stages of her marriage . They had to escape their villages and move out of state to save themselves from threats of honor killing by organized Muslim gangs.

Case Study 2: Nayana Sardar, a 14 year old girl was kidnapped by Muslim ganga,forcibly converted to Islam , on April 19, 2009. Despite 2 years of efforts, Nayana has not been recovered yet.
On Aug 2, 2008 Hindu Samhati, organized a silent march along the streets of Kolkata to protest atrocities against Hindus.
Deputation to Gaighata B.D.O. on proper correction of voters list. On July 27, 2010, a memorandum was submitted to Gaighata B. D. O., dist. North 24 Parganas, jointly by Hindu Samhati and All India Refugees Front in protest against the irregularities due to anti Hindu attitude of government and Election Commission.
First Women's conference of Hindu Samhati was held at Student's Hall, College Square, Kolkata on August 1, 2010. A number of women, tortured and humiliated by Islamists, told their experiences in the meeting.
Awareness Campaigns

May 5 2010: Deputation to police at Haringhata police station to protect Hindus from Islamist extremists. This area has been affected by assaults by Muslim miscreants on Hindus attending the Pagol Thakurer Mela, a local Hindu festival.
•Potential for growth and sustenance

–Increasing support base in ALL the border districts of Bengal

–Increasing support base in lower Assam and Tripura.

Future Directions

Hindu Samhati, 2015 area of influence, projected

Hindu Samhati, current area of influence
US Support

•Scrutinizing US based secular and religious NGOs that work with Islamists worldwide- A huge portion of that money is being used to defend suspected Jihadis in India are raised through NGOs in India, many of which are “secular” groups. These bodies pay for the best lawyers who get these suspects out exploiting the loopholes in the legal system.

•Stringent Immigration Control from Bangladesh and Pakistan- Supporters of Shariat must not be allowed Immigration Visas to US.

•US Government / Watchdog/NGO cooperation- Help us create awareness and counter the demographic Jihad & Human Trafficking through partnership and support with watchdog groups in US.

We can be reached at hindusamhati@gmail.com Website : www.hindusamhati.org Blog: www.hindusamhati.blogspot.com

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