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  BCCI Nationalised
Posted by: rcscwc - 04-20-2010, 09:40 AM - Forum: Indian Politics - No Replies

BCCI Nationalised.

Rahul Gandhi claims the credit.

Lalu wants 50% places in team to go to OBCs.

Maya too claims 15% for dalits' betas.

Paswan is adamant that only a muslim would be the captain

DMK wants that Brahmins should be shut out.

All seculars demand that Hindutva should be kept out. Karan Thapar demands that there should be no matches in Gujarat till "sudden elimination" of Modi.

Vyalar Ravi demands that all those in BCCI with connections with BJP should be jailed.

Only test matches would be played. If foreign teams do not agree then test matches between secular states should be held.

  Anti-Hindu convention held in MIT
Posted by: agnivayu - 04-14-2010, 08:38 AM - Forum: Indian Politics - Replies (3)

Look at the pictures and the names in this article. A Christian convert Jesus Jihadi working hand in hand with Islamo-fascists and Marxists/Communists and Pseudo-secularists.


  Would you object me having a indian wife?
Posted by: RomaIndian - 04-14-2010, 05:59 AM - Forum: Trash Can - Replies (5)

My father identifies as serbian he is 3/4 his grandmother was a roma and my mother is a roma but her grand grand father was russian so im technically 9/16 roma!

Would you say "oh no he is mixed breed its interracial" or would you say "he could pass as indian and gypsies are from india its ok"?

  Nuclear Deterrence
Posted by: Arun_S - 04-11-2010, 09:06 AM - Forum: Military Discussion - Replies (150)

Wah wah Hillary Clinton,

and PM Man Mohan Singh is towing his masters commands on flight to Brazil to join Pakistan as an equal.

URL: http://www.thehindu.com/2010/04/11/stori...801200.htm

[size="4"][color="blue"] [url="http://www.thehindu.com/2010/04/11/stories/2010041158801200.htm"]Hillary: India, Pakistan have upset nuclear deterrent balance[/url][/color][/size]

Quote:Narayan Lakshman


‘U.S. working with both countries to ensure that their stockpiles are safeguarded' The risk of a nuclear attack has increased

U.S. to boost funding for maintaining weapons stockpile

WASHINGTON DC: India and Pakistan have pursued nuclear weapons “in a way that has upset the balance of nuclear deterrent,” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Friday.

That was why the United States was working with both countries “very hard to try to make sure that their nuclear stockpiles are well tended to, and that they participate with us in trying to limit the number of nuclear weapons,” she said.

Speaking at at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, Ms. Clinton argued that the nature of the nuclear threat had changed. “As President Obama has said, the risk of a nuclear attack has actually increased. And the potential consequences of mishandling this challenge are deadly.” Nuclear terrorism presented a different challenge, but the consequences would still be devastating, she said.

Doomsday scenario

Highlighting the growing threat of nuclear terrorism and nuclear proliferation a few days ahead of the 47-nation Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, Ms. Clinton illustrated what a doomsday scenario would look like, given these risks. “A 10-kiloton nuclear bomb detonated in Times Square in New York City could kill a million people. Many more would suffer from the haemorrhaging and weakness that comes from radiation sickness.”

In the light of these risks, Ms. Clinton outlined three main elements of the U.S.'s strategy to safeguard itself and its allies from nuclear attacks: support for the basic framework of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT); a global effort to secure vulnerable nuclear material and enhance nuclear security; and efforts to maintain a safe, secure, and effective nuclear deterrent for the U.S. itself.

Disarmament move

As for the impact of the new U.S.-Russia START on countries where non-proliferation challenges remained, Ms. Clinton said she did not suggest that moves towards disarmament by the U.S. and Russia would convince Iran or North Korea to change their behaviour. “But ask yourselves, can our efforts help…persuade other nations to support serious sanctions against Iran? I believe they could.”

Following the recently announced Nuclear Posture Review and its implications for military expenditure, the Secretary said: “Our budget devotes $7 billion to maintaining our nuclear weapons stockpile and complex…And over the next five years, we intend to boost funding for these important activities by more than $5 billion.”

