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  Muzaffarnagar (2013)
Posted by: Husky - 09-23-2013, 08:06 PM - Forum: Strategic Security of India - Replies (14)

Thread's for archival and search purposes.

First x-posting from islamic crimeline thread:

1. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/muzaffarnagar-up-riots-reaction-to_10.html

Quote:Tuesday, September 10, 2013

MuzaffarNagar, U.P riots: a reaction to SECULAR rape

[color="#800080"]("Secular" obviously deliberately used as it's the term the christomedia gives to all christoislamic rapistry, most especially when conducted against conveniently anonymised Hindu victim communities)[/color]

The MuzaffarNagar riots are not some mischief mongering by "right wing" Hindoos. This is apparently a natural reaction to a grave provocation by ROP Jihad Romeos. See below for a shockingly long list of atrocities waged by the ROP "youth" under the benign watch of Maulana Singh Yadav. It is actually surprising that the reaction took such a long time to come and was quite restrained - in proportion to these atrocities.

1) Dec 21, 2012: Muzaffarnagar panchayat offers rape victim 1.5 L to keep quiet. Alleged Rapist? Tasavvur.


2)Dec 24, 2012: Minor girl gang-raped by 3 youths in Muzaffarnagar. Alleged Rapists?Javed, Pervaiz & Mannan


3) Dec 29, 2012: Girl was raped in Muzaffarnagar. Alleged Rapists? Shauqueen and Rahil.


4) 17 Feb 18, 2013: Gang-rape by 4, filmed in Muzaffarnagar. Alleged Rapists? Naushad, Pravaiz, Hasan & Nazar.



Feb 2013 : Woman gangraped by four men and FILMED. Rapists ? Naushad, Pravaiz, Hasan and Nazar

5) Jul 8, 2013: Man [color="#800080"](Mehraj)[/color] shot dead for demanding arrest of gangrapists. Alleged Murderers? Bhura, Afzal, Mehtab, Yusuf, Farid, Hashim & Islam


6) Aug 23, 2013: A schoolgirl gangraped by 5 youths in Muzaffarnagar. Alleged main Rapist? Salman.


7) Aug 24, 2013: A Class IX student raped by youth in Muzaffarnagar. Alleged Rapist? Dilshad.


8) Aug 30, 2013: Muslim cleric arrested for abducting 11 year old girl. Alleged Abductor? Imam Abdul Rahim.


For a complete list of crimes, check the following crisp work of reporting: indiawires.com/25917/news/national/series-of-rapes-behind-muzaffarnagar-riots/

2. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17843

Quote:Muzaffarnagar: 1.5 Lakh Hindus rally against Islamists' attacks ; Toll rise to 31

09/09/2013 23:47:41

(Muzaffarnagar) Current Official Death Toll is 31 and Rising !

[color="#FF0000"]Muslim snipers are firing at the Army from rooftops and mosques.[/color]

Sequence of events that lead to fresh #UPRiots in Muzzafarnagar.

1. A Hindu Girl was teased and molested by Muslims.

2.Two angry brothers (unarmed) of the girl took on the Muslim molesters who pulled out their knives to stab them. But the two brothers snatched away one Muslim's knife and in self-defence, inflicted fatal wounds on the attacker. The 2 brothers were chased here-and-there by 100-150 Muslims for 25 minutes, had their head/throats slashed with swords and were beaten to death by Muslim mob who openly supported the Muslim molesters.

3. The village erupted with anger and helplessness reached heights when the media termed it as a small incident &UP Police inaction.

3. The villagers organized "Mahapanchayat " to look into the brutal killings of 2 brothers.

4.Over 1.5 Lakh Hindu villagers from Western UP, Delhi, Haryana participated in the Mahapanchayat.

5. While Hindus were returning from Mahapanchayat, they were ambushed by a well-armed Muslim mob attacked with weapons (guns and swords). 1 journalist,a cameraman and atleast 3 Hindus villagers were murdered in this attack. Many were critically wounded. 12 villagers were murdered in this cowardly attack.

6. There is a protocol of submitting all licenced weapons in the Kotwali during a curfew. The administration did nothing.

English Language Media maintains total silence about pointing fingers at the true culprits (Islamists) due to their honeymoon with Islamists & because the riot is not in Gujarat.

