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  Handsome heathens
Posted by: Husky - 06-01-2014, 07:01 PM - Forum: General Topics - No Replies

This thread is not about anything important.

After having my senses assaulted by witnessing 5 entire seconds of bollywho crap** (sue!), I discovered that the only means of recovery is to look at pictures of Handsome Heathens, which is an adjective traditionally used for both males and females.

** I suppose I should be grateful that at least I wasn't exposed to freakishly horrendous entities like Sagarika Ghose, but still, I barely survived.

Since I figured it possible that other visitors may suffer from similar torment on exposure to hideous christo-islami-secular faces on TV and the internet - and there really should be a ban on images of ugly people on the internet and tv, it's just not decent - I thought I'd start this thread.

Although my present intention is to post pictures of beautiful/handsome Hindoos if and whenever I feel like it and remember to, it may happen that at some point I start pasting pictures of beautiful/handsome Taiwanese/Chinese/Japanese/other heathens also.

It's not an Illegally-Ogling thread: these are officially snapped pictures. Meaning: I didn't take these pictures.

Nevertheless there is nothing wrong with staring at kallai heathens just as there is nothing wrong in staring at cuddly animals (<- that last is something all Hindoos are guilty of, no use denying it. E.g. [color="#0000FF"]attackofthecute.com[/color]).

Pictures can be of either gender, all ages and species: babies to elderly, male or female, human or other animal. The only condition is that they be heathen. (All other animal species are automatically classified as heathens.)

Initially I was going to paste two pics: one of a terribly kallai Tamizh Hindoo - not to mention he's a supremely talented 2D artist of sacred Hindoo imagery (he's the famous shiShya of my very famous relative-by-marriage) and also one of another famous elderly kallai TN Hindoo who also makes sacred 2D imagery, both of whom wear the sacred Hindoo markings, but I thought that would give away some of the people I'm a big fan of. They're *my* heroes and I hate sharing, especially heroes.

Instead, here's some pictures of handsome young Hindoo men from TN:

[Image: w2m8lc.png]

Grrr. If my hair ever did something crazy like that, it would look laughable at best or just downright-scary. But how come he (Hindoo on the right) still looks good? Indeed it seems to even suit him... :disturbing: Is this fair, I ask you?

If the camera wasn't taking a picture, I predict the two in the image would have plotted to hug their beloved Ganapati. I know how Hindoos think. They're restraining themselves for the picture.

[Image: fy1s9w.png]

Though it's not very clear, from the original print in my possession, the tiny second picture above is filled with these and more kallai faces yet again, most of which bear Hindoo markings (being Hindoos).

[Image: zyja8j.png]

Oh great smile in that last. Love it.

And note how they all have the typically Awesome - capital A - cheekbones and jaws, all round perfect bone structure - perfect Hindoo genetics. Unique to the Hindoo subcontinent. And lovely thick eyebrows. Attractive and individual skintones. Great teeth. (Though teeth are frustrating as they're hard to draw.)

So endearingly kallai. I could stare at Hindoos forever.

But I must say that Hindoo men are possibly The Most Annoying in that they always have luscious, thick, long eyelashes that Maybelline ads would kill for (beat that Maybelline) - and so, coupled with their great facial bone structure, they look thoroughly masculine and dashing.

Sigh. I'm so going to lose if I tried "Mirror, Mirror" just now. I must tell myself repeatedly that this is not a competition. ("This is not a competition. This is not a competition." Not working...)

I know from personal experience that TN and KN are full of such handsome Hindoo men. Such faces don't exist anywhere outside of the Hindoo subcontinent and its settlements in SE Asia. And such kallai faces are not wasted on me, since I have the ability to value them. (Possessing a keen Eye For Beauty, and all. Not everyone has that, I have learnt. I'll Mirror Mirror on that and prove my indisputable overlordship that way.)