  Gay Sex decriminalized in India
Posted by: RomaIndian - 04-03-2010, 11:43 AM - Forum: Trash Can - Replies (31)

Gay sex decriminalised in India

Gay people celebrating the ruling in Delhi, India

A court in the Indian capital, Delhi, has ruled that homosexual intercourse between consenting adults is not a criminal act.


What do you think about it? What is hinduism stance on homosexuality? What is Hindu Right Winger stance on Homosexuality? I read that VHP made a rally against the decision. I think homosexuality destroys family values and decriminalizing homosexual act is the first step towards more "gay rights" (like gay marriage, adoption for gay parents etc.)

Posted by: svruddhula - 03-29-2010, 08:37 AM - Forum: Indian Culture - Replies (1)

Without doing actual development and engage in true spirited welfare ,the corrupt governments one after the other and politicians of various hues have joined together in westernisation and re-colonisation attempts under the fraud of 'Globalisation and liberalisation' slogans.It is merely clamndestine license to drain wealth from third world countries.Ofcourse this canb only be done by throwing crums to local poltciians,babus and some busienssmen. It is always collaboration with insiders.

The presence of Israel in defense supplies and technology to India is ever increasing and is intimidating. Israel a ethnic war torn country needs money badly to continue its battle.Defense supplies is one major source of earning where huge profits are there to pass on US technology indirectly.It is easy to give kickbacks including to opposition leaders of major parties in a country and defense accounts do not appear in public as easily as for other public spending.Another way to show development but to eat public money is roads and such projects that are highly visible and easily manuipulated to siphon off money from system.

The best tool is now reservations. People fall for it in the dreams and hope to outsmart others in society for short term gains( Rent seeking).It is too inducing an issue which can't be confronted by self seeking and greedy boneless politicians from all parties.They would go to any extent to generate vote banks in society.National issues and development are no longer the agenda in country.

The President of a poor country like India apes US president by ordering AirForce 1 type costly and luxury planes to live and look like the opulent American masters. The politicians and babus are having whale of a time.Three times salaries and perks raise, new imported cars, new furnishings, foreign trips.All in name of liberalisation and globalisation. Truly the babus and politicians have got liberalised now.No accountability. No limits to corruption,salaries and perks and no questions asked about output.

Mix with it 60% reservations in name of ST,SC,OBC,Minority, gender and on and on and it is a heady cocktail to desist.Almost 30% of Indian GDP is eaten away by these babus and politicians. It is a huge cost of governance.It is making society slowly hollow and overburdened. It is not sustainable for long.Stock market prices are not the development benchmark.These are to create euphoria and dreams.The yield from new proiperty and stocks is not even 1% today.It is so unrealistic under west directed economics lessons.

Foreign Universities are being allowed now to the country where they will fleece Indians with dollar converted fees as they will be essentially self financed tutoring centres only and not real research based universities running on consultancy and charity i.e. endowment funds, like in Europe and USA.

The result will be blatant westernization and shooting up of cost of higher education in country.All third rate schools in India will also then copy and raise fees.It has already happened after the HRD ministry of Arjun Singh allowed 10 times fee hikes by IIMs in recent past.Knowing fully well what is going to happen, these people sold to US capitalists are going ahead to destroy India.The dramatics of Kapil Sibbal are hardly digestible.Under a slogan of quality he is armtwisting private sector univbersoitie and institutes while conveneinetly overlooking completely rotten and ill equipped state owned university system.Instead of reforming these he is bent upon to import education and make a mess of education in India fooling people that he is doing something new and great.It is old wine in new bottle.New terminology only.By changing name of UGC corruption and low standrads of administration wont change.Corruption wont change.He is doing just

opposite..It is silly that on one hand government peddles liberalisation and deregulation and on other hand it is clutching the education system by trying to overreguylate it.What are real intentions behind it? Cut from money earned by private sector?