Also Read


A comment at HK:


[color="#0000FF"]10/09/2013 01:54:35 See the pattern The English and Electronic

Media is filled with Low life gutter born sub humans

1. Multi brand retail is slapped on India, agitation about to emerge, suddenly media brings up Delhi rape case in graphic almost obscene detail, courtesy Italian Sonia and the gutter media, (that day itself HK brought our news of two other rapes and killing one by ML MLA and another by a [color="#800080"][christian**][/color] priest, but no mention of it)

2.Pawan Bansal is caught in conspiracy to defraud the nation..suddenly the evil media shifts to Srinivasan's resignation and cricket betting

3.Coalgate scam emerges the bloody traitor media low lives and sonia Mme conspire to create "synchronized riots" for Bangladeshis in India

4. Coalgate files get "stolen" from the most protected place in the world, the VVVVIP south block (everybody knows under whose foreign direction", the Muzaffarnagar riots are CREATED

5. Indian soldiers are killed by Pakistanis and Chinese capture Indian land, pressure on sonia congress the gutter born media mafiosi divert attention to mumbai rape drama

6. Rashtriya Jijaji Robert Vadra 11000 crore scam, and 17,000 CRORE railway scam emerges, the foreign controlled corrupt media of Bandarbongo and christain evil mafia illiterate and uncultured uncouth evil falsely conduct a media trial of Hindu Old Saint ASARAM BAPUJI despite their shameless faces being exposed in Swami Nithyananda case on directions of Xian Sonia and terrorists

7 IF ANYBODY NOTICED THE TOI-let bought Karnataka times just a day before the Mumbai train blasts and ran a article supporting the terrorists the next day, the shameless pimp of WCC argued that blasts were in First class compts only being travelled by Gujaratis

It is surpisng that Gujaratis allow these monkey bandarlok and chistian pimps in their state. They should have long ago stopped buying these pigbelters channels and TOIlets[/color]
** Apparent from context.

3. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17852

Quote:Lust Jihad , The reason behind Muzaffarnagar riots - VHP

11/09/2013 23:55:08


New Delhi, September 11, 2013 - The stalking and felonious behaviour of the ‘Love Jihadis’ with a Hindu girl student returning from her Kisaan Inter-College was the immediate provocation for the grave incidents that took place at the Kawal village of Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh on 27th August, 2013. The root cause is the Lust Jihad being conducted under the garb of Muslim religion. This incident gave birth to the convening of the “Bahu, Beti Bachao” (“Save Women and Daughters”) Maha Panchayat. When the society could no longer bear the ‘Love Jihadists’ outraging the modesty and dignity of Hindu women and girls in rural and urban areas of U.P. the corrective movement in the form of the “Bahu Beti Bachao Mahapanchayat” came into being.

A number of newspapers, news agencies and electronic media channels have been trying to hide these facts for reasons best known to them. Why was this movement bannered as “Bahu, Beti Bachao Andolan”? When the Love Jihadis in the rabidly pro-Muslim Government of Mulayam Singh found themselves to be above law and conducted themselves accordingly, that compelled the Hindu society to stand on its own feet to safeguard itself. The Love Jihad is not only targeting Bharat (India) and Hindus but also Buddhists and Christians everywhere in the world. These godless Lust Jihadis donning the garb of Muslim religion as a major weapon have, for the last half a century, been targeting the Hindu girls, women, girl students. During the last parliamentary elections the Hindu women had put this problem before Sri Varun Gandhi for an answer as to how to save themselves from these Jihadis.

A solution to this problem has to be found in the said context only. On 27th August, 2013, Gaurav and Sachin – the two brothers of the victim girl student – were hacked to death by Jihadists and then on 30th August, 2013 a huge meeting in support of the Jihadists was allowed to be held in Muzaffarnagar in spite of the curfew under 144 CrPC in place and the family of the victims was accused for all the incidents of Kawal. This laxity on the part of the government emboldening the Jihadists added fuel to the fire infuriating the victims which led to the convening of the “Bahu, Batiyaan Bachao” Maha Panchayat. As a consequence of government support to Jihadists the sparks and fire spread to the entire district and slaughters and arsons took place in villages and urban areas. The Hindus and Muslims had been living in harmony, peace and love all these decades, but the lustful Jihadis made them enemies in no time.

A lesson to be learnt from all these incidents is that a legal ban on Love Jihadis needs to be imposed and the law strictly followed and also the murderer Love Jihadis involved in these incidents given exemplary punishment, otherwise the self-respecting Hindu, even if unwillingly, has to take the responsibility of self-protection into his/her own hands, which would be a matter of shame and suicidal for a government formed under systems of law and constitution.