And while Hindoos don't have anyone who looks like Donar - whereas a Norwegian and a Dutch young man looked to me like what I imagine Thor must look like (and very kallai they were) - no one else but the Hindoos have anyone who remind one of the Hindoo Gods and Goddesses.* So Woo Woo.

Just like none but the E Asians have any humans who look like *their* Gods and Amman-s.

All the really ugly people are visibly represented in bollywho/christomedia. Maybe bollywho is an ultra-regressive form of "positive discrimination": since ugly people are a minority in India (correlating with alien religious "minorities", I notice), maybe bollywho - being by and for the ugly minority - took pity on their kind and decided to boost their confidence by featuring their insipid, ugly and samey-looking faces everywhere?

Honestly, I can tell every E Asian actor's and individual's face from every other E Asian face that I've ever seen, but most modern Indian actresses and actors look the same to me. It is worrying when you can't even tell people who are allegedly of your own nationality apart. (Although I have no problems distinguishing regular natives, so it's not me but bollywho/christo-news).

The entirely false impression that christo news media and bollywho give - and which is where all the representatives of the ugliest seem to congregate - is that Indians have a small phenotypical diversity and are all ugly.

In reality the Hindoo natives - like E and SE Asian heathens - look extremely kallai and don't look the same at all.

Post summary: see the pictures in this post.

  Do u know about pigment printing?
Posted by: akeera - 05-31-2014, 04:50 PM - Forum: Indian Culture - No Replies

A pigment is a mixture of dye and an opacifying agent, such as white oxide powders. Advantage of pigment printing is flexibility to apply on natural and synthetic fibers. Pigment colors are more popular because the process is simple, new vibrant color combinations are evolved with the mixing of two or three colours. Pigments are used in block printing process of various fabrics like pure cotton, pure silk, chiffon, crepe, georgette and supernet. Pigment printed sarees are highly fashionable and in demand today.

Pigment printing is the affixing of coloured designs using pigment colorants onto various fabrics, through block printing. It is comparatively much easier than the elaborate process of dye printing. A pigment is a material or substance that tends to reflect or scatter some or most wavelengths of the light incident on it. The resulting reflected light is perceived by the human eye as a colour. A fine example is ultramarine that absorbs most colours and reflects only the blue colour that we see.

Pigments generally exist as powders of the colorants meant to colour other materials. A binder or vehicle has to accompany it before applying. A vehicle is a colour less neutral substance in which the pigment is suspended. The essential difference between a dye and a pigment is that a dye dissolves in the vehicle while the pigment is insoluble and remains suspended in it.

[Image: unm_2753-s.jpg]

[Image: unm2746_s.jpg]

[Image: unm7766-s.jpg]

  Christoislamaniacs cannibalising each other and themselves
Posted by: Husky - 05-12-2014, 07:49 PM - Forum: Strategic Security of India - Replies (19)

Couldn't decide on which thread title was most fitting.


- Christoislamaniacs murdering each other off and terrorising each other (not that I care. Rather they kill each other than either of them killing heathens)

- Anyone else who beats down christoislamania. E.g. Chinese crackdown on islamania

- How the christowest's conversion of heathen nations makes them 3rd worlds with 3rd world mentalities. All "ethnic" christists are laughed at as more retarded than even the most dimwitted and illiterate western christist. Conversion of Asia and Africa is regarded by the west as a way to manufacture a permanent 3rd world in Asia and Africa and never have competition: christowest knows full well that a converted Asia and Africa will never amount to anything (let alone competition).

To start, reposting from the christianism thread:


Quote:22 Apr 2014 - 12:12pm

UN evacuates 100 Muslims from CAR

The UN has evacuated 93 Muslims from the capital of the crisis-torn Central African Republic to protect them from Christian vigilante groups. Source AAP

UPDATED 12:14 PM - 22 Apr 2014.