What about health sector that is badly ignored.Where are regulation there? and in Pharma selling? Drug Controller of India should come out with a white paper on costs of various medicines in year 2000 and today.

It is time, brakes are now applied on colonisation going on,psuedo globalisation, reckless westernisation, attack of MNC institutions in India and rising costs of living and propety and corruption in country.Reservation which is more dangerous than terrorist bombs has to be done away with.

There is no need to pass women reservation bill which has big holes and does not serve any purpose in society or any value addition.

It is mere gimmick.The boneless and corrupt opposition leaders wont protest as they have no guts to oppose any reservation with eye on vote banks.India is being ruthlessly fragmentized and compartmentalised. Instead of removing gender differences and castes, the wily politicians are now firmly institutionalising caste,tribes, communities, religion and gender as tools to divide society and weaken it for decades to come.Reservations are no substitute to development and real work on ground.In fact these admit the failure of State to develop and protect various sections of society.

Terrorism is also largely generated by State mismanagement and atrocities.Be it USA or India.It is futile to blame Pakistan alone.Indian politicians and babudom are no less.

New and fresh thinking is needed .

People should resist and protest the sins being committed by UPA governbment one after the other and stop praising them by reading false media write ups in their favor by a corrupt and sold out media.

It is time to test and show power of people.Educated and technology savvy Indians specially youth should come forward and come together.Internat is one such medium.

Throw the corrupt politicians out including from all parties.Ask for targets and benchmarks in every thing and reforms of election process and judicial system ( a big fraudlent and costly set up in country) immediately.

Ask for reversing the price hike in cuntry by limiting government wasteful spending, reducing multiple taxation and containing money circulation in country.The growth rate like 8-12 % is unmanageable and too fast for a third rate country like India having no maturity,technology , infrstructure and and clean public life.

Moderate growth rate with efficient and clean low cost government is must for saving India from impending disaster.Aping american life style and alowing MNCs to loot india will prove very costly to our coming generations.

.India very much looks like american and british colony already. We are no where their income levels but we have increase dout costs to their level.Huge amount of national wealth is going out from India through MNCs and corrupt polticians and businessmen plundering the country in a wily nexus.The share market prices are engineered periodically to mislead people and give them feel good factor like NDA did.Most of securities are overvalued.






Posted by: svruddhula - 03-29-2010, 08:25 AM - Forum: Indian Culture - No Replies

The concept we call "supernatural" emerged in Western culture in the late Middle Ages. Philosophers of the time were observing that natural phenomena consistently follow "laws" intrinsic to nature. The word "supernatural" originally referred to an occurrence that violates known laws of nature. Of course, that leaves open the possibility that nature has laws we don't know about.

In time, "supernatural" came to refer to an occurrence in which an unseen force or intelligence willfully interferes with the laws of nature and causes something to happen that shouldn't happen naturally. It can also refer to existence outside the natural world, a place where one is not bound by gravity, entropy, linear time, whatever.

A few days ago I found a post by blogger Sujato called "Buddhism and the Supernatural," who argues "The very notion of 'Supernatural' is one that, it seems to me, arises from Western philosophical assumptions." I'm not sure I agree with that entirely, but on reflection it does seem there are "assumptions" at work, cultural or otherwise, in what we choose to label "natural" and "supernatural."

Buddhism on the whole doesn't require belief in unseen beings somehow guiding or disrupting natural events. Some schools of Buddhism actively discourage such beliefs, although plenty of Buddhists believe in them, anyway. On the other hand, vajrayana appears to have turned such beliefs into upaya -- skillful means for realization. But I would say that even in vajrayana belief in unseen spirits or forces is the vehicle, not the destination.

The dharma brings forth a proposition -- there is something to be realized or discovered or woken up to, to which most of us are oblivious. And this something is not reachable by intellect alone, or the Buddha could have simply explained it to us. Instead, he left us with a path of practice so we can wake up ourselves.

Is this "something" supernatural? Or is it something natural that usually eludes the scope of our senses and intellect? Or is it something to which the concepts of natural and supernatural do not apply?