The state of affairs has come to such a pass that the people have lost all confidence in the Chief Minister Akhilesh Singh government. They also have a compelling feeling that this government is celebrating and emboldening the Love Jihadis on the one hand and crushing the 84-Kosi Parikrama on the other which is why the Hindu society can expect any semblance of justice if this government is dismissed forthwith.

(Poor naive VHP. Won't blame islam outright and doesn't know to detect and blame christianism conspiring with islam either.)

4. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17834&SKIN=B

Quote:Communal riot in Muzaffarnagar took Nine lives injuring thirty four

07/09/2013 21:46:42 hinduexistence.org

Nine people, a journalist and a photographer among them, were killed and 34 others injured on Saturday during fresh clashes between members of two communities in Muzaffarnagar, where an incident of violence 10 days ago has kept communal tensions simmering.

Rajesh Verma, an IBN7 journalist, was critically wounded when some unidentified men in a mob fired indiscriminately in Khalapar area. He succumbed during treatment.

The photographer, Israr, hired by the police, was beaten to death in Sekeda village by a group of people returning from a meeting held in Naglabadhod. The meeting was held in defiance of prohibitory orders, for seeking withdrawal of the cases registered against those accused of August 27 Kawal violence.

It is told that two Hindus are died in the violence while four Muslims are died, while the chance of more casualties cannot be ignored in the face of spreading violence.

Saturday’s violence started when a group of people going to attend a meeting of Maha Panchayat at Naglabadhod clashed with the members of another community in Shahpur village en route. About six people were injured in the clash. A few of them reached the meeting venue and told the people about the attack.

When the meeting ended and the people dispersed, a clash broke out at Meenakshi crossing of the city. This time, the two groups used firearms. Soon, the violence spread to rural areas such as Basiakla, Almaspur, Mujhera of the district as well.

Violence broke out again in the Kawal area when members of a community returning from a Maha Panchayat meeting in Naglabadhod clashed with members of another community.

The incident comes shortly after Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said that incidents of communal violence have increased in the country and cautioned all States to remain alert and foil any attempt to disturb peace ahead of the general elections. “Communal violence incidents have increased since last year. While 410 incidents occurred in the country last year, this year, till now, 451 incidents have taken place,” he told reporters in New Delhi.

The tension initially brewed up when three persons were killed on August 27 over a dispute which has now culminated into a communal rift between two communities.

Read More : hinduexistence.org/2013/09/08/communal-riot-in-muzaffarnagar-took-six-lives-injuring-thirty-four-united-hindus-must-choose-the-way-of-best-defense/

5. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17839

Quote:Muzaffarnagar violence toll climbs to 26, UP Governor blames Akhilesh govt.

08/09/2013 22:03:41 indiatoday.intoday.in

Muzaffarnagar is in a state of lockdown. Simmering tensions between communities in the state erupted in full scale violence have claimed 26 lives. With the situation worsening beyond the control of the state police, the Army had to be called in and curfew was imposed in the sensitive areas.

The Army staged flag marches in several places in the district. However, thousands of anti-riot police personnel were deployed to restore the law and order situation.

Meanwhile, Uttar Pradesh Governor B.L. Joshi has slammed the Akhilesh Yadav government's handling of the riot situation in Muzaffarnagar.

While forwarding the state's report on the situation following the riots to the Centre, the Governor in his comments has said that the state government failed to act despite being warned earlier. The Centre had sought a report from the state government on the situation.

All entry points to Muzaffarnagar including UP-Uttarakhand borders have been sealed. All outlying villages are being patrolled to maintain calm.

The villages are still volatile. 11 deaths were reported from the district even after the deployment of the Army. While the urban stretches have been brought under control, the villages are still tense. There were reports of violence from neighbouring Meerut as well.

The restive areas are now a fortress with the deployment of 19 companies of PAC, 14 of RAF, 19 of CRPF and 4 of ITBP.

There are 4 IG rank officers, 3 SPs, 18 ASPs and 119 sub-inspectors on duty doing round the clock monitoring of the situation.

Police said 52 persons have been arrested. "As it (violence) is going on in several villages, it is taking time to defuse the situation," Additional Director General of Police Arun Kumar, who took stock of the situation in the affected areas, said.

Saxena said that adequate force has been deployed in the affected areas and incidents of violence have been reported from Sisauli, Shahpur, Kalapar and Dhaurakala areas of Muzaffarnagar.

At one place, Army had to resort to firing after someone opened fire at them, he said. Asked whether shoot-at-sight orders have been given, the Home Secretary said that directives have been issued to control the situation and for that if necessary firing can be done.

Read more : indiatoday.intoday.in/story/muzaffarnagar-violence-toll-climbs-to-26-up-governor-blames-akhilesh-govt/1/308926.html

A comment at HK:

Quote: Rajashekaran Nair

10/09/2013 02:14:59 Muzzafarpur violence toll climbs to

[color="#0000FF"]The Army and Police should have conducted a house to house search for hidden weapons. If reports of Muslim snipers targeting Armed forces is true, it is a very grave situation. Who trained these snipers, where and when ? Are they SIMI operatives or Pakistanis being sheltered by the local Muslims ? Extensive investigation is needed in future national interest also.[/color] It is better if President's rule is imposed straight away and full fledged investigations done, as otherwise the SP government will sabotage the case to appease the Muslims. These are the people who wanted to withdraw terrorist cases. A serious debate needs to be done as to whether Law & Order should remain a State subject, in the hands of crooked politicans like Akilesh and Mamta, it can be disastrous for national security.

  The tactics used by America to destroy (East) Asian society
Posted by: Husky - 09-03-2013, 09:03 PM - Forum: Indian Culture - Replies (35)

(Like the Media on Yugoslavia thread, this thread has little or nothing to do with India.)


- It's a thread on how America (and eventually the rest of the west) operates to deconstruct (E) Asian Americans - not necessarily all heathens at all - and even how these things get exported back to their homelands too.

- The reason for the thread is because I think there is a lot to be learnt by Hindus from this: you can see America's Standard Operating Procedure against another population of migrants.

- The persistence of colonialism among Asians and how it is hurting them. And how very deliberate this is.

- How general western* colonialism continues to exist.

[* "West" used to implicitly mean christo/christoconditioned west. Not the ancient heathen west or the current heathens there obviously.]

Some articles were already linked elsewhere, but the bigger picture is quite... a revelation. There are similarities (compare what they face with "South Asian" Studies), there are differences too, and there seem to be foreshadowings of what the west may try/hope to pull on Hindus, even on Hindu society back home via the usual local minions.

Perhaps the most important reason I'm posting this is that I wish Hindu women and not just men - especially those in Bharatam - would somehow learn about these things. I really think they need to know about these things in order to help others as well as become immune to the constantly ascending scale of social engineering.

I want to say in advance that I'm not trying to anthropologise on others (and it goes without saying that I care about E Asians and other populations). I don't mean to "study" their difficulties. Or look at them as some third party alien observer who can't comprehend let alone sympathise. Nor make them into some "lesson" for Hindus. (If anything, I think Hindus are a lesson to other heathens of How Not To Go Down.)

I just want Hindus to see how others besides ourselves are being hurt - by deliberate policies - and the kind of tsunamies the west chooses to create in non-western communities and societies that just want to be. But they don't let them be, of course. Though I really had no idea of the scale of certain matters, that they were this bad. The psy-ops against Asian males is crazy, and that against Asian females is differently so. There are and were lots of articles at the ModelMinority site giving a summary and explaining the essence. A couple of which are here and I hope to repost a few later on, though it's better if people already knew about this things.

The intention is to post a link or excerpt or even full article every now and again.

Some important abbreviations they use:

AF = Asian Female (also as AAF Asian American Female)

AM = Asian Male (also as AAM Asian American Male)

WM = "White" Male (hence WF = "White" Female). I tend to read W for western instead.

IR = the dead serious topic of discussion of Interracial relationships among Asian Americans,

especially the Interracial relationship disparity in Asian American society, where Asian Female/White Male (AF/WM) occurs at an unnatural rate.

[Other terms like "Kingstonians" tend to get explained as one reads through their materials. But let's just say E Asian Americans have to deal with their Romila Tapars and Wendy Donigers.

But I suppose at least they're lucky they don't have that plague affecting India - the AIT/PIE - and can therefore fight as Asians for their own interests, instead of getting consumed by IE into thinking they're oryanits. But where that's concerned, it's too late for Indians. And I'm sure it will only get worse.]

  Christoislamic terrorist agenda in TN: targeting of Hindus in key positions
Posted by: Husky - 07-21-2013, 10:11 AM - Forum: Strategic Security of India - Replies (12)

This thread's on:

Key HindOOOs of Tamizh Nadu getting hacked to pieces/otherwise murdered by christoislamania, as per the christoislamic agenda for the state (while the christoislamaniac culprits keep getting off for the crime, which shows that it's all orchestrated and carefully pre-planned).

I'm not (yet) sure if

* It's christianism a la the northeast where christian terrorists keep hacking key Hindoos to death in just this manner.

* Or whether it's islam like in Kerala etc where islamic terrorists more often than christian terrorists keep hacking key Hindoos to death.

* Or whether this is part of the larger case where christianism is acting in tandem with islam. I think it's the last: christianism having already prepared the ground in TN for takeover (including by terrorist means) - considering christianism has already been gearing up to make TN the next Kerala and Andhra Pradesh - and so it gave islam the green light to murder Hindus with impunity, where the deal is that islam will do the knife-work (christianism may or may not be the brains identifying which key Hindus are to be the target), while christianism will get islam off scott-free and ensure that the Hindu victims get no justice. <- And that matches the overall christian government of India's policy on How To Convert with the still-majority Hindu country, so the tactic is not peculiar to TN. And the fact that now politicians get murdered and their murderers will never get caught/punished, and how the main christomedia will deliberately not link the murders together in a chain of related events but will present each murder as an out-of-the-blue/who-could-possibly-have-dunnit type story, that just underlines it all the more.

  Bharat that is India that is Uttar Pradesh
Posted by: G.Subramaniam - 03-23-2013, 02:04 PM - Forum: Strategic Security of India - Replies (5)

India that is bharat that is Uttar pradesh - is the quote used by Dr.Syama Prasad Mukerji on describing Nehrus callous attitude toward Bengali Hindus

The so called national interest has been defined by a set of Congress satraps, mostly brahmin of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar

I shall examine whether this so called national interest is really national interest or simply dumb North Indian brahmins lacking strategic foresight

  Indian muslims in their own words
Posted by: G.Subramaniam - 09-19-2012, 07:38 AM - Forum: Strategic Security of India - Replies (32)

Muslims have never agreed that partition put an end to this problem. As I have mentioned in a recent article, Mr Hasan Surhawardy, Chief Minister of undivided Bengal, had pointed out in 1946 that, "Pakistan is not our last demand". In his letter written after the partition to Choudhary Khaliquzzaman, Mr Surhawardy had propounded the. idea of a Muslim majority area in India. It is without significance that the post-independence trend of Muslim politics in India has followed the direction laid down by Mr Jinnah and Mr Surhawardy.

  Upananda Brahmachari
Posted by: G.Subramaniam - 09-13-2012, 07:40 AM - Forum: Strategic Security of India - Replies (10)

Moderators - delete this thread

I am transferring this to other over-lapping threads

  Mohammmad: two-bit brigand or colonial pawn?
Posted by: dhu - 09-12-2012, 06:10 AM - Forum: Indian History - Replies (7)

Discuss mohammad and the funding of the early islamic church.

Serious discussion only.

  The coming islamic partition of India and what can be salvaged
Posted by: G.Subramaniam - 08-25-2012, 05:41 AM - Forum: Strategic Security of India - Replies (469)

It is increasingly clear, that the Indian muslims are back to their pre-partition

Direct Action Day type Jihadism

It is also clear, that we will lose land and millions dead

While at some future century, Akhand Bharat is the final goal,

the immediate problem of the 21st century is what to salvage and how to salvage

  Wisconsin Shooting -Aug 2012
Posted by: Guest - 08-07-2012, 01:44 AM - Forum: Newshopper - Discuss recent news - Replies (23)


Sikh temple shooter identified as Wade Michael Page, skinhead band leader

Quote:OAK CREEK, Wis. — The gunman who killed six people at a Sikh temple south of Milwaukee on Sunday and critically wounded three others, including a police officer, was identified Monday as Wade Michael Page, a 40-year-old Army veteran with reported links to the white supremacist movement.

Quote:Edwards said Page, who lived in a neighboring community, served in the military from 1992 to 1998, received a “general discharge” and was “ineligible for reenlistment.” A Pentagon official said Page rose to the rank of sergeant before being demoted to specialist and leaving the Army. News agencies reported that Page, who was never posted overseas during his six years of service, was discharged for being drunk on duty and other unspecified misconduct.

  Bodo vs Bangladeshi
Posted by: G.Subramaniam - 08-02-2012, 11:46 AM - Forum: Strategic Security of India - Replies (189)

In the battle for salvaging Assam, I shall look at the role of the Bodos vs Bangladeshis