[color="#0000FF"]The United Nations has evacuated almost 100 Muslims from the capital of the crisis-torn Central African Republic to "save their lives", officials say.[/color]

Supported by staff from the UN's refugee agency, 93 Muslims were transported east from Bangui to the town of Bambari, says El Hadj Abacar ben Ousmane, senior official in the town about 300km from the capital.

[color="#0000FF"]Sectarian violence in the former French colony has killed thousands in the past year.[/color]

The Muslim group travelled to Bambari from Sunday through to Monday in two trucks, accompanied by a convoy of vehicles from the French peacekeeping force Sangaris, the UNHCR refugee agency and the International Organisation for Migration.

The convoy was pelted with stones as it passed through the town of Sibut, a member of the African-led MISCA peacekeeping force told AFP.

[color="#0000FF"]"This is a measure to save their lives,[/color] taken as a last resort after a long time considering their case," said Tammi Sharpe, deputy head of the UNHCR in the Central Africa Republic.

[color="#0000FF"]She said the evacuated Muslims had been "constantly attacked" in their northern Bangui neighbourhood of PK 12, where conditions at the moment are "particularly tense".[/color]

In Bambari, a Christian-majority town of 45,000 people, El Hadj Abacar ben Ousmane said Muslims and Christians could live in "harmony".

"We would have no objection to welcoming others," he said. "We have no problems with each other."

The Central African Republic, one of the poorest countries in the world, plunged into a crisis after a coup by the mostly Muslim Seleka rebels in March last year.

After seizing power, some rebels went rogue and embarked on a campaign of killing, raping and looting.

[color="#800080"](This is obviously alleged. Poor innocent islamaniac jihadi terrorists have obviously been framed! As also frequently happens in Pakistan, where poor islamaniacs get blamed for christians killing themselves bloodily.)[/color]

The abuses prompted members of [color="#FF0000"]the Christian majority to form vigilante groups, unleashing brutal tit-for-tat killings - leaving thousands dead, close to a million displaced and warnings the country is on the brink of genocide.[/color]

  Uncomfortable topics (e.g. Doniger type tackiness, etc)
Posted by: Husky - 03-25-2014, 10:43 AM - Forum: General Topics - Replies (5)

As the title says, I'm justifying the creation of yet another thread with the fact that tacky or otherwise unpleasant/uncomfortable stuff can go here. That way, people won't accidentally catch sight of such stuff if they would prefer not to, as they'd need to click on the link first.

  25 Amazing Tourist Places to Visit in India Before You Die
Posted by: manyasingh - 03-21-2014, 11:45 AM - Forum: Indian History - No Replies

A list of must visit places in India before you Die http://www.weareholidays.co.in/articles/...ces-india/

How many of these have you visited?

  College course and text on Hinduism
Posted by: oldnarayanan - 03-16-2014, 07:40 PM - Forum: Indian Culture - No Replies

Serious topic (as are all here).

"We" find ourselves usually "on the back foot" reacting to atrocious attacks on our culture, beliefs, and everything else, by increasingly sophisticated and malicious entities. Nowadays there are enough lakhs of cretins rushing to put in "disclaimers" that they are themselves "non-denominational", "atheist", "secular", etc just to avoid saying "I was born a Hindu, I believe in Hinduism, and I know why I believe in it".

OK, this is a losing strategy unless one can educate the upcoming generations clearly and in terms that they can understand and accept, yet are completely consistent with the lasting wisdom of Sanatana Dharma and the Vedas and Puranas. The purpose of this thread is to pick your minds and steal your ideas without any apology, to construct

a) a brief textbook

b ) a 3-credit, senior undergrad/ first year grad level textbook, suitable for ALL disciplines in college, be it astrophysics or anthrolopgy.

c) a MOOC version of the course (implying much focus on streamlining, show, etc and wide dissemination).


Question 1: Course structure. Please list the topics that you would propose for a 3-credit semester course. This means typically notes that can be delivered at a leisurely pace with some discussion in 50 minutes times 3 times 14 weeks = 2100 minutes = 35 hours of lecture notes.

Please keep it brief. The detailed bloodletting can be done elsewhere, but brief points in defense/opposition to specific items and structure are always welcome.

Question 2: Textbook: A course like that must have ONE core textbook. It need not pack ALL details, and should have an extensive list of references (the toughest job!) But it has to have a structure, a flow, and enough meaninfgul, well-researched content to be a useful and reliable reference, and and an excellent guide. So what should be the list of chapter headings of this book?

Question 3: What are the Absolutely Tops references on Hinduism/ SD whatever u call it?


  2014 General Elections
Posted by: ramana - 03-06-2014, 02:38 AM - Forum: Indian Politics - Replies (31)

The Election Commission has announced the dates and poll schedule for the 12 Lok Sabha and accompanying State Assembly elections. Please post news and discussion on the subject in this thread. Please no polemics and just the facts and reasoned opinion.

Thanks, ramana

Polls from April 7th thru May 12th, Counting on May16th

  Gujrat development under narendra modi
Posted by: pragya20 - 01-10-2014, 02:44 PM - Forum: Indian Politics - Replies (1)

Please discuss development in Gujarat, progress in Gujarat under Modi achievements, as the primary focus.

The discussions may involve comparisons to to other projects, states etc as well as lack of development or regress if in any areas - basically this means that both positive and negative aspects are open to discussion.

  Who will be our next PM
Posted by: pragya20 - 01-09-2014, 03:20 PM - Forum: Indian Politics - Replies (4)

As the current position of all party it is clear that the chances of Narendar Modi for pm is more then other and he deserves this post because he has leadership quality and locality..What are your opinions.

  Unresolved tragedies - tentatively "secular"
Posted by: Husky - 01-08-2014, 08:16 PM - Forum: Strategic Security of India - Replies (3)

Unresolved tragedies - tentatively "secular"

Yet why the emergence of a pattern? A total of two similar mysterious "accidents" may not constitute a pattern generally, but note the dates for such rarish 'mysteries' are very close together. Both night trains too. If anyone wanted to kill lots of people on a train, chances are they will have more success with night trains: more people will succumb to fire when asleep than when awake.

1. indianexpress.com/news/26-die-in-sleep-as-fire-breaks-out-on-train-from-bangalore/1212950/


Quote:26 die in sleep as fire breaks out on train from Bangalore

Santosh Kumar R B , Avishek G Dastidar : Kothacheruvu, New Delhi, Sun Dec 29 2013, 08:16 hrs

[color="#800080"][Photo caption:][/color] [color="#0000FF"]Preliminary inquiry by Railways ruled out short-circuit and indicated the presence of a 'foreign object' which could have started the fire. (PTI)[/color]

[color="#800080"](Note, the foreign object has not been identified as a cigarette, lighter or any other known, everyday item. The phrase "foreign object" rules out several things. What remains after the process of elimination? Unidentified object? Irregular fire-starting object? What?)[/color]

Twenty six people, including two children, were killed and 12 injured when a fire broke out in the AC 3-tier

B-1 coach of the Bangalore-Nanded Express train at Kothacheruvu near Puttaparthi in the early hours of Saturday.

While the Commissioner of Railway Safety will formally probe the incident, a preliminary inquiry by Railways is learnt to have ruled out short-circuit and indicated the presence of a "foreign object" which could have started the fire.

[color="#0000FF"]According to Railway officials who inspected the gutted coach, the area near berth 64, where the coach's power panel was located, did not seem to have been burnt. Moreover, the battery fuse was also found intact. In case of a short circuit, these two would have been affected.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Not to mention the "presence of a "foreign object" which "could have started the fire".)[/color]

According to reports, the fire broke out at 3:10 am, when most of the 65 passengers were sleeping. Some managed to escape by breaking the window panes or running to the next coach. The train was stopped and the B-1 coach detached to stop the fire from spreading.

Fire and emergency service vehicles from Puttaparthi were called in to douse the flames. The Kothacheruvu police, Ananthapuram district police, Railway Protection Force and the state railway police rushed to the spot. Local residents also helped in the rescue operation.

[color="#0000FF"]By 11:30 am, the rescue team had pulled out 26 bodies. Nine of the bodies have been identified as P Leela, Rajanathan, N Sudha, K Kulakarni, Amir Kumar, Eshwarappa Lingappa, Bhagyaraj, Sarvamngala and S R Krishnamurthy[/color]. DNA tests will be performed to identify the remaining bodies.

Among those who are reported missing are Dr Asra, her son Mohammed Rahi and brother-in-law Ibrahim Rahi, software engineer Rahul of Adhoni and engineer Prathap Vinay.

While six of the injured passengers suffered minor burns, the others sustained 15-45 per cent burns.

Quoting survivors, officials said most of the victims seemed to have died due to asphyxiation caused by the smoke. "A passenger on berth 32, whose relatives died, said he saw fire on the floor. A foreign object appears to have caused the fire," said a senior Railway ministry official. Sources said local officials did not rule out a "sabotage angle".

Railway Minister Mallikarjun Kharge, who rushed to the spot, said cigarettes, explosive objects and liquor would be strictly banned on trains. He also announced an ex-gratia payment of Rs 5 lakh to the next of kin of the deceased, Rs 1 lakh for those with serious injuries and Rs 50,000 for the others injured.

2. indianexpress.com/news/dehradun-express-fire-nine-charred-to-death--railways-orders-inquiry/1216770/

Quote:Dehradun Express fire: Nine charred to death; Railways orders inquiry

PRIYAL DAVE : New Delhi, Wed Jan 08 2014, 13:49 hrs

[color="#800080"][photo caption:][/color] Nine people were killed after a fire broke out in three general coaches of Bandra-Dehradun Express. (IE Photo)

Nine people were killed after a fire broke out in three general coaches of Bandra-Dehradun Express, north of Dahanu Road station in Thane district at around 2.30am Wednesday. Senior Railway officers rushed to the spot.

Railway Minister Mallikarjun Kharge announced an ex-gratia of Rs 5 lakh to the next of kin of those killed in the train mishap. The minister also ordered inquiry into the train mishap.

Of the nine, five bodies have been identified. Four dead were men and one woman, who were reported to have died due to asphyxiation, said Shailendra Kumar, divisional railway manager, Western Railway. The other bodies were charred beyond recognition, said the officer. Rescue work is underway, he added.

The train has been taken to Gholvad station for rescue work.

Officers said fire had been brought under control, however smoke inside the coaches made rescue work difficult.

Sharat Chandrayan, chief public relations officer, Western Railway said, "The guard noticed the fire and applied emergency brakes. The three coaches were isolated to prevent the fire from spreading. Rescue work is still underway."

Train 19019 from Bandra Terminus to Dehradun left Mumbai at 00.05 am Wednesday.

[color="#800080"](Another night train then. Magically catching on fire.)[/color]

The helpline numbers are: 022 23011853 and 23007386

[color="#0000FF"]The accident comes within days of the Bangalore train tragedy where twenty six people, including two children, were killed and 12 injured when a fire broke out in the AC 3-tier B-1 coach of the Bangalore-Nanded Express train at Kothacheruvu near Puttaparthi.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Yes, within days.)[/color]

So 2 night trains. Within about 10 days of each other. Both catching fire, and people dead.

I don't know Indian railways too well.

Does this sort of thing happen often?

Previously I've noted there have been occurrences of key people accidentally (or magically?) forgetting to swap the lines at junctions so that a collision between trains occurred resulting in mass-deaths.

But catching fire? Is that ... common? And if so, why only in India? (Never heard of such things happening in any other country I've been. And I still read their news on occasion.)

Not to mention that the fire was from "the presence of a foreign object" a.o.t. power or fuse etc. Sounds like it human instigation.