The degree to which this something is invested with "supernatural" aspects varies from school to school. In some sutras, awakened beings exhibit what most of us would recognize as supernatural powers. Should we understand this literally or allegorically? Or some other way?

Zen, which is something of an outlier in these matters, fiercely extols the ordinary. Master Bankei said, "My miracle is that when I'm hungry, I eat, and when I am tired, I sleep." But I'd say that often we sort experiences into "ordinary" and "extraordinary" based on those assumptions mentioned above. And sometimes we can be utterly oblivious to very ordinary things.

Take, for example, gravity. I have read that before Sir Isaac Newton worked out his theory of gravity there was no English word for "gravity" as a physical phenomenon. Newton corresponded about his work with his friend Edmond Halley, and in some of this correspondence words didn't exist for what they were talking about. They were discussing something that had always existed but which was so taken for granted, no one fully realized it.

Sure, people before Newton had observed that stuff falls, but Newton was the one who perceived that this stuff-falling-thing was a force, a natural law. We've all conceptualized gravity differently ever since. Newton's story of realizing the truth of gravity when an apple fell on his head probably was a fabrication. But there may have been a moment when some awareness came over him and he realized for the first time there was something he'd been overlooking that needed to be understood.

Until we have that moment, what is it we're not seeing?

Believing in ghosts and hobgoblins may be a form of ignorance, but so is assuming that our brains and senses are presenting us with absolute reality. It is because of the way our senses take in data, the way our brains organize that data, and the way culture has conditioned our conceptual assumptions that the world appears to us as it does. What are we not seeing? What's right in front of us that's outside of our awareness? And by what criteria do we judge it to be "natural" or "supernatural"?





  Muslim reservations
Posted by: G.Subramaniam - 03-29-2010, 07:19 AM - Forum: Strategic Security of India - Replies (9)

The crazy Supreme court decision lifting the stay on 4% muslim quota in Andhra is a major step to another partition

  Life expectancy in the Indian states
Posted by: ArunKumar - 03-19-2010, 04:14 AM - Forum: Indian Politics - Replies (3)

Hello friends,

can you help me?

I need some data for my research project. I need the data for "life expectancy" for each of the 28 Indian states. Does somebody know where to get it for free and fast (best via internet)? Time is running for me, so I need the data in few days and I am not in India, so I can't buy sth. there or request sth. via post.

I searched in the internet and all I found was data on major states. But I also need the life expectancy (best not older then 2002) as well from Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur, etc.

Can someone help me with this challenging task?

Thanks a lot in advance.


  The Hindutva Intellectual Tradition
Posted by: dhu - 03-18-2010, 08:33 AM - Forum: Newshopper - Discuss recent news - No Replies

I have opened this thread to discuss trends in the post-nineteenth century Hindu intellectual tradition.

1. Since the Hindu intellectual tradition is 'experiential' and inherently different from (monotheist-derived) ideologies, does it even make sense to speak of an Hindu intellectual tradition? Are the so-called western standards and stupendously elaborate theories truly bankrupt (as many suspect that they are), and thus it is a fools errand to expect Hindu output along the same lines?

2. Do Indian anti-colonial social analysis (eg RM, Balagangadhara), anti-colonial geopolitical analysis (Sandhya Jain), and Indian sociopolitical analysis (Kanchan Gupta, Arun Shourie) have the potential to morph into full-blown counterparts and alternatives to the hallowed western pretenders? Do the nouveau Indian historical analyses have such potential or is it merely enough to demolish the Thapars and Witzels?

3. Why are the seculars pressing the point of the supposed intellectual bankruptcy of Hindutva? Is it merely an abusive tactic?

4. Is heathenism a valid resurgence plank among the formerly colonized?

5. Have certain Hindutva intellectual traditions been appropriated and thus silenced as evidences of positive Hindutva creativity for the youth?

6. Are the Indian youth intellectually restless and looking for an intellectual outlet? Is this the reason for constant media, secular, and western demonization of hindutva intellectual output?

Please post more questions and answers